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Here are a few trek files of interest. Some are either zip files that cannot be read on-line or images. Descriptions in bold indicate files of interest to my stories.

The Principles Behind Star Trek -- The best essay I have ever seen as to why Star Trek has the appeal that is does. It is worth the time to read. It should be required reading for anyone that wants to write Star Trek, pro or fan. By Steven Huntley

The Axioms of Star Trek Herein are the Axions of Star Trek. We, the forum, believe that you will get better Star Trek if you observe these axioms.

When Star Trek was New "The world has changed." Never truer words spoken. Here is a view of the world in which Star Trek was born. An Essay by Libertarian author Bill Stone, posted here with his permission.

This I Believe -- By Robert A. Heinlein. Robert Heinlein wrote these words in 1952 and delivered them to a national radio audience in a broadcast interview by Edward R. Murrow. His wife, Virginia Heinlein, read them when she accepted on his behalf NASA's Distinguished Public Service Medal on October 6, 1988, awarded him posthumously.

I also agree with these words, so I present this link to them. This is the attitude that will be required of all men to bring in the peace of the 24th century. This is an external link to The Heinlein Society website

John Campbell: Father of 'Astounding' -- By Chris Aylott. I am an unreconstructed Campbellite. I believe that man will rise or fail on his own efforts. We don't need aliens, the future, God, or Satan to aid our rise or fall. Man has within him all the good, or evil, required. It was formerly on Space.com. It is no longer there.

The Conundrum of the Prime Directive My personal views on the prime directive and the problems it causes. How I handle the PD is Epiphany Trek stories.

Why Dreadnoughts? -- A reasoned view of the reasons behind the "dreadnought" in Star Trek treknical documents and fan fiction. By Jay P. Hailey

G-Trek Rules -- Some of my principles and rules in plotting out Star Trek stories. A bit of a personal rant against tired clinches.

The Epiphany Trek-Pedia -- An encyclopedia of terms, names. places and other things culled from and expanded on from the Epiphany Trek Stories. This is release three of the Epiphany Trek-pedia released May 19, 2001.
Be Warned! This is a large page 200K plus. If you have a slow connection you may prefer the Rich Text Format file. Download it, read it. Did I miss something, want to know more? Suggest it. Further Updates will come as I complete them
-SPOILER WARNING- The Trek-Pedia can contain spoilers for stories in Epiphany Trek

Ranks in Starfleet -- My take on the ranks in Starfleet, what ranks exist and their role in the fleet, as well as a few historical notes on where some of the terms come from.

Ship Classes in Epiphany Trek -- How the subject of ship classes and ship types are defined in Epiphany Trek. Warning, major ship bunny and treknical stuff happening here.

The Shipyards -- Ever wonder how big a given ship might be compared to another? Ever wondered how the various ships of Epiphany Trek look? How big is an Exodus ship? Here are the answers.

History of the Ane Ship in Starfleet -- A brief hisotry of Ane designs and how they are used.

Character Profiles -- Want to learn more about the characters in Epiphany Trek? A selection of character profiles, some with casting of the actor or actress I would like to see play the role. In addition some of the ships are profiled as well. Lean more about your favorite Epiphany Trek ship. I will take requests for characters or ships you want to learn more about.
-SPOILER WARNING- The profiles can contain spoilers for stories in Epiphany Trek

Groups -- People, Races, and Places. All the stuff writers do to not write. In this sub-page are things that appear in Epiphany Trek and things I have created simply to keep the creative muscles oiled and running. There are possible story ideas and characters for Trek RPGs. This is a catch-all area for all the stuff I found while Vacuuming the Cat.
-SPOILER WARNING- The group profiles can contain spoilers for stories in Epiphany Trek

Culture description for the Fresians. -- This race made their appearance in Journeys as minor players. They have been seen several times since then and don't seem to be leaving. -SPOILER WARNING- This file has spoilers for stories in Epiphany Trek

Culture description for the Sixliss. -- This race made their appearance in Journeys as the McGuffin. They were the main thrust of Destinations and have a good deal more story to tell. -SPOILER WARNING- This file has spoilers for stories in Epiphany Trek

Model Galleries
All Scale Trek A most excellent modeling forum. It is where all my more recent modeling pictures are found. And a great deal more that is frankly better than the stuff I do. Check it out.

Finished Model Gallery
Unfinished Model Gallery I like to build models. I like to build Star Trek models. As I cannot draw well, I build three dimensional versions of the ships I see in my head. These galleries are a few of the projects I am working on, or have finished. If you want to see why more Trek Stories are not being written, check out here.

Alpha Quadrant 2360 -- A map and explanation file for the same. -SPOILER WARNING- This file has spoilers for stories in both Epiphany Trek, and Jay Hailey's Outwardly Mobile. Be aware.

Warp Scales and Ranges -- One of the more hotly contended items in Trek fandom is how fast is fast. My explanations, and the working scale in my stories.

The Star Trek Fandom Chronology -- This is Version 17, released October, 2004. The most complete, most comprehensive Chronology available without argument. By James Dixon, and appearing with his permission.

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