The Ane Confederation

Shield of the Ane ConfederationCreated by: Garry Stahl
Appearance: Many Epiphany Trek stories.
Number of Members: 27 billion
Nature of Members: The All is a galaxy spanning telepathic network. There are primarily two types of members and a couple of subgroups.

Ane: Ane are the majority population in the Confederation. Ane account for 26 billion of the population.

Physiology: Ane are a quadrupedal, Handicapped race. That is they have no manipulative members such as hands or tentacles. They stand an average of 1.2 meters at the shoulder and weigh an average of 160 kilograms. In a normal posture they will look an average height man in the eyes. Body shape resembles a half morph between an impala and a greyhound with cloven hooves, a deep chest, and flat belly. The have a short thickly furred tail similar to a white-tailed deer. They have counter-curved lyrate [1] horns an average of 0.9 meters in length. Ane eyes are always a solid blue [2] in color showing no iris or pupil. The exact shade will vary among individuals and the current lighting conditions. This "solid eye" is a false color caused by the cornea reflecting blue and ultraviolet light away from their eyes. In lighting that has no blue in it Ane have more normal looking eyes in a deep brown shade. Under intense ultraviolet conditions (black light) their eyes will glow. Ane call this a "hard eye". Those races familiar with the basic body form of the Ane find the eye to be the most alien thing about how they look.
       Ane are completely furred. Main body color can be either of the black phase or the more common tan phase. Color can vary in intensity from a deep mahogany red, to a sandy tan, or from a charcoal gray to smoke. The underbelly is white in all cases. White markings extend from the throat, to under the tail, and go part way down the legs on the inside. Between the main body color and the white belly, extending from the front legs to the back is a black flank band. It will vary in width from 76mm to 156mm. Their fur is soft to the touch and they have no undercoat. Ane do not handle cold conditions well, and do not adapt to cold conditions.
       Their skin is a blue-black color that is highly resistant to radiation in the ultraviolet range. They do not sunburn. All mucus membranes are a bright blue. This would include the tongue, around the eyes, genitals, and the inside of their ears. Any place a human shows pink, skin pigment aside, Ane show bright blue. In the case of Ane however this is pigment. They are red-blooded and the pigment only goes in so far. The back of their throats for example is the color you expect from a red-blooded being.
       Gender Differences: Males and females are of the same size. Males possess scent glands on the face that produce a waxy substance. This has a mild musky scent to humans. This area of the face is marked by an elongated teardrop shaped black mask under their eyes. The widest part is near the eye, and will sometimes circle it. While both sexes have horns females will usually have smaller horns than a similar sized male. Females have four mammary glands between the hind legs. In a maiden female they will look more like dark spots on a lightly haired area of the abdomen. The udder [3] is more pronounced in females that have had children. Males have a sheath in the expected place, but it is near flush with the belly, testicles are internal. The surest method of sexing an Ane without getting very personal, or asking, is to look at their face.
       Ane are highly disease resistant. Their biofeedback system is extensive and reactive. Those with high ability in this are healers.. Given tincture of time an Ane can usual recover from any disease or poisoning.
       The down side to this amazing ability to self heal is that most invasive medicine, and that includes drugs, has a negative impact on the Ane's system. What to a Human is a beneficial drug to the Ane is a toxin to be isolated and flushed from the body. Very few drugs will do as advertised on Ane. Doctors are advised to avoid drugs or even such devices as protoplasers. Administer first aid, call an Ane healer.

Ane Psionics: The identifying aspect of the Ane is their psionic abilities. Without these they would be cute antelopes.
       Telepathy: Ane are the second most powerful telepaths in the Federation today. They individually rate between 85 and 95 on the Kraith[4] scale of psionic ability. Telepathy is more than the mere conveyance of language. Indeed, language has nothing to do with it. Ane think in terms of concept not symbols. You think in terms of symbols, so that is what you "hear". Sight, sound, smell and more are all part of the telepathic experience. The sub-vocal communication that non-psionics "hear" as the Ane voice is compared to the experience of full telepathic contact as to watching a roller coaster ride on a black & white TV with the sound off, is to the actual ride. Telepathy is the primary method by which Ane communicate.
       Ane can attack with telepathic abilities, but their ethics abhor such assaults. Ane will only attack with telepathy if first so attacked. They do respect mental privacy, and will not form any kind of link unless invited to do so.
       Teleportation: Ane are one of the few known species that can teleport. Normal range is anything within 100,000 kilometers. The main limitation is weight, not distance. With contact to the All they can teleport between star systems. Ane teleportation does not deal with either traveling the distance, or folding space. Rather it is a dimensional shift into the 11th dimension[5] and back into 4D space. Distance is obliterated. The amount of energy required to move across the room is no different than that required to move across the galaxy. It is how much you take with you that matters. The limit is expressed as a percentage of the teleporting Ane's mass. Heavier Ane can teleport greater masses. The limitation is 200% of the teleporter's mass above their own mass. The second limitation is that you cannot go where no one has been. A clear image of the destination is required. An interstellar jump requires an anchor at each end, hence the need for a connection to the All.
       Healing: About 10% of the female Ane and 1% of the males are capable of manipulating their biofeedback gift to heal others. These are the Healers. They can aid your body, even if you are not an Ane, to heal itself to an extraordinary degree. The better Healers can aid your body to cure itself of everything from the common cold to cancer. At the extreme end of ability they can help you regenerate limbs. The majority of the physical work is done by the patient. Those under treatment for more extensive healing, including trauma, will sleep a lot and eat like two longshoremen.
       Teachers: About 10% of the males, and 1% of the females in the Ane population have the "teacher" ability. Most Ane can split their attention several directions, holding 2-5 conversations at once. Teachers can do this for 10 to 25 people at once. Those so skilled and trained are in great demand for those subjects that are purely mental in nature. Psionic learning can be undertaken by non-psionics at the rate of an hour a day. By telepaths for up to six hours a day. In that time you can learn at an accelerated rate. An average college course that has no lab requirement and no physical training, such as language, can be taught in two weeks at an hour a day. For most telepaths this is one on one training. Ane teachers can handle classes. A highly skilled teacher can name their own price at any college or business in the Federation.
       Telekinesis: This ability is mentioned only because the Ane do not have it. They don't even have a little bit. None, nada, zip.

An AnePsychology: Ane have a three lobed brain about the size of the human brain, but with five times the folding. Mentation is at least the equal of any species measured, on an individual basis. The unusual nature of Ane psychology comes from the nature of this three lobed brain. The right and left lobes of the Ane brain perform functions normally associated with most sentient beings. The third, or High Lobe is different altogether. Currently accepted medical practice credits the high lobe with the psi-active functions of the Ane.
       Under experimental and empirical circumstances it has been noted that Ane do not panic. The High Lobe appears to hold some check over emotional response. The high lobe calmly observes everything even under the most extreme condition or distress. This is not to say they do not panic, quake in fear, scream like girls, or cry in pain. They do. It is only that later they have a full recall as to why they panicked , feared, screamed, or cried and what they did about it. Some physiologists have equated to having a calm little guy in your head taking notes on your life and your reactions to it. Some Human psychologists have stated that the entire race acts as if they had a dissociative disorder. This is why. Ane have a full recall of events or of personal injury that Humans would not recall at all. A Human badly frightened or severely injured might remain awake, but not lucid. As long as the Ane is awake, they are lucid. Ane do not suffer from insanity with anywhere near the frequency of Humans. Their resistance to mentally traumatizing circumstances is remarkable. It has been noted however that once they do snap, they seldom recover. Death is the usual result of any clinical insanity.
       Ane will occasionally speak of the Icon and Aspect. These are important concepts to understanding Ane psychology. The Icon is the name of an Ane. A telepathic identifier that incorporates the full "I" or how the Ane in question sees themselves. Their own view of who they are. Understanding the Icon tells you a great deal about the person you are dealing with. Their hearts are on their sleeves so to speak. The meaningless names that non-telepaths hear, Farlaban, Sellan, and so forth are only there for those that cannot grasp the Icon. 
       The Aspect is the Ane soul. Functionally similar to the Vulcan Kanta. The Ane hold similar beliefs in the indestructibility of the person. Death is not the end, only the end of a phase. Living Ane can elevate their Aspect into the All and this is considered full participation in the Ane mental culture
       Ane exhibit two major personality types; Typical or introverted, and explorative or extroverted.
       Introverted types have received the least study and scholarly knowledge. They stay where they were born, and from outward appearances do nothing but eat, play, and breed. What mental activity that is going on has been impossible to study. The only thing to go on is what the Ane themselves will say. The Ane speak constantly of the All, the combined mental essence of the entire race and the memories of every Ane that has lived. They say that this All is all the mental stimulation that any Ane needs. The introverts are satisfied with that contact and activity.>
       The Extroverts, about 10% of the population at best, are not satisfied with needs, they have wants. They go out among other species to learn their ways and customs, acquire knowledge of professions they could never practice, and stick those cute black noses into everything they politely can. They are not afraid to admit ignorance, and are willing students of anything you will teach them. Extroverts are the users of the technology. As the industry of the Extroverts seems to serve the needs of the All, most resources go to support their wants.
       Common to all Ane is a sense of humor. A low sense of humor. The delight in getting you, or anyone else, to loose your cool, to blow your savoir-faire. Indeed the more self important and pretentious the person the harder they work on this. It is noted and true that this tendency can and does get in the way of practicing diplomacy and politics. Ane simply do not get the point of flattery.
       The other factor of Ane politics is bluntness. Tact is a tool they seldom, if ever, use. Anyone that prevaricates, beats around the bush or otherwise attempts to disguise the true nature of their position or desires will have that position or desire stated back to them in blunt forthright language that is impossible to deny and still get what you want. This does not make them friends with those that like the political game.
       The last factor is the one the least people know about and more need to. “You didn't ask.” The Ane are effectively a living mass storage device. They love to answer your questions, if they can. However they are slow to volunteer information. Indeed until you ask they might not even know they know.  Information in the All is not as accessible as the memory of you best friend's name for example. To get an output, you need to supply an input. And if they don't like you they can be very difficult and exacting as to the questions required to get the right response. The will step back and happily watch you flounder in your assumptions until it kills you, because, you didn't ask.>
       Conversely if an Ane likes you they are open and direct about information they have, but will still wait for that input. They are not trying to be difficult, but like your computer hard drive they don't know what you need until you ask.

Senses: In spite of the unusual color of their eyes, a product of their native environment, Ane vision has the same over all color range as humans. They cannot see into the deep purples, those colors are actually blocked from entering their eyes. They can see into the infrared. They have the same range of vision as Humans, but red-shifted. Unlike most herbivores Ane can focus both eyes forward for binocular vision. They can also use them independently to the sides and have 270 degree vision. They are all farsighted however. They have a hard time focusing on something under the end of their rather long muzzles. Ane that do a great deal of reading will either have a forcefield lens perched on their muzzles, or use large fonts.
       Ane hear a similar range of sounds as Humans, but are more sensitive to lower volumes. Their large steerable ears mean they can locate the source of faint sounds easily. As a result of those ears they have the habit of not facing the person that is speaking to them, if doing so would require moving. The ears will come around and focus on you. Those that deal with Ane on a daily basis have learned that one eye and the ears does mean their full attention.
       Ane also have a keen olfactory sense. While not a good as Terran dogs by a long shot it is much better than Humans. Scent plays an important role in Ane culture.
       Touch is likely the most important of the Ane senses. They are known as a sensuous race. They are a people with a preferred personal space that starts just under their skin. They have greeting rituals that come just short of the exchange of body fluids.
       The sense that Ane possess that most races do not is the psychic sense. They can sense the mental environment about them. Nearly every being puts off some manner of mental noise. Emotions are written on the body in their scent and on the psychic aura around a given being. Ane quickly detect lies. There are certain people they avoid, for no reason that anyone else can see. To Ane that person has an aura they find unpleasant. Mind you this is not universal. The person one Ane avoids another might approach with interest.

Diet: Ane are ruminate herbivores. They can digest the roughest of vegetable matter including cellulose. Their digestion is low volume, high yield, with a gut similar to Earth bovines. They chew cud. They also like fruits in small amounts. If Ane covet anything they covet radishes. They will eat these over the sweetest of fruits. They can tolerate milk even in adulthood. Cheese and ice cream are treats they enjoy as well. Unless they are working hard Ane avoid grains. All other animal proteins are avoided. While the occasional insect that gets into the grass is not seriously objected to, they cannot tolerate meat in any amount, and could not survive on it.

Growth and Aging: Ane are born after an eleven standard month gestation. They hit the ground lucid and are walking within an hour. In fact they are lucid two months before their birth, asking Mom and Dad all sorts of questions and getting ready for the big day. Unlike bipedal Humanoids Ane have the usual easy birth of quadrupeds.
       Childhood lasts 3 El Nanth years or 9.6 standard years. Education starts at birth with The Gift. This is a mental download of the basic racial history from the parent's viewpoint. The newborn is not expected to understand this, but it will come to them gradually as they grow up. A young Ane is a walking question factory. The racial memory has not kicked in yet, and the young mind craves answers about everything. The young are also unmannerly about telepathic contact. Very young Ane can be dangerous to those races that are psionically sensitive. Parental control is necessary at this stage of life. Any sentient within range will be mercilessly bombarded with questions at a furious rate. As fast as one is answered a second will be asked. There is none of the annoying "why?" practiced by Human children, mainly to annoy adults. All questions are of substance, but unless you know how to shut them off, it just keeps coming.
       The young Ane does not become aware of racial memory for six standard years. This allows the individual to establish a personality free from influences of the past. They are also insufferably cute. After six standard years the young Ane will have reached full height, but have a good deal of filling out to do. At this point the racial memories trickle into awareness. The young have their first experiences with the All, and Ane culture in the larger sense. Full contact with the All is not allowed until a child is 8 to 9 standard years of age. It is desirable that they form their own personality without being over printed by the All. General education is handled in family. There is no "educational system" for Ane on Ane worlds.
       Two reactions are common with the child gets contact with the All. The "teen" becomes insufferable, filled with knowledge, they do think they "know everything". Fortunately, this stage passes. It is a good thing too, or a great many of them would be bludgeoned to death (they are harder than Hell to strangle). The second reaction is awe at the scope and depth of what is available. It is then dived into and they might not come up for air for a good long time. Parental prompting may be required to get them to kick back and go run for a while, eat, etc. This would be the Ane equivalent of the "nerd". Extreme examples of both behaviors are uncommon. Most young have a brush with both sides of the coin.
       At the age of 9 standard years an Ane has reached full growth, and is sexually mature. Ane females are fertile only once a year (Savanna year 3.2 Earth years). This cycle will adjust itself to a certain extent depending on the local conditions. Males, as with most mammalian males, are ready any old time. While fertility is limited, Ane are sexually capable at any time, and enjoy sensual pleasures. The newly capable adults will take advantage of the situation.
       Extrovert Ane will seek knowledge outside the usual methods, either by attending the universities of other races or empirical knowledge. As this benefits the race at large these activities are supported.
       Ane can live up to 500 years of age. Adulthood is a long afternoon of conversation, debate, friends, and family.
       Death when it comes in a natural manner is usually quiet, and without pain. Life partners will typically die within a day of each other unless a larger bond group exists to support them. Ane contend that the dead are not lost to them, but the greater All contains every Ane that lives, or has ever lived. Death is not feared, but seen as a natural end to a life that is full. Ane do not care for the dead body, as this is the least part of the person. In a normal environment the dead will be left where they fall to be handed by the elements. While the Ane take no notice of the scavengers [6] that come to feed on the dead they discourage large predators in the lion or hyena range as dangerous to the living. When in non-Ane cultures, Ane adopt the prevalent method of corpse disposal. Cremation is preferred as plots need not be bought for dead meat. The one exception to this lack of care for the dead is if someone takes an Ane for the proposes of killing it and eating it. Ane will react violently, very violently, and take the body back. However if the carnivore shows up at the morgue and asks nicely they can usually get a snack.

Mating and Reproduction: Ane are mammals. Ane females have a two horned uterus similar to that of Earth bovines. They are only fertile once every El Nanth year. That is 3.2 standard years. The female has a some control over this fertility cycle. She can delay the cycle, skip a year, or bring it on early depending on local conditions. She will want to give birth when local food supplies are at their greatest. As a result of this Ane living on the African plains will cycle every three years, in sync with the rains. Ane living on one of the El Nanth worlds will cycle every local year, at any old time. The rosette has a round orbit, no seasonal changes to speak of. This fertility cycle seems very slow, but consider they can live up to 500 years and never enter menopause. In the usual safe and sane world Ane need to be careful about their numbers.
       Like Humans, Ane females can desire, have, and enjoy sex whenever they wish. Female Ane are not slow to seek sexual fun. They know when they are fertile and can avoid accidental pregnancy. Ironically that fertile period is the time of the greatest sexual desire. Libido is rampant, the orgasms are better and longer. It is a deep need to get laid, and the certain knowledge that to do so is an almost certain pregnancy. Ane culture has provided some solutions to the fertile female's problem, but mostly it's clamp your tail and grit your teeth.
       Males are typical of mammal males and will have sex at the drop of a hat, or other object. The male sexual tract is separate from the unary tract. The penis is used only for sex. Aneilog boys (see below) have to sit and pee. The penis us an average of 24 inches long and most resembles that of Earth equines. The sheath structure is similar and they have a secondary erection, "zing" as the girls call it. The tip of the penis will expand to three times it's normal diameter right before ejaculation. This serves the dual purpose of opening the female's cervix to directly deposit the semen in the uterus, and it locks the partners together at the critical moment.
       Males have an "after prostrate" A sexual bladder to hold semen. In an adult Ane this will hold a quart. At two ounces a shot that is 12 go-rounds a session. Aneilogs have similar organs with a commensurately lower use rate and size. Still 12 orgasms before they wear out. To Ane a good physical session is about three hours. Anything under that is a "quicky".
       Ane see sex as the toy you share with your friends. To a Vulcan is is a horror show in action. To a Human it is anything from a porn dream to an excuse to buy a space suit, and wear it all the time.
       Mental state. There are three basic mental connection states for/during sex.
       "Simple communication"; thoughts and emotional state only. This is the normal Ane connection level. This is seen most often in the young that are just discovering sex. Rubbing the parts together is enough. 90% of the time the fertile girls that come mewing after sterile males are satisfied with this. **Just cool that awful need please, we need not get serious about it.**
       "Sex link"; we feel each other's physical state. This is the serious about each other stage. The sex link is a brief dip into the realm of the mating bond. Temporary, brief, breakable. It lets each partner feel what the others are physically feeling as well. Yes, others. With Ane a simple pairing is rare.
       A sex link is not pursued with someone you met five minutes ago. Heck unless they are under 20 sex isn't usually pursued with someone you met five minutes ago. Yes the kids do mate to shame mad minks, casually, frequently. They grow out of it. A youth club on Oz [7] would shock Mrs. Grundy dead. Aneilog youth clubs are flashing lights, soft music, and a lightly pounding beat. the air is thick with sex hormones and horny thoughts. They are a constant orgy. Couples will mate right in front of everyone. Vulcans would not go near them. Most humans do not do it twice. Aneilog youth clubs will tear at the Human expected sexual limits and norms, male or female. Those that let go are going to feel horribly violated in the morning, male or female.
       "Mating weave"; We want each other for life. This is the sex link taken even a step further. Minds so mixed together they cannot be pulled apart without a great deal of damage to both. Partners are constantly aware of the mental and physical state of all partners. You can taste the radishes they are eating if you want to. Males can communicate with the late term fetus in utero.
       While casual sex is a toy, actual reproduction takes place only within the bondgroup. It is necessary for the proper raising of the child that it have at least two parents. The reality of linkshock also means that couples do not stay couples, but seek other weavemates to strengthen the bondgroup. "Finished" bondgroups, those not looking for further partners, will usually number between 6 and 10. More and less are uncommon but not unheard of.
       Children are typically born singly. Twins are uncommon. Triples are very rare and the chance that quads would come to term is so low that the females will usually reject the pregnancy as soon as she is aware of the circumstance rather than risk losing the children after quickening or worse, awakening.
       Ane biofeedback methods mean that the female is very aware of the state of her pregnancy. If there are genetic defects she will be aware of this before quickening, and will reject the pregnancy, also a biofeedback technique. Congenital defects can be cured in utero by Healers. There is no reason for any Ane child to be born with defects.
       What if an unmated female does get pregnant? Well it can happen. Both responsible partners get a stern taking to and an immediate adoption by a bondgroup for the sake of the baby. More often than not the young woman's mother will take over. It will be raised by the adoptive group even if the young woman nurses the child. They are never forced into bonding. That is a worse mistake than the pregnancy.

Communication: Ane are telepaths. They are usually mistaken for the most powerful telepaths in the Federation, but that distinction belongs to the reclusive Melkot [8]. They are however not far behind the Melkot. Ane run from 85 to 95 on the Kraith scale.
       Ane culture largely takes place at the telepathic level. A herd of Ane calmly grazing on an otherwise featureless plain could be involved in a dozens of debates and conversations with other Ane star systems distant.
       Ane have a three chambered trachea. The vocal cords are located at the base of the trachea right above the bronchial branching. This arrangement allows the Ane to produce three tones at once. Their voice, although seldom heard is similar to a wood recorder in the contra-alto to baritone range. They have a limited syllabic vocabulary. Their spoken language is impossible for humanoids to reproduce, and likewise they cannot speak standard. With much practice, they manage some words. Telepathy renders vocal communication an art form. Fans call it a hauntingly beautiful art form.

Aneilogs: The Aneilogs are what happened to Ane with the Rishians [9] got a hold of them. Aneilogs have existed for 100,000 years. they are native to the world of Oz. Since The USS Discovery recontacted Oz, Aneilogs are moving to other Confederation worlds besides Oz itself.. They account for about one billion of the Ane Confederation's members.

Physiology: Aneilogs are humanoid Ane. Aneilogs stand 1.6 meters on average and weight in at 54 kilograms. They have digitigrade legs with cloven hooves. Their hands have three fingers and a thumb. Body shape is that of a light framed humanoid. They have slight muzzles and Ane dentation Aneilogs have much smaller version of the horns that Ane have. These seldom reach over a foot in length. Their bodies are hairless except for a mane running from the tops of their heads to between their shoulder blades. They also have a tuft at the tip of their tails. This hair is the typical Ane mane colors. They have the same blue-black skin color of the Ane as well as the bright blue mucus membranes. Females have two pectoral mammaries instead of the usual four between the hind legs. These seldom get larger than a "B" cup.
       Males have a penis sheath, again close to the body. They also have the internal testicles. While they have the same scent glands as the Ane the lack of a furred face mask makes them less obvious.
       In all other matters other than size Aneilogs are Ane. Diet, culture, reproduction. However they are not cross fertile with Ane. By Federation standards they are considered a different species.
       One primary difference is that Aneilogs cannot teleport. It is believed that in giving the Aneilogs hands the Rishians had to alter the part of their brain that controlled teleportation.

Ansisi: The Ansisi are Human telepaths that joined the All some 18,000 years ago on the plains of Africa They are named for the woman Ansisi that discovered the sentient nature of the Ane, and convinced her fellow tribesmen to deal with these creatures, not fight with them. The woman Ansisi was the first member of any species not Ane to become part of the All. This has since expanded to include Humans not of the Ansisi tribe, and all such Humans are described as Ansisi. There exist some 500,000 Ansisi.

RIs: Now recognized as a part of the Ane Confederation the "computer people" or "Real Intelligence" systems have full sophant rights within the community and are part of the All. RI computers can take any number of physical forms from Ane, Aneilog, humanoid or even other species. All are Ane at heart. Due to the nature of the RI base kernel 90% of the RIs consider themselves female, and 90% are also extroverts. Nanotech has been tweaking the kernel to get a more even distribution of gender. However, extrovert personalities are desired. The one factor they seem to have in common is a tendency towards an unearthly beauty. As they all get to choose how they look, the desire to be accepted as real has led them to look almost unreal.

Outsiders: This is catchall description of anyone living on Ane worlds that is not part of the All. It is not used in derogatory manner, but means anyone outside the All. Outsiders have full sophant rights on Ane worlds, but may not make law, and can only define how they will live within the two laws. Outsiders at most are a matter of several hundred million throughout the Confederation.
Truul:[10] This race is found within the Ane Confederation only on Harmony. Their presence is the result of a failed Ane attempt to rehabilitate the Truul to a free-willed existence. Truul simply do not have a free will and if you could give them one they would not be Truul. Some two million Truul live on Harmony doing small things for the Ane there, and getting instructions on how to live their daily lives. They also remind the Ane to be careful what they ask for.

Culture: As a mental society Ane do not produce much art that can be enjoyed by other people. While a few have tried painting with brushes held in their mouth, it is not a common practice. The most notable Ane art is singing. Those that are unaware of the Ane vocal apparatus take Ane singing for instrumental music. While most Ane can carry a tune, the vocal quality and skill can and does vary as much as it does in any species. Ane possess their own body of work and eagerly sing the instrumental music of other cultures. Several individuals, and vocal groups such as Fuzzy, have become famous within the Federation and have their dedicated fan base.

       The main aspect of Ane culture is The All, the massed networked minds of the telepathic species. Little is understood about the All outside of the Ane for the reason you have to be Ane to get into the All. If you are in the All, you are Ane, simple equation. Ane consider anyone telepathic enough to mesh with the All, and willing to do so Ane, regardless of the person's born species. To date only Humans have manged to join the All.
       Ane speak of the All on several levels. First the All is the collected consciousness of the Ane race. It is the Racial memory shared by all Ane. The All is the body politic of the Ane, their physical existence. The All is the fast telepathic network that is the method by which the Ane practice their culture. Lastly the All is a physical place. The 11th dimension were the Ane dead gather. It is a place the Ane use to teleport from location to location. Ane are universally reluctant to speak about this last aspect even though physics describes it. It is always the same. **I could explain it to you, but it would drive you mad.**

       Ane do enjoy sport. Their body form precludes complex sports. Every physical sport they do enjoy involves running. Races over various terrain, pronging which only the young are light enough to do. And of course sex.
       Of note is the game of Bedlam. The game is a sort of four legged rugby played at sixty kilometers an hour. The field is between 2 kilometers and 5 kilometers long, and about a kilometer wide. Formal fields seldom exist and terrain factors will determine the size of the play area. A spiky rubber ball easily held in the mouth is carried from goal to goal. (In pre-technical times a stick was the common playing piece.) Rules are few. The game best resembles a running battle as the two sides (unmarked) tussle over the ball and try to run it off their end of the field.
       Aneilogs with hands and an upright posture have adopted many games common on humanoid worlds.

       Ane have no sense of physical modesty. They also have no sense of privacy. Life at large is lived in the open with your friends and family around you. You eat, eliminate, mate, give birth, and die within the herd. You get weathered on. This to Ane is normal. When they move among other races this does not change
       Aneilogs in spite of their technical society have not altered these habits. While they have houses with doors. You will not find many locks or small rooms. Families will live in one large room. In a neighborhood children run freely from house to house. They eat were they land, and no one minds. No one knocks and doors are not locked.
       Ane culture is sensuous. The Ane idea of "personal space" starts about a millimeter under their skin. Even among Aneilogs who have hands the tongue is a common organ of greeting. Face licking, chin rubbing, it is Ane "handshaking". Likewise with the zero sense of body modesty or personal privacy. They like to get close to each other. While Americans like about three feet of personal space, Ane want to touch each other, even Ane that have never met before will get close. Much closer than most Humans will allow even close non sexual friends. What looks to a Human to be foreplay is really a "firm handshake".
       Ane must learn that other races expect privacy and do have a sense of modesty. Some never get the lesson and learn to stay home instead.

       The two extremes of contact with the cultures of the Federation is the wild look and the civilized look. A wild Ane will take no effort with their appearance what so ever. Their mane is tangled. They are dusty, musty and "smell like an animal". In contrast the civilized Ane will be bathed and groomed. They may dye their horns and wear jewelry. Most Ane fall between the extremes. They like grooming, but cannot be bothered with fussing over things.

       Ane value knowledge. The only "rank" of any kind in Ane society is the Seela. Seela is an old Ansisi word of affirmation meaning roughly "I know this to my inner heart." A Seela is anyone that has learned a thing to mastery. They are the person you seek for knowledge of their field when you need the most the best and the latest. A Seela can only exist in the fields in which an Ane can practice. There will be no Ane Seela of piano playing no matter how much they know about music, and how pianos are constructed and played because without hands they cannot play the piano. An Ansisi member of the All can also become a Seela. Many of the physical arts are covered in this manner.
       The Seela "rank" is not granted by any board or body. It is a general acclimation among your fellows that you have achieved this level of knowledge.

Memory One Complex: This is the premier learning institution, Archive, and Museum in the El Nanth system. It is a direct result of the Ane's desire to disseminate the memories they have collected over the last two million years. In addition to the recorded memories more solid documentation has been added as well. There are scans of books and artifacts from every culture living and dead that the Ane can lay their hands on.
       Memory One started in the mid 23rd century as a desire to place the memories of the All into a form more accessible to the average Federation citizen. Something for those people that did not have the ability to interface with the telepathic society. At this time it is the largest computer complex in the Federation, and possibly the galaxy.
       Memory One's primary equipment is located on Savanna deep in caves carved below the surface. The exact location is not only secret, but scan buffered. Rumor has it that it is three identical complexes. In addition to the oh so secret computer is the Memory One Campus on Glade, and on Builder Station. These two locations are the interface to the public. They function as a virtual archive, and museum, as well as a university fully accredited with the Federation Education Office.
       The Complex is administered by Elizabeth, known to be the last surviving 21st century AI from Earth. Her original tri-logic computer [11] is available for study in working condition at the Glade complex. Teachers are hired as required by the university staff. One does not have to be Ane or Ansisi to gain a position at the university. It is however a competitive environment demanding of any instructor or professor.
       The Memory One complex holds a limited number of real artifacts. The jewels in the crown are the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 as she was refit in 2271, and the USS Kongo NCC-1710 restored as she was in 2265.
       Memory One has an ongoing rivalry with the Memory Alpha Complex as the most complete archive in the Federation.

Memory Two Complex: Memory Two is located on Association and every attempt is made to make the facility there the exact duplicate of the Memory One Complex with the exception of unique artifacts. Each is considered a back-up to the other.

Memory Three Complex: This facility has just started construction on Oz, and is expected to be years in the making before it can equal its sister facilities.

Religion: Ane do not regard themselves as religious. They have firm spiritual beliefs that no amount of missionary work (on the part of several religions of several races), logic, or reason has been able to shake. They have no priests or religious organizations.
Beliefs are as follows;

  • The Ane are a designed and created species made by an entity called "Traveler" (no relation to the TNG Traveler). It is their created purpose to save the history and knowledge of the galaxy's cultures from ever being forgotten.
  • That all Ane live on in the Greater All. Death is only a step from one existence to another. No proof of this has ever been offered, but those that have chosen life as an Ane say that it is so. That you can feel presences of the dead within the All.
  • All sentient species, to their knowledge, have an immortal part. Non-physical races are simply those that have learned the power of that part, and accepted the loss of sensual living in favor of pure spiritual existence.
       Ane are tolerant of other racers religious beliefs up to the point they are shoved into their fuzzy faces. At this point the Ane love of puncturing the pompous comes into play. Most of the time this does not happen. Ane do not have faith, they have certainty. They know when they were made, what for and who did it. They can talk to the dead anytime they please.
       Of some interest to the students of the metaphysical are the Ansisi, the Human members of the All. It is reported that they can see things within the All that the Ane themselves are unaware of. They report that aspects can be sensed at a distance, with a dark barrier between them and the far aspects. A barrier that cannot be crossed.
       Some have speculated that this might be the afterlife so many humans have dreamed about, feared, and sought. The Ansisi simply report what they have seen, and the Ane have no comment.
       Other religions are practiced by Outsiders as they see fit. The Ane make no accommodation or hindrance to the free exercise of any religion that stays with the two laws.

Organization: Peer to peer network. Most people will claim there IS no organization. While there is a "First Speaker of the All", they are the equivalent of a "network administrator" and have no authority as Humans would measure it.
       When Ane do organized for any reason is is on an ad hoc basis as the situation demands. Those of a similar bent will come together for what ever reason has drawn them together, accomplish what they seek to do and then part. No organization persists beyond the purpose for which it was made. The idea of empire building is foreign to their thought process.

Government: None. The Ane are a functional anarchy. With the structure of the All they can communicate across vast distances with the ease of taking to the person sitting next to you.
       The Ane talk everything over. Questions from the most trivial to the most important are tossed into the All and batted around.
       Ane do have two laws. "Be it harm none, do as you will" and "There is no such thing as an over reaction to force." All other polices and practices are based on these two laws, and a handful of basic principles.
       The most basic principle is: "He that shouts first, or turns to other forms of violence admits defeat in the battlefield of ideas." As a result of this Ane will turn back flips to avoid "shouting". The most heated debates are low key affairs with all parties avoiding the label of a shouter. This will turn the remainder of the discussion against you.
       In Earth's late 21st and early 22nd centuries with refugees from the AI war and the horrors that followed it gathering on Glade it was necessary to give the human colonists some manner of structure they could understand and work with. To that end the Glade Outsider's Government was created. The Two Laws were given, and they were told they got to decide how they would act within the Two Laws. They could make no other laws. Historically no one has asked the Ane if they could move in, and what if anything they could do once they did. With the urging of the Ansisi it was decided that that era was over. Ane worlds would be ruled by Ane.
       The result is one of the most open societies in the Federation today. A simple and minimal set of regulations covers commerce and behavior. In that vein liability is strictly personal. The Ane Confederation is the hardest place in the galaxy to sue someone. Conversely it is the easiest place in the Federation for criminal behavior to get you killed. Police are not bound by rules of evidence. They can trick you into confessing. They can threaten you with anything they want to, but can in reality do very little outside of having a truth teller at the interrogation.
       There are no lawyers practicing local law. It is too simple for them to make a living. Personal privacy is valued above law enforcement. Peace officers cannot enter your home without your permission unless you are shooting at them. (A bad idea, they shoot back.) On the other hand the law is so lenient that there is very little you could do behind closed doors that the police would care about.
       If by some stroke of idiot genius you do manage to offend Ane law, and live to be arrested, there is a limited number of responses that will be taken.
       A crime against a member of the All is swiftly punished. The finding of fact is usually done and over before the criminal is brought to heel. In a telepathic society what was done and who did it gets around quickly. A consensus is reached often even before the crime is over. Guilt or innocence is determined by the community of the wronged individual. If a member of the All they decide. If the wronged is an Outsider every effort is made to get that person the same level of swift justice. A jury of Outsiders will decide. A Seela of Law will preside as judge.

       Fines; For civil cases and a few criminal cases where bodily harm was not inflicted, fines are imposed. The amount depending on the amount of financial injury received and the desire to return damage in like manner. Based on what you have, not a fixed fee. Fines are paid to the injured party, not collected by the government.

       The Walk; For cases of bodily harm less than death, "the walk" is imposed. The offender is dropped some distance, dependent on the amount of harm, given minimal supplies, and pointed the direction of Crystal City. This is always done on Glade. They then have the choice of life as a primitive hermit in an environment trying to kill them, or walking back to civilization.

       Death; Murder someone and you get the maximum penalty, anonymous death. You are taken out somewhere in the system, no one is even told the planet you will die on, and kicked to death by Ane. Your body is left to the scavengers and the elements. No other record of you will be made.

       Ane criminals are a different matter. Ane don't like to talk about it, but yes, they do get the occasional bad apple. Ane criminals come primary in two types. The scary and the annoying.
       The scary are dealt with by the All directly. These are Ane that cast aside the ethics of their kind and take full advantage of the telepathic gifts they possess. The All will hunt these beings down and stop them. The usual punishment is shunning. Said Ane is confined to one of their worlds and ignored. They cannot get access to the Express and cannot get anyone to talk to them. The worse of this lot are burned out. Their telepathic abilities are destroyed by the community. After this they are usually turned out from the Ane worlds to make their way as best they can. Such creatures do not usually live long.
       The annoying type are those Ane that cannot, or will not, learn Outsider manners and also will not stay home. They stick their noses in where they are not wanted and do not take no for an answer. The method for dealing with these is to not deal with them. Ane that offend Outsiders and Outsider law will suffer the consequences of their acts. If annoying the Zak[12] means the Zak eats you, after proper warning that further annoyance will be met with sharp teeth, the other Ane will stand around and watch you get eaten. No over reaction to force remember? This applies to them as well.
       There is one further example of the Ane bad actor. Those that develop a mine bump. Some Ane have become materialistic. They crave stuff and surround themselves with things and new experiences. As long as this aberrant behavior does not harm someone else, and it is self supporting they are left be. If this isn't the case the laws as they exist will deal with it, either Ane or Outsider as the case may be.

Languages: The Ane Confederation has no official language. The Ane themselves are telepaths and you need but open your mouth in any language and they understand you. What ever Outsiders live among them will speak what ever language they arrived with. For the general ease of everyone "official publications" within the Federation are printed in Federation standard.
       The Ansisi speak Federation Standard, some still understand the ancient tribal tongue of the Ansisi and many speak Swahili the language of the Bantu Free State where the Ansisi lands are now located.
       Of note is Oz. The first contact that Oz had outside of itself, after the Rishians, was the Shardin Empire. As the Shardin needed signage, the Aneilogs created this using the Shardin script. While the Kligese'chee wiped out the Shardin their script has remained in use on Oz. Federation Standard signage has been replacing Shardin, but the script is maintained in memory of the friends that saved Oz.

Relative Influence: Average
Public or Secret?: Public, however the Ane are not well known even within the Federation.
Publicly Stated Goal: Get the life story of every being in the Galaxy.

Economy: Ane do not understand money. That said they live in an galaxy were economy and money are necessary things. To that end either the Ansisi or managers hired by them handle all Confederation economic affairs.
       For the most part all Ane worlds are on an energy economy, at least those areas with any sort of technology. The Ane themselves need for little, and don't have a mine bump. Those that do desire the toys of technology take advice from their friends that do understand money.
       This is not to say that Ane money managers have not created businesses around Ane ideas. The Glade Bank a division of Bicorn Inc. is the Ane Confederation national bank. Every Ane has access to the general account and could buy anything from a milicredit trinket to a billion credit starship whenever they pleased. The only reason this works is the lack of a mine bump on Ane.

Ane Business Within the Federation:
Bicorn Inc:
Bicorn is the property of Jerold Ryan LaSaille. Bicorn is a holding company for dozens of enterprises from the Bellecolone Stud, to the Glade Bank. It is run to the general benefit of the Confederation and to keep Jerry in pocket change.
El Nanth Starships: The main builder of ADF ships. El Nanth is also known for its large commercial ships.
Liggits Starcraft: A builder of boutique star yachts. Liggits is the highest quality for the discriminating buyer with lots of credits. Liggits is a Bicorn company.
Aurora FTL Systems: This company was created to build the High Efficiency or HE warp drives. They have no other customers besides El Nanth Starships. The requirement for an RI computer causes other buyers to shy away.
Nanotech Computer Systems: Developer and producer of the Crystalmind computer systems. Crystalmind systems are available in everything from a PADD to the Mark 16 which can run a starship, major company, or planetary government. The primary advantages are size and the interface. While not as scalable as isolinear[13] systems, Crystalmind systems are a fraction of the size. The isolinear computer that will occupy several decks on a starship will take a single room with Crystalmind. Smaller Starfleet vessels are starting to carry the Crystalmind systems from a standpoint of space savings. Crystalmind also has the telepathic interface that allows a telepath to deal with a computer on that level. Bicorn is the majority holder in Nanotech.
Stoner Medical: Stoner is the creator of the quasi-flesh bio-replacement limbs and organs. With the development of regeneration in the 23rd century Stoner was slowly going out of business until the Ane bought them. Stoner still does medical replacements for those that have problems with regeneration, but their primary customers are the RI computers who contract for bio bodies. Stoner is a Bicorn company.

Relations: The Ane Confederation is a founding member of the United Federation of Planets. The strength of the Federation is the differing viewpoints of its members, but those differing viewpoints can also cause friction. The following is at best a general description of how the Ane get along some of the other Federation members and a few selected non-Federation powers.
Andor: One would not expect the brittle and exacting Andorians to get along with the hyper laid back Ane, but that is the case. While the two culture do not share many aspects, and yes, the Ane in your face greetings bother Andorians, the two people also have many points in common. Both appreciate saying what you mean and meaning what you say. Both favor a strong defense. However they differ in imperatives. Andorians want to pull back and be secure. Ane want to meet the galaxy on an exchange of body fluids level.
Betazed: While they share a common ability, telepathy, the Ane and the Betaziods have very different ideas on how one should use those ideas. Betaziods are of the opinion that one should be mentally open. Ane consider that the one point of privacy. Some Betaziods are bothered by the (for them) impenetrable Ane minds. You can't tell what they are thinking unless they tell you. To Ane, that is the point. Most Betazoids are of the opinion that you celebrate the differences and keep stepping. All this said the relation between the two groups are generally good. They are of much the same mind as to the direction of the Federation.[14]
Deltans: The sensual explorers are the other culture in the Federation without a history of internal warfare. With their home world being deadly enough without them killing each other Deltans didn't develop war. The Deltan mild telepathy is also an aid to understanding the Ane. Understanding each and every sensual experience is something Deltans strive for. Ane-Deltan joint projects are common. Deltans are one the few races that like the Ane sensuous approach.
Kentarui: Kentarui are Humans, but with a more unified cultural point of view. Kentarui culture has a strong element of "look go see" that fits well with the Ane imperatives. Again the Kentauri love of the pursuit of knowledge for the sake of knowledge. While the Kentauri government often has issues with the Confederation, Kentauri people do not.
Teller: Tellerites love to argue. A Tellerite will debate hammer and tongs for three hours against your every point, then suddenly announce that they now understand that you and they are in perfect agreement. The switch up drives Ane nuts. On the other hand the Ane habit of giving you exactly what you asked for, whether it was what you wanted or not, drives Tellerites nuts. Add the fact that Ane simply do not get the Tellerite imperative to make money, and the two do not often see eye to eye. They however are not at cross purposes where the Federation is concerned. While they want what they want for different reasons, it comes out to the same thing.
Terra: This could well be the original co-dependent relationship. Ane generally like Humans, Humans generally like Ane. Their political styles totally clash. Humans play poker, Ane play chess. Humans never want to show their whole hand, bluff and deal. Ane move the piece in the open, state their intentions and are willing to talk. Triplanetary and the Confederation will find themselves working together on one issue and at cross purposes on another.
       Ane have one other connection with Humans that they consider most binding. That is The Covenant. This is the treaty between the All and the Ansisi people. It is extended to all Humans, and by the signing of the Federation Charter the entire Federation. It states: Ansisi will not harm Ane. Ane will not harm Ansisi. Each shall defend the other from those outside that would harm them. Each shall aid the other in matters friendly. The actions of one, shall not be considered the actions of all.
Vich-Ar: The Vich-Ar are known as galactic swashbucklers. Vicharrian politics on the other hand are a vicious meat grinder that even most Vicharrians avoid. Ane and Vicharrians like each other, and Ane have licensed most of their robotic tech from the Vicharrians that are very good at automation and make common use of such things as anthropomorphic machines. Everyone stays as far away from the dynastic and plain nasty political power plays as they can.[15]
Vulcan: Vulcans are put off by the Ane total lack of physical privacy. Vulcans do not like to be touched, Ane want inside your skin and you inside theirs. Outside of the personal issue Vulcan and the Confederation are nearly in perfect agreement. The strong gentle being approach to the Federation at large. As long as the Ane keep their physical distance.

Acceptians: Ane don't like the Acceptians. 600 years ago the Acceptians overran the Ane world of Harmony, and Ane lacking a military couldn't do much about it. They have contrived to make it a money pit that has ruined six families. It is unknown how the two species would interact without this overhanging the relationship.
Cardassians: There is no love lost between the Ane and the Cardassians. In the two recent wars with the Cardassians the Ane when captured suffered horrendously at the hand of the Cardassians. Every one of the 254 Ane captured by Cardassians was vivisected by the Obsidian Order. This doesn't even address that the second war was fought over a Cardassian attempt to foment rebellion on Oz against the "Federation overlords". The Cardassians have reputation to get around with Ane. A very bad reputation.
Ferengi: Ane drive Ferengi crazy! Ane don't get money. As a result they don't get the entire point behind the Ferengi culture. As the Ferengi have little to sell to the Ane, the Ferengi don't have much use for them. However, there is the small matter than Ane for some reason beyond the scope of understanding have lucked into two of the best trading locations in known space. the El Nanth System smack between the Orion sphere and the Federation core, and Oz, smack between the Zantree [16] sphere and the Zairian [17] sphere. Ferengi weep at night over this naked unfairness. As a result Ferengi and Ane come into frequent contact. Much comedy ensues. It is best for all parties that Ane usually hire someone to handle financial matters, sometimes even Ferengi.
Klingons: Klingons like the Ane directness. If a Klingon has a question they ask it. If they have a problem, they state it. As a result Klingons do not find themselves the butt of Ane humor, often. While Ane do not like the Klingon habit of taking by violence that which they want, Klingons appreciate the Ane stand they will do violence back, and don't do violence in Ane space, more than once. While the two races have highly differing motivations and cultures with few meeting points, they do have enough understanding of each other to keep violence to a minimum.
Romulans: This is another culture clash in operation. Ane are direct, Romulans are not. There even exists an entire branch of Starfleet intelligences, Section 22 or "Wonderland" that is devoted to Ane exploiting the Romulan love of mystification and secrets. As of yet Joe Romulan and Joe Ane have not had much contact. It is worth noting that Terkos, [18] a Romulan expatriate is the Constable of High Crystal Station, and gets along with Ane just fine.

Area of Operation: The Ane Confederation has spread most of the way around the Galaxy in the 2 million years the culture has been active.

Core UFP -- 12 Billion Node One
El Nanth System: Savanna, Veldt, Aurora, Meadow, Elysium, Glade
2: Association Suns: Association, Midguard
3: Partha System: Felicity
4: Sol System: Earth
Notes: The UFP contains the Ane home system, its oldest colony, and it's second youngest. The UFP has brought a change in the way the Ane do business with the Galaxy at large. they are no longer passive and waiting things to happen, but are reaching out for the first time in 2 million years.
       The Federation is on the cusp of disodium technology.

The Heptpat Alliance -- 3 billion Node Two
Our Star: Primus, Secondus
Notes: The two Ane worlds are in one system and date from the time of the Builders. They are 90 light years spinward of the Three Suns station. The Heptpat Alliance consists of seven members of differing races, Ane included. It is built on the Federation model and is 50 years of age.
       The Heptpat Alliance is driving warp 5 technology.

Caladan Empire -- 5 billion Node Three
Notes: The gentle Calad do not conduct an empire so much as a symposium. The Ane are welcome participants in the symphony. The Calad are aggressively pacifistic, and so are you. Unlike the Ane they are willing to use telepathy to see that you do not harm your neighbor. Unlike the Zhodani [19] they do not care what you think, as long as you do not act.
       The Ane have objected to the use of telepathy to curb the violent. The Calad prefer this to killing the being. The discussion continues.
       The Caladan Empire is at warp 8 technology.

Acceptian Empire -- 900 million Node Four
Notes: Harmony was founded before the Acceptians. The Acceptian moved in and declared themselves rulers. The Ane have made it as tough as possible. The Acceptians have gained not a millicredit of gain from the planet. It is known throughout the Empire as a money pit that no family wants.
       Harmony is also saddled with a sizable Truul population. Early after discovering the Truul the Ane tried to rehabilitate this unfortunate race to a free will status. They failed. Several million Truul live on Harmony being kindly treated and doing little things for the Ane.
       The Acceptian Empire is on the cusp of warp 8 technology.

UFP Far Sector, Oz Node -- 1 billion Node Five
Oz [20]
Notes: Oz is one of the youngest Ane worlds, and considered the least fortunate. The Ane of Oz were forcibly altered into humanoids by the Rishians. This cut them off from the Express. They have only recently regained physical contact. The All is making the best use possible of the situation and the Aneilogs, as they are called, are being exported throughout the Ane Confederation. Ane are also moving to Oz in considerable numbers to make sure the Express is not broken again.
       Oz has Federation technology.

Grand Alliance Worlds -- 5 billion Node Six
Many worlds of heavily mixed population
Notes: The Grand Alliance is an Empire of 250 worlds, it is currently some 500 years old.
       The Alliance has embraced the Ane and is the only place where Ane are employed doing what they do best, communication. Alliance communications would fall apart without the Ane. 1.4 billion are so employed at any time with the number increasing. Should the Alliance suddenly decide not to use Ane they would have a hard time absorbing the population.
       The Alliance has been informed about the UFP and the Ane membership. They have noted this and consider it academic as it would take a ship nearly 9,000 days (24.6 years) to reach the Federation.
       The Alliance has given two class M planets to the Ane in addition to the one they found them on.
       The Alliance has had warp 9.5 technology for several generations, and no breakthroughs into disodium.

Three Suns area -- world unfinished.
Notes: This world being built by the Builders is not yet ready for habitation. When finished it will be only the second Ane world to orbit a blue-white star.
       The Builders have diposassium technology and zero point energy.

Ane Outside Ane Worlds -- Not all Ane live on Ane controlled planets. Extroverts spread themselves near and far looking for stories to bring to the All. Ane can be found on most of the major worlds of the Federation and will pop up in the most unlikely places and often doing the most unlikely things.

Headquarters Location: The Ane home world is Savanna, El Nanth, originally El Nanth 5. 750,000 years ago the Builders restructured the El Nanth system into a rosette of six class M planets at the orbit of Savanna. Savanna is now considered El Nanth 1-1.
       Contrary to the expectations of a populous and powerful race Savanna is overwhelmingly underdeveloped. There exists one town. A sizable computer complex, and nothing else of note. The entire planet is pristine and unspoiled, and that is the way the Ane like it.
       Truth to tell, and if you press them they will tell the truth, Savanna does have ruins on it from other races. The Ane ignore these ruins, they don't speak of them, they don't allow archeology. Again if pressed they will explain that those that built them didn't ask first. Ane are not particular about much, but they are particular about Savanna.
       Because they are particular about Savanna, Glade is the capital of record. No landings are allowed on Savanna except by Ane, Ansisi, or those with prior arrangements. The ADF will take a dim view of anyone attempting to orbit or land without permission.
       Glade, considered El Nanth 1-6, is the Capital of Record for the Ane Confederation within the UFP. Glade has the only city in the system. Crystal City was built some 5000 years ago by the Second El Aurian Empire. It was yet another location that the Ane were going to ignore into oblivion, but two things intervened. The first was El Aurian engineering. 5000 years after it had been built the place was still mostly standing and mostly intact. Second, was the arrival of refugees from Earth that were not Ansisi. As a place was needed for them it was decided that the then named Crystal City would be that place.
       Since then the city has been cleaned and repaired. At this point a good deal of the El Aurian technology has been overlaid with Federation technology. Indeed some of the more damaged buildings have been torn down and replaced.

Notable Members:
Ansisi: The woman Ansisi is responsible for a sea change in the way Ane have dealt with other races. Before they were observers and recorders. After Ansisi willing became one of them they became doers as well. Ansisi had the insight to make the conceptual leap that people could come in more than one shape. The Ansisi people took her name as their own.
Falan: Falan is the current First Speaker of the All and has held the post since the late 20th century. She is physically notable in that she is the only white Ane known. She has a unique mutation that eliminated body color from her genes. She does have point color giving her a black and white scheme. She does not pass it on. All her children are normally colored. She has a bondgroup of eight, the eldest male being Bonban. She and her bond group are on the old side. Recently they have been feeling more spry than usual. A physical examination proved they didn't have the bodies of 400 year old Ane, but those of 20 year old Ane. The event coincided with the Creator's Call. It is believed they might be connected.
Jerold Ryan LaSaille: Jerry as he is commonly called is the oldest Ansisi living. An immortal of some type of another, Jerry was born in 1948. He is an occasional mover and shaker, when it suits him to do so. He has contacts throughout the Federation business scene and in Starfleet.
Elizabeth: The last of the 21st century Earth AI computers. Elizabeth is the personality behind the Memory One complex, and since the invention of the Crystalmind computer systems, a member of the All as well. Her origin as an Earth AI is an open secret.
Anderban: Anderban is an Aneilog living on Oz. He is the proprietor of Anderban's Tasty Treats, a cheese & ice cream shop in the Emerald City. Anderban is also the spokes-Aneilog for Oz. He took the job when Captain Hailey was looking for a mouthpiece to the All on discovering Oz. In his role as the Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz he freaks people out with the big holotank in the Emerald Palace, and acts as a face for Oz to the Federation and the rest of the Galaxy.
Roban: Roban and his bondgroup have held the post of Federation councilor for the Ane Confederation for ten years.

History: The Ane claim to have been placed on Savanna by their creator to get the stories of all the people. What studies have been allowed on Savanna bear this out. Two million years ago, life appeared there. No evolution, no development, just bang, life. All the life forms common on Savanna now were present two million years ago, and no earlier.
       They where well placed, it was not long before neighbors came calling. Some ignored the Ane, others saw value in the telepathic abilities they possessed. These people spread Ane throughout the Galaxy as they did so.
       The Ane count ten interstellar periods. The common thread throughout these is the passive nature of the Ane. They have never sought to be a part of the political process of any people, until now.

2,000,000 BCE: The El Nanth system and the Ane are created.
1,800,000 BCE: The Angothol contact. The 1st star drive period. Angothol will shortly avoid Ane when it is tragically discovered that teleport and warp drive don't mix. The Ane settle no worlds in this time. The Telivin take a liking to them and carry them around, but they get no permanent settlements.
1,600,000 BCE: Calfarian Empire 2ed Star drive period Ane settled on Nentac and Feadrin. The Calfarian Empire ends in a destructive "The ends justify the means" war that destroys all warp civilization in that quadrant of the galaxy. It will be half a million years before another warp drive civilization rises.
905,000 BCE: 3rd star drive period The Ane are driven off Nentac by the Horvernal who seek them as organic computers by ripping their nervous systems from their bodies. The Tenn aid the Ane in stopping the Horvernal. The All manages to awake the trapped and living brains. The Horvernal home world and Nentac are blasted out of the class M category when they detonate the HE antimatter plants they were controlling. The Horvernal are extinct within 100 years. The Horvernal home world is located between Mongo and the Klingon Empire. The ecology has not recovered.
       The Tenn aid the Ane in establishing Felendar, Harmony, and Association. Felendar will fail due to the presence of a highly psionic predator.
840,000 BCE: Rise of the Kaarlhot, a serpent-like race that covered the great crescent area from what is now the Acceptian Empire to the region of STB-600. Their ships were never fast, but they were long lived. The Scholarly Serpents ruled with a firm but fair hand. Their progeny spread to the stars. Kaa[21], Koo and Jubali are believed to be descendant from this race. It is possible that the Jubali are the Kaarlhot, or the dying remnant of them. This is the fourth star drive period.
750,000 BCE: Builders build the El Nanth Rosette in exchange for insight on how to save their species as reproduction has failed. The Ane keep their secret until the present. The 5th star drive period. Builders settle Ane on Primus, Solace, and Lea.
550,000 BCE: First Preservers. This race left few records behind it and is the most difficult of the Preservers to pin down. Ane traveled with them, but are reticent about any details. It is believed that like the Builders, First Preservers have an agreement with the Ane. First Preservers are believed to have been genetic tinkerers. Evidence exists they they created or altered several races within the Galaxy that are now known, including creating what is believe to be evolutionarily impossible races like the Cidi[22]. This is the 6th Star drive period Coventry is founded, later to be called Oz.
250,000 BCE: Iconains, called the Demons of Air and Darkness by those with good reason to fear their mental and technical power, were rebels from Omicron Ares 4 [23]. Abandoning the Old Ones and their traditional culture they set out to see and conquer the galaxy. Advanced technology and advanced mental techniques make this a done deal, almost. Their foes defeated them at great cost. One of those foes was the Rishians. The Ane world of Feadrin is lost during this conflict. The Iconian era lasts 50,000 years and is the 7th star drive period. While the Ane have mainly friendly contact with the Iconians, they never meet a Rishian.
100,000 BCE: Rishians encounter the Ane at Coventry. They consider the Ane design awkward. Intelligent species should be bipeds with hands. So they fixed it. Eighty percent of the population died within a few days. The survivors staggered around dazed. The shock to the All itself has never been equaled. The Rishians watched for a while, when it was clear that the remaining 20% would not curl up and die, they called the procedure a success and moved on.
18,000 BCE: The Second Preservers drop Ane on Earth during the 8th star drive period. The Second Preservers, otherwise called The League of Four was a small group of races that considered it their job to play god. The League consisted of the Hurbirin, a gracile large headed humanoid. The Samrail[24], a tall humanoids with an artistic warrior culture. The Engerian a quadralaterally symmetrical race of engineers. And the Grogs five foot tall sessile, telepathic, furry cones. The League of Four contended that as they had warp drive it was their duty to oversee the races within their sphere of influence with science. They would remove individuals from their native cultures and educate them to judge the capacity of the race. They moved small populations around. The All didn't approve, but they were the ride you could get.
       The Woman Ansisi makes peace with the Ane after a brief "war" over who was food. The First interspecies treaty on Earth.
3,000 BCE: Crystal City is built by the El Aurian's Second Empire. The 9th star drive period. Orions, El Aurians and others.
65 BCE: Builder Station abandoned. End of the 9th star drive period
2064 CE: SS Savanna arrives at El Nanth. Jerry LaSaille reactivates Builder Station. Beginning of the 10th star drive period.
2138 CE: The Ane sign the Articles of Federation ending 2 million years of passive observation.

Military: The Ane have a military for the first time in their two million year history. Most of the ships they used are designed with Ane limitations in mind. This being the main reason they use their own designs and not those of their friends.

History of the Ane Ship in Starfleet

The Ane Defense Force (ADF): The ADF is tasked to the defense of the Ane worlds. It has as many branches as the Ane have nodes. At this point there is no Ane node without some form of Ane controlled fleet to defend it except for Harmony. In the UFP the mainstay of the ADF is the frigate. They field frigates in several sizes from the Stingray class to the Manta class. The latest disodium class frigates are replacing older Unity class ship as quickly as possible.
       The ADF also fields a number of cutters, the Falcon class being the most common. These small ships are primarily used for police enforcement of civilian vessels in the vicinity of Ane ports. They are not serious warships. Cutters carry the ionic disruptor, a kind of stunner for ships. It is designed to temporarily overload and knock out a ship's systems and allow it to be stopped and boarded with minimal loss of life.

The "Horned Fleet" (Starfleet): While ADF frigates are common in Starfleet, the Ane also supply a number of cruisers, both light and heavy. They never toss a ship than can still do science. Some Euphrates class ship are nearing 100 years of age and are still in service as third tier science ships. Newer vessels include the Planet class heavy cruiser, the Dolphin class disodium heavy cruiser and the Covenant class disodium light cruiser. These two latter classes are also produced without the Ane typical HE warp system for Starfleet at large. All horned fleet ships are considered ADF vessels on loan to Starfleet.

1:   Counter-curved -- As viewed from the side the horns have a gentle "S" curve like the tip of a recurved bow.
       Lyrate -- in the shape of a lyre. The horns bow outward curve back and outward again as viewed from the front. Both are the result of the growth pattern as the Ane ages. The horns grow throughout the life of the Ane and in latter years tend to cross at the tips.

2:   El Nanth, the Ane Home world circles a blue white star, and this explains the heavy ultraviolet adaption. Five times the ultraviolet radiation falls on the surface of the El Nanth worlds as does on Earth. Humans and other species do not go out without cover and a good deal of sunblock.

3:   Note: cows are bred for milk, even in an old mother Ane it never gets anywhere near that big, you have to look to see it.

4:   The Kraith scale invented by the Vulcan Institute of Mental Science is the Federation standard for measuring psionics. It is an arithmetic scale from 0 to 100. Typical Humans fall between 5 and 25 on the scale, in the non-psionic range. Vulcans rate from 40 to 65. Psionically active Humans rate from 26 to 70. "Kraith" was a fanzine produced through the 70s by Jacqueline Lichtenberg before she got successful with her "Sim/Gen" series of books. "Kraith Collected" was my first exposure to decent fan fiction and the idea that you could create your own Star Trek universe. They also used a 0-100 psionic scale, but called it something else. My "Kraith Scale" is a tribune to the zine and it's influence.

5:    I could explain it, but it would drive you mad. My use of the 11th dimension as an inter-universal space that is a fraction of a millimeter from everything within the universe is consistent with my understanding of membrane theory. Now the Ane crossing that barrier, that is science fiction. Alternate universes existing within that space and being created there, for that matter our universe existing within that space, that is science. It's not weirder than you imagined. It's weirder than you can imagine. I suggest "Fabric of the Universe" by Brian Greene.

6:    El-Nanth has a species of six-legged mammal the size and general appearance of a fox that is the major scavenger, called a neo-fox by the Human settlers of Glade. It is the largest terrestrial meat eater in the Rosette. These creatures have been exported to all Ane worlds without an equivalent creature.

7:    See "Oz" and Aneilogs further down.

8:    TOS Episode "Specter of the Gun". The Melkot or Melkotians are the McGuffins of the plot.

9:    Rishians are the invention of Dennis Washburn, who first ran the Star Trek RPG game that Jay P. Hailey latter mined for a great many of his stories. Rishians are Human shaped and utterly alien beings that get blamed for all sorts of insane things they are usually guilty of.

10:    Truul are from the GURPS "Aliens" source book by Chris W. McCubbin. they are adapted to Epiphany Trek with few changes other than setting. As of yet none have appeared in my writing.

11:    Tri-Logic Computer: Trionic logic computers were develop in the 2010s. These are the so called three state computers typified by geeks of the time as "yes, no, and whatever". By the '20s they were developed to a quarter million tri-logic processors linked in a three dimensional maze of circuits. The early models were huge. An entire computer was a fifth the size of the first UNIVAC computer but quantum levels above it in complexity. Each of the tri-logic processors contained the equivalent of 100,000 UNIVACs. By the mid 21st century the tri-logic computers were down the the size of micro processor PCs with no loss of power. It was these smaller and more powerful machines that Woke Up.
       Tri-logic computers also possessed a degree of analog randomness in design. After the AI war the systems were carefully rethought and the analog aspects eliminated. This had a serious negative affect on processing power, but no "safed" tri-logic computer ever developed a personalty. Tri-logic was in general use up to the time that Monotronic computers were developed in the late 22nd century.

12:    Zak: Big scary lizard guys that approach life from dominance and threat. Invented by Dennis Washburn for the Star Trek RPG played by he and Jay P. Hailey. Jay has yet to publish that story.

13:    Isolated Nonlinear computer systems. The isolinear systems were developed in response to the problem of the Daystrom multitronics computers spontaneously "waking up". These computers had long ago crossed the Data/ Prometheus limit for spontaneous sentience. Isolinear systems have the raw horsepower required, but by design isolated that horse power in a way that prevents spontaneous sentience, a matter the Federation courts are still wrangling with.

14:    I am convinced that Betazoids are the Deltans toned down for TV. The Great Bird had a few issues I think.

15:    Vich-ar were invented by Kenneth Strickland Jay Hailey adapted them to Star Trek. I have gleefully adopted them.

16:    The Zantree Alliance is first seen in Jay P. Hailey's "Voyage of the Harrier: The Zantree". The five main races of the Alliance are the Poong, The Olympians, the Youn, the Tabooists and the Kee. Each worthy of a profile similar to this one.

17:    The Zarians are the primary humanoids in the Balmorian United Federation of Planets and its main rivals the Kogari region. This is my ruthless adoption of the background hinted at in Jay P. Hailey's "The Balmorian Federation" for the STB-600 RPG game.

18:    Terkos is the main character of my "High Crystal Station" series of stories. A hard boiled detective on a space station type thing.

19:    The Zhodani, Human telepaths from the Traveler RPG game. My use of then is sourced from the GURPS "Traveler Alien Races" 1 source book by David L. Pulver. Excellent world building I recommend GURPS even if you never play the game. Zhodani fill the role of creepy psionic bad guys in the STB-600 game.

20:    As one Humans said. "I can't believe they named their planet that." Oz was Coventry. As part of the STB-600 exploration push Starfleet officers have been sent out in "Free Traders" to gather man in the street data about the warp capable cultures in the neighborhood. The first such was the SS Curious Minnow commanded by Lt. Commander Brett Tyson, and his five Aneilog crew. At Mongo wishing to keep his point of origin secret for the moment Brett announced he was from "Oz". The Aneilogs picked up on it and soon a lively debate sprung up as to renaming Coventry. Well the Oz case won out. The whole plant has gone a bit crazy over it although most of the silliness is confined to the Emerald City.

21:    Kaa are from the GURPS "Aliens" source book by Chris W. McCubbin. Kaa first appear in Trek via Jay P. Hailey's "Prometheus Quest". I get a bit part in this one as General Stalgari Tesral yiEryian, a Kronin warrior that duels and kills Admiral Turkhan, a tin plated bastard of a Starfleet admiral. As Jay was writing it I kept commenting that someone needed to stick the guy and extract his head from his ass. So he let me.

22:    Cidi are from the GURPS "Aliens" source book by Chris W. McCubbin. Cidi first appear in Trek via Jay P. Hailey's "The Cidi are Dish Best Served Cold". This is an excellent portrayal of these tiny sentients. Jay manages to get the cute across without getting coying and without patronizing the Cidi.

23:    Aresians as I call them are a Trekized rewrite of Robert Heinlein's Martians from his universe of books. Trek has a different history, so obviously Martians like his could not come from Mars. Since I wanted to use elements of "Stranger in a Strange Land" for my Late 21st century, it does fit so well, I moved the Martians out system and changed the name to protect the guilty. Aresians are still present on their home world, but are a dying race.

24:    The Ane have identified Neural as the location of Samrail. The race is the same, if a little shorter than they use to be. The remains of galactic technology in the orbit and on the surface of this primitive world was the reason it was contacted in the 23rd century. Section 28 has been successful in subverting and ending the war started by the Klingons between the Villagers and the Nomads. (TOS: "A Private Little War") Curiously all cultures of the world treat the ancient ruins as taboo, and haunted by evil.

This is a work of fiction. All characters, places, and situations are fictional. Any resemblance to persons, places, or situations living or dead is coincidental.

© Garry Stahl: 1997-2006. All rights reserved, re-print only with permission.

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