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       Vacuuming the cat is what writers call any work done to avoid writing, including so called "world building" and background work. Reason? You don't get paid for it. Well, I don't get paid for anything, so when my story muse is on leave I create where I can, and that often means background work, or even speculative stuff I post on Trek Creative. Groups and characters that have not even made an appearance in my stories, and may never. Something to aid my fellow writers in jump starting their own ideas.
       Stuff will appear in several categories. That which matters to the Epiphany Trek universe in some fashion will be noted as such.

Star Unions -- This is a list of the large political units, Federations, Confederations, and Empires. These are the top end of the political food chain. The First and Second Class Stellar Powers that have more than one race within them. Subgroups of the larger one will be included under that particular Star Union.

The Federation -- Our Heroes. The main location in Star Trek, it's where we keep our stuff. Starfleet's hearth and home.
              Federation Center for Disease Control: One of many departments.
              Federation Bureau of Measures & Standards: Another of many departments.
              Federation Councilors: Because Jay asked me to.
       The Ane Confederation -- One of the main races found in my Trek stories. A physical description and rundown on the culture at large. BTW, I am still looking for an artist who can draw the Ane for me, I pay well.
              Ansisi -- Human Ane
              Oz -- Humanoid Ane
                    Office of the Provost -- Oz Police Force
      Avayains -- A flightless avainoid in the far sector
       Betazoid Priesthood -- Telepathic Bureau of Investigation
       Chelsea Defense Force -- An example of a local defense force
       Erro --  Bug people of quiet dignity, a PD protectorate
       Farnen -- Agoraphobic remnants of a once great race
       Gatia --  Revenge minded pre spaceflight
       Koo -- Serpents seeking mutual benefit
       Melkot -- Shy masters of illusion
       The New Tudor Colony -- Merrie Olde England, again
       Plasmiods  --  Amoeba people from e-coli
       Qzin -- Sullen former masters of all they survey
       Rrell -- A dying race on the last breath
       Standish Colony -- Jolly newer England
       Sharidin -- Source of Aneilog written script.
       Starfleet -- Boldly going and all
              Section 22 (Wonderland) -- Counter intelligence, with a twist.
              Section 28 --  Create senseless peace and acts of random kindness.
              Starfleet Rangers -- Law & Order on the Final Frontier
       Trafulha -- Pre space flight protectorate
       Unicorns -- See how twisted the Rishians can get?

The Klingons -- Whether you prefer the slimy heavies of TOS or the honor bound warriors of TNG and DS9, everyone likes Klingons.
       Cowars -- A client race for the Klingons.
       sutwl' -- Another client race, a little more pitiable.

The Romulans Where there's a scheme there's a way, that is the Romulan Creed.

The Acceptians -- A race of my creation. They are the new Heavies in Epiphany Trek.
       Butos -- Related avainoid race
       Deeples -- Peaceful, technical genius types.

The Zhodani -- A new foe for the STB-600 game. They are taken from the GRUPS Traveler setting.

The Grand Alliance -- A power that lies clean across the Galaxy.

The Trantorian Empire -- A major empire on the doorstep of the far sector.
       !zzr -- Bug guys of truth and beauty
       Anglish -- The Dominant race in the Trantorian Empire.

Independent Worlds -- These worlds are those with either human populations or multi-race worlds with mixed populations.

The Free Port of Pogue -- Really bad guys in a really tough place to root them out.
The League of Unaligned Worlds (LUW) -- Not the Federation
Magna Roma -- The Roman Empire with warp drives
Portsmouth Colony -- Free Port

Other Races -- The following races are either of my own creation or stuff that Jay P. Hailey and I have done together. Occasionally you will see something inspired by another author.
       In all cases we maintain copyright on all our original creations. You are free to use these elements in a RPG that you run. If you wish to use one of our creations in a story please ask. We are usually flattered to say yes.

Am -- Stranger than average new world
Angothol -- An extinct species
Aresians --  Old and insular race that has chosen to die.
Builders --  Quirky builders of near magical technology.
Chan -- Prewarp culture on two worlds.
Charrenal -- Odoriferous scavengers of everything
Consensi -- Humanoids of agreeable naivety
Encarta -- Jaded merchants of immortality
The Fossai -- Insular and secretive
Gonti -- Aggressive, suspicious cows.
Hal Armin -- Logical reluctant space travelers
Jubali -- Go away, leave us alone
Lughocee -- Happy over-eager explorers.
Malovid -- Angry sheep people
Meng -- Gentle dead race trying to streach out the end.
Murian -- Feline victims of the Kliges'chee
NEEqik -- Subspoace sensing fish people that want to have fun.
OOrangs -- Ring worlders trying for space.
Ovid -- Location of Ovid Station.
Rishans -- Mad precursors who did things they shouldn't ought to have done
Toniera -- Total Bastards with a narrow people button.
-- Anti-telepaths with a good reason for it.
The Wanderers -- Space Gypsys

Youn -- A trader race in the Zantree area
       Youn Independent Merchant's Guild -- The Real Government

Groups -- This is a catch-all description for anything more than a single person, and less than an entire race. "Groups" can hold millions or a few members. Not everything here is in Epiphany Trek or Outwardly Mobile. Some were created as ideas not as something we personally planned to use. None the less all are presented.
       As with our other creations we have presented thus, We retain the copyright, but you are free to use these groups in an RPG you are running. If you wish to use one of our creations in a story please ask. We are usually am flattered to say yes. The given creator of any one bit is listed in the description.

Abner & Dweezle -- A comic duo
Bedoo -- Bolian Pop band
The Conservative Party -- A templet
Conspiracy of Light -- A non-group for good.
Church of the Disciples of the King (Elvisites) -- A new religion
Church of the New Revelation (Fosterites) -- Last gasp of the bad side of religion.
Ekosian National Socialist Party -- Nazis, from, spaaaaace!
Extinctionists -- We are all going to die, so why wait?
Fuzzy -- An Ane musical performance group
The Good Old Boys --A non-group for themselves
Grokites -- Minor fringe sect
Gronk -- A beast of burden
Hroksan-dvin-bolayatik -- Vulcan Geishas
League of Four -- Second Preservers a long gone stellar power.
Libertarian Socialist Party -- Earth fringe political party
Liggets Spacecraft -- Top quality custom ships
Monks of T'Zal -- Vulcan seekers of Knowledge
Nutcases -- Section 31 and company
The Orion Space Navy (OSN) -- White suits and pretty ships
Poppies, Poppies  -- Another crazy thing on Oz
The Progressive Party -- A templet
Rokal's Raiders -- Mercenaries
San Francisco P.D. S.W.A.T. (The Snuffies) -- 21st century Law and Order
Society for the Protection of Sentient Rights -- Pro computer (and other being) rights organization
Talons of Fear -- Acceptian nasty evil group.
Topaz -- Travelin' Blues Band
United States Coast Guard -- Always Ready
The Visionaries -- Acceptian good guy group

People -- This is a collection of personalities to use as historical references, bits of culture or even encounters in a story or Trek game.
       As with all such works permission is given for personal use only.

Name    Race, Gender    Comment    Era
Anderban    Aneilog male    Businessman and Wizard of Oz.    24th C
Carrus, Ohnjai    Anglish male    General    24th C
Chimbandi    Human male    Dictator    21st C
Cinilan    Ane RI, female    Starfleet    24th C
Denarban    Ane RI male    Performer    24th C
Devlin, Angelia    Human female    Performer    24th C
Feld, Adam   Human, male   Do-gooder    24th C
Gensilan    Ane RI female    Starfleet    24th C
Goldsmith, Jerry    Human male    Composer    24th C
"Heather Wine"    Human female,    Performer    24th C
Inkantakos, Verriicknu   Andorian male   Scientist    24th C
"Jizzman"    Bzzit Khaht female    Performer    24th C
Khlulisslan    Ane female    Nerd and future meal.    24th C
Koc    Ferengi male    Finance minister of Oz    24th C
Kow Ghu Mu    Human female    Physicist    22nd C
LaSaille, Clarke    Ansisi Human male    Teacher and Manager.    23rd C
Nevil, William    Human male    Diplomatic mediator    24th C
Omteten, Rajiv    Human male    Sociologist and writer.    24th C
Reid, George    Human male    Starfleet Ranger    24th C
Reising, Mak    Ekosian male    The Fuhrer    24th C
Sadat, "Pharaoh" Amenhotep    Human male    Eugenic Superman 20th C
Snakaa    Koo, female    Starfleet    24th C
Strad, Allen    Human male    Researcher, Flint Immortal.    Many
Sunark the "Mad"    Vulcan male    Playwright    23rd C
Tamerlain, August    Human male    Grandmaster of the Watchers.    21st C
T'gar    Vulcan female    Artist    22nd C
Truilan    Aneilog, female    Truthteller    24th C
Wesley, Robert    Human male    Starfleet    23rd C

This is a work of fiction. All characters, places, and situations are fictional. Any resemblance to persons, places, or situations living or dead is coincidental.

© Garry Stahl: 1997-2006. All rights reserved, re-print only with permission.



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