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This web site is a sprawling work in progress. Chances are it will never approach anything like a finished state. The only certainty is that there will be change. Check here often because the changes come without rhyme or reason and to no schedule outside of when I feel they need to be made.

7-28-18   The game has been in motion since 1976.  Long ago I did paper maps of the main game area and they got updates.

A few years back I noticed that those old maps were falling apart.  The paper cheap and ancient was flaking away.  I got the maps scanned.  

Then came the long an laborious changing of the ugly pencil maps into something nice looking.  Originally for printing in a nice book, in a more page friendly format.  That idea was dropped when I realized how dynamic the map was.  The printed page would never keep up.  So they are destined to live on the computer.  Changeable and accessible.

Here they are, 3 pixels to the mile.  Enjoy

7-18-18  I added map 1C to the list of finished maps. 

7-14-18  I added two finished. well as finished as they ever get, world maps.  3C and 2C are brought in from the raw.  Work continues to get the whole set into the more finished state.

6-29-18  I changed the Thindacarulle worldmap to show thumbnails of the raw images instead of the placeholders.  At least you can see the whole map now even if not in great shape.

6-12-18  I have added the long overdue Combat chapter to The Greyhawke Campaign page.  Also added was Appendix C the naming charts.  It was developed to aid me in naming NPCs, but it is a good source for character names in the game.  

3-17-18 I have added two essays to Gadsden's Grumbles. I Resign and To Dice With the Devil. Neither is new but their not being posted was a general sign of my malaise towards Freeservers.

Speaking of Freeservers, I have paid for one more year of the old site at reduced functionality. This will give time for people to realize the site has moved. We might not be the most popular place on the web but the visitors do come in. In March 2019 I will close down the old site for good.

3-4-18 I believe that everything broken has been fixed. Dead links are swept away. Even a couple of new ones. Now I need to deal with Freeservers (shudder) and get the old site downgraded.

3-2-18 I am running through the site monkey slapping links and seeing what works and what doesn't. I am correcting flaws when I find them. Most of the work this time has been in the Star Trek pages. One up dated image in The Shipyards and a lot of fixing broken file names and removing cobwebs. No doubt I have plenty more to do.

My first crack at the wiki was an utter failure. I need to learn more first.

2-21-18  It has been way too long since I gave this page any love or even any thought.  However the most momentous change is the new web host after 20 years and we have our own domain.

The old site will remain for a while yet, but as I main changes here it will be allow to slowly become nothing but a advertisement for this site.

I plan some interesting changes in the near future including the integration of the TrekCreative and Vista City wikis as part of the website. 

It is time to dust off my rusty web design skills and get back in.

8-30-14   Game writing, my wikis and other projects have been taking time from the website. However it is not forgotten. I have new updates to the Shipyard

     There have been updates, but no updates to the updates page.  So an upodate to the updates.  I have been adding things to the Maps page.  Thisis mainly things that were only accessible on the unlinked game page now made public.

08-26-12 It has been a while since the site got some love. The area this time is The Shipyards. In 1 pixiel to 1 meter have a new 306 graphic a 401 graphic in 10 pixels to 1 meter a few new ships. I have a few more things to update as well. Hopefully the momentum will hold out. I need to get back to the e-book work as well.

04-12-11       Two new stories. " The Life Aware" a piece from 2009 that I never got around to posting.  And "The Little Foxes", my first Tim Kirk story in a good long while.  Both are found on the Epiphany Trek Stories page of course.
       Work continues on the Epiphany Trek Rebuild.  Work was halted for a while while I worked on other projects.  Sadly I have many irons im the fire and only one of me, so in order for something to get done all else most be ignored.  "The Eagle's Spawn" is the latest story to get the reedit treatment.  I am continuing more or less down the page as I go.  New things are being posted in the new format.
       There is a Harry Roberts Story in the wings.  Normally I don't tease but the tale is finished.  It simply requires the usually editing passes.

02-09-11       The Epiphany Trek pages are undergoing some redesign and change.  The majority of the changes will be on the Stories page itself.  As I finish the story re-edit and Richard feeds me new e-reader files the changes will march down the page.  For a while it will be a "pardon our dust" look as I switch from one style to another.  New graphics, type faces and I hope a larger cleaner look over all.  The Epiphany Trek pages were designed around 800x600 graphic resolutions, some 8+ years ago and are long overdue an update.  I have not forgotten mobile devices, but unless someone tells me it is needed, I see no reason to have a mobile specific page.

02-02-11       I have begun a project with Richard Merk of the TrekCreative Mailing list.  He made the offer to convert stories into files that e-readers such as the Kindle and the Nook use.  I am open to new ways to read my stories so I agreed.  In preparation all my work is getting another editing pass.  This can only improve things.  The file types will be .ePub and .mobi.  Due to a rather short sighted web host they will be in .zip wrappers so you can download them.
       Evidence of the work will be seen on the Epiphany Trek Stories page as it is finished.  As of this writing Epiphany, A Romulan Way and The Word of the Builders are finished.  The work is on going and I don't have a completion date.  Check back regularly for more files.

12- 29-10       I'm giving the Star Trek sections a little love today.  I've been going over old e-mail looking for profiles that have never made the web page.  I found a few as well.  The Star Trek Groups have gained a few old items that had slipped betwee the cracks.  Included are.

  • Office of the Provost -- Oz Police Force
  • Gonti -- Aggressive, suspicious cows.
  • Meng -- Gentle dead race trying to streach out the end.
  • Toniera -- Total Bastards with a narrow people button.
12-23-10        Merry Christmas to one and all.  There is new fantasy fiction at in the Inn.  Return sees a Shandis reprise.  The story is on The Greyhawke Campaign page.  Here is wishing everyone a good and holy holiday.  Peace on Earth, good will toward men.

12-9-10         Where do I start....  Three Jerry Short Shorts.  The Center Seat, In a Bar, Heirloom Found in the Epiphany Trek Stories page under The Jerry  LaSaille Shorts.  Four new short shorts in the "Other Short Shorts"  Castaway, Old Wounds, The Big red Reset, Profit.  And  "Tales of Starbase 600" we have, Discussion, Reality is the Agreed on Delusion, The Wandering Jew, and End of the Shift.  But wait there's more!   I also have a new ships.  It is splashed all over.  The Tigris class science cruiser can be found in the the Shipyard, the 3xx graphic and Ane starship Development..  Also  The Ane Ship in Starfleet as well.  I've corrected and rectified the dates between the development graphic and the page.  

10-17-10       Fiction added to The Greyhawke Campaign page as well as a few minor visual improvments to the page itself.  The Battle by Garry Stahl -- Shandis the Leoman faces the greatest battle of his life.

09-07-10       Minor changes to the "Generating Books" page.  A little more information on book sizes.  (Be careful how you fold your sheep).  Also a sample of an in-game newspaper.  Both are found on The Greyhawke Campaign page.

08-25-10       More flat models in the Shipyard.   USS Improbible Basking Ray scout from the Ane, and three ships from three other Groups.  The Mimor Zadekstyk -- A battleship of the Nadr�zen� Empire, Gyors Vedo -- A battleship of the Joemberek Hegemony, and "Bugcrusher" a Toniera battlewagon.  Now that my skills are back up to a level I am catching up on the backlog.

       Busy, busy.  This is part two of the 25th.  A slight rework of the Star Trek Files page.  I moved The Ane Ship in Starfleet out to the front instead of being buried near the bottom of the Ane Confederation page.  I also have added a couple of ships to that page.  

08-20-10       I have finally increased my skills with the GIMP to the point I can do flat models again.  It was a long hard road.  So, there are new graphics in the Shipyard.  Trantorian ships from the Starbase 600 game, the various Builder class stations, and a revamp of the 1 pixel to 100 meter graphic.  

07-06-10       I put the link to Jay P. Hialey's page back on the main page.  (Sorry Jay)  I added the Atlas of Law to the The Greyhawke Campaign page.
07-03-9       Busy busy.  Big updates to the The Greyhawke Campaign page.  The Magic chapter tn the MD&D 2.8 manual.  The Character Record 4, a new character sheet.  The Magician spells are now listed as well.  I've also done a bit of reorganization and pushed older material off the main page.

05-25-09       New Fiction from me!  Not only do I have a short short Surprise in the Jerry LaSaille shorts, but I have a whole Jerry story After the Voyage  What happens around the principle characters in Star Trek IV; The Voyage Home?  A peek at things behind the scenes, mainly from the PoV of Jerry LaSaille.  As usual both are found in the Epiphany Trek Stories page.  Yes, four tales are missing from the Jerry Shorts.  All were rolled into the new story along with at least as much new material.  Those four along with Over Drinks, which never got posted here and was the catalyst to the whole.

05-15-09       New fiction from Susan.  Ancient Voices   By Susan Stahl   Orqina and her fellow seekers of knowledge dig in the dust of Qon'oS for whispers from the past. What whispers they find are far more active than they could ever expect, or even dream. .  Found in the Epiphany Trek Stories page

03-03-09       I have a couple of new short shorts.  Transfer, added to the Jerry LaSaille shorts and Freedom added to the Other Stories shorts.  Both are found in the Epiphany Trek Stories page.  I am writing, if in a some what scatter shot manner.  A great deal of RPG matieral is getting done.  The Trek suffers when that happoens.

       I have also been working on the The Greyhawke Campaign page.  My MD&D 2.8 book is coming together bit by bit.  While I am doing corrections and revisions, Chapters 1-6 are finished as well as Chapter 9.  I have also added Appendixes A and B , Other Races and Other Classes.  I need that bigger binder.  My book size is exceeding my ability to bind it.

01-22-09       First update of the new year.  This is to the The Greyhawke Campaign page.  A new essay; Out of the Box; the Conundrum of Alignment.

10-02.08       Yes, another new story.  It has beena productive year.  Reunion:  Consul T'lur meets with figures from her past.  Will matters come to an acceptable conclusion, or will old wounds be opened anew?  This can be found on the Epiphany Trek Stories page.  I have also added the short short Closure  to the Jerry LaSaille shorts.

05-20-08       NEW STORY!!  Yea, it's been long enough.  Hail to the Valiant:  A covert mission gone wrong  starts Lt. Cmd. LaSaille and his shipmates on the USS Republic down a path they would rather not travel. This can be found on the Epiphany Trek Stories page.

12-17-07       It has been a while but other matters have kept me busy, mainly the rewrite of Abba Sanctuary, an old standard in my D&D campaign.  Sorry that will not be posted where my players might find it. 
       In any case I have some new items in the Star Trek Groups and a major correction.  Magna Roma has been spell corrected, as pointed out by Richard Merk.  The other is three new items brought on by Jay P. Hailey's alphabet challange on Trekcreative.  One race and two new people

  • Plasmiods  --  Amoeba people from e-coli
  • Adam Feld -- A do-gooder without a past.
  • Verriicknu Inkantakos -- Andorian Carl Sagan

09-05-07        I have added three new entries to my Cat Vacuuming, as well as an update to the Ovid listing.

  • Chan -- Prewarp culture on two worlds.
  • Hroksan-dvin-bolayatik -- Vulcan Geishas
  • Malovid -- Angry sheep people

       All are located on the Groups page. of the Old Phoenix Inn website.

05-17-07       I finally got the Lucased version of "Word of the Builders" re-coded and ready to go. It can be found on my Epiphany Trek Stories page.
       As the notes on the story proper say: Nine years since I wrote this. Nearly ten years since I wrote my first Trek story. My how the times files. There are many things I have never been happy about with this story. The main one being the appearance of the Builders. My original description never satisfied. However, I don't rewrite. Leave the finished story finished and move on
.        Well it finally got to me. I wanted to do further things with the Builders and that description needed changing. Since I was going to "Lucas" the description, I might as well give the whole story a rework. I hope it has improved.

       And I hope it has. It is still one of my early tales and has its flaws. In another nine years I might go back and correct those. I'll need to be out of fresh ideas first.
       Lucas? Yea, description right here from the Trek Creative Lexicon
Lucas     "To unnecessarily alter a creative work after public release." After the writer and producer of the Star Wars series of movies. George Lucas is known and often reviled for the changes he made in the "special release" of the first three Star Wars films before the release of Ep1. At least with this writer Han Solo always shoots first. (suggested by Richard Merk)
       Second note, Merk himself is a good writer. Check out Banshee Squadron

04-27-07        I am officially making the Blogs part of the site.  Currently the Live Journal has the most on it.  However, the Word Press will be the permanent blog as it is part of the OPI site and the most under my control.  It might take a while for me to get the hang of the style sheets, but it is good to learn, and the blog will replace this page once it is up to my standards.

04-13-07       Updates to the Pet Page, more cute cat pictures and a pig too!  I have been doing general clean up and small changes to the Epiphany Trek pages.  Nothing you might notice except for the link colors.
       I also have added a race profile to the Groups Page in Epiphany Trek.  The Builders are something that gets mentioned but seldom seen.

03-27-07       Man what a wasted month.  I am about a half a month behind on sleep and little creative is getting done.  However, I do have some things for you.  The Fossai and the NEEqik, new races have been added to the Groups Page.  It's not much, but I am plugging.

02-01-07       The Epiphany Trek site has been hit by a plagiarist. The offending site is Here on FanFiction.net. I have informed the administrators of that website than my work has been lifted wholesale, As of this posting they have not shut it down. I'll give them till Monday to take action on my "friendly" notice. Should that fail I'll follow the forms to give them the unfriendly treatment.
       Why am I posting it here? I am asking you to go to that site and if you have not done so, post an abuse complaint. Don't bother to give the creep a bad review, just report the abuse please. Thank You.
(UPDATE) -- The staff pf Fanfiction.net did take down the offending  stories..

01-17-07       Yes, it runs in bunches. More loud opinions. What is a Libertarian? is at Gadsden's Grumbles

It is also posted to my Live Journal. Ghodd help me I have one of those.

01-16-07       I haven't had much to say through the holidays. However I have gathered a few of my political rants and added them to Gadsden's Grumbles. Yes, I have opinions and loud opinions.

11-20-06        Thanksgiving, the forgotten holiday (at least by the nation's non-food retailers) is rapidly approaching. I wish everyone the blessings of the Season of Plenty, and may you be blessed with warmth and plenty for you and your family.
       I've put a few more of my cat photos on the Pet Page. There are also a few last profiles on the Epiphany Trek Groups Page.

11-17-06        Two weeks of work for this one. I have the profiles from Trek Creative up on my page. From brief to encyclopedic there they are. Races, worlds, people, groups, from those "current" to the Epiphany Trek story line to historical references or even simply noodles for possible story lines. They can be found on the Groups Page, which is in itself new.

10-02-06        I've been away a while for updates, but at long last I have a few at least.
       Other Shorts has been added to the Stories page under, surprise, "Other Stories". These are the shorts that don't really fit into anywhere else, or I don't have enough to make a "series" out of them.
       Settlement has been added to The Jerry LaSaille Shorts.
       Moving On has been added to The J. Timothy Kirk Shorts.
       All can be accessed on the Epiphany Trek Stories page.

06-20-06        New fiction by Susan Stahl on the Epiphany Trek Stories page.

The Women's Song Torg lies dead. It falls to his youngest child, and a girl at that, to fight his last fight for Honor's sake.

06-14-06       I celebrate my second feature article in Roleplaying Tips Weekly. Generating Books can be found under "System" on The Greyhawke Campaign page.

05-27-06       More ships in the Shipyard. I have quite a few this time spread over the 2.xx and the 3.xx graphics.

  • USS Necessity -- Stingray class frigate.
  • USS Covenant -- Covenant class light cruiser.
  • USS Tock -- Stingray Ds class frigate.
  • USS Glade -- Planet class GXC cruiser.
       That last one has been kicking my ass for years. I finally got it down on "paper".
       Lastly is Ane Confederation Ship Development. All the Ane ships in one place. All the versions of the various classes as well. Enjoy!

05-12-06       An update of the USS Kongo NCC-10455 profile. New and better graphics of the ship itself. I never was happy with the old black and white line drawings. Those are now gone. Check that out as well as the other profiles on the Profiles Page.

05-05-06       New stuff on the Amiga Sanctuary page. Yes, it has been forever. I added a picture of the names inside the A1000 case to the Amiga 1000 page and updates to the state of the computers in general.

05-02-06       Yes, it's been a while again. However changes come when they do. A few more quotes in Gadsden's Grumbles. I am continuing to work on the updates. I think I have then done throughout. Doubtless I'll find a page I forgot.

02-27-06       The Tales of STB-600 Short short Ginnungagap has been added to the Epiphany Trek Stories page.

02-16-06       I have updated and added to the Pet Page. More pictures of the Mombirds and the Kitty Boyz.
       The rebuild of the Epiphany Trek Pages is finished.
       Gadsden's Grumbles is also getting updates frequently enough that I don't tend to mention it.

02-06-06       The rebuild continues bit by bit. I wouldn't mention it except that I have added new Flash Fiction Birthday and Imitating Art to the Jerry LaSaille Shorts Found on the Epiphany Trek Stories page.

02-03-06       NEW FICTION! Susan writes again. We have a new Harry Roberts short story Direction Sense Why would anyone go into Starfleet in the first place? A young Harry Roberts is asked to make the toughest decision of his life. - By: Susan Stahl. Found on the Epiphany Trek Stories page.
       The new look is slowly spreading. It has moved from files into the stories as I make new backgrounds for the various series. I will get to the ship backgrounds as soon as I finish the new picture of the Kongo.

01-24-06        What is new? You are looking at it. A new page format for The Olde Phoenix Inn at large. This will take a while as I develop themes for the various pages within the Inn, but the "page on page" look is the coming thing. The Star Trek Pages have already had a taste of things to come. All the Questing stories have a new background. (I don't know if that is final) and most of the Star Trek files have a new background. Okay, it isn't new content, but I think it looks nice.

01-20-06       Big news! New complete fiction. Breakthrough        R-OC/PST: The Savanna has moldered at Builder Station for 25 years. The Ane have been rescuing people from Earth for nearly that time. El Nanth wants them dead, and life isn't easy. How will they survive? A Jerry LaSaille Story set in the last years of the 21st century. Found on the Epiphany Trek Stories page.

01-05-06       First update of the year!
       I have two new graphics in the Shipyard. The Poong ships Giffin and Albin They are on the 1 pixel/1 meter grapic 212 and have three views at the bottom of the page.
       Lastly a bit of tease. I finished the Jerry LaSaille story Breakthrough earlier this week and it is now in the hands of my beta readers. Once they get done ripping it apart I'll retifiy the mess and start coding it for posting. I have no time table on that, it depends on when the beta readers finish.

12-30-05       Happy New Year! A little early but this will likely be my last update of the year. Peace, Health, and Happiness to each and every visitor to my site in the coming year.
       I have an update to The Jerry LaSaile Shorts on the Epiphany Trek Stories page. A new Short Short The Room written as an answer to a challenge to write a story about two guys in a room.
       I have been writing a lot of Jerry stuff lately, but that is the character than has been talking to me. He is still talking, so expect to see more in the future.

12-13-05       Updates and additions to The Tao of Phoenix, Messages from the Journey of Life, and Gadsden's Grumbles. Perhaps we turn philosophical this time of the year.

11-29-05       Blessings of the Season on each and everyone that comes here.
       Updates to the Shipyard. New is the races comparison. I am still looking for good head to foot drawn images of all the Trek core races, TOS, TNG, anything. Added to 210: The USS Oberon mobile subspace telescope. USS Tenacious a Manta-Ds heavy frigate, and the USS Excalibur a Galaxy-DS refit heavy cruiser. On 302: we have the Interdictor class Acceptian Battleship.

08-19-2005       Yes, these come in strings. Two new religions, Coran the Oathkeeper and The Hospitalers of the Rose in addition to more new maps on The Greyhawke Campaign page.

08-18-2005       Stop me before I update again. A new 1 meter to 1 pixel graphic in the Shipyard, and five new maps on The Greyhawke Campaign page.

08-17-2005       A new resource for The Greyhawke Campaign page. We now have a page of maps for the Dungeon Master to use. Right now there are eleven, but more are in the queue.
       I am still doing those funky little flat models. No great changes. The "Fleet Dolphin" in the person of the USS Lexington, and three canon Klingon designs, the D7, Vor'cha, and Neg'var. All found, of course, in the Shipyard
       Lastly, not so much a web update as a proof or how far gone I am. I printed out the first 1 meter to 1 pixel graphic. You can see it on my wall here. No this isn't linked anywhere else right now.

07-21-2005       Big chages in the Shipyard Added to 1 meter to 1 pixel graphic.

  • Farcit Dart -- Seen in The Word of the Builders
  • Builder contractor class cruiser -- Also seen in The Word of the Builders
  • Aw -- Taj class Klingon scout. From the STB-600 game.
Also added, the 1 pixel to 100,000 meter graphic! Featuring such items as:
  • Earth and Luna -- Yes, get your very own set of tectonic plates
  • Three Suns Station -- Also from The Word of the Builders
  • Savanna and Kolith -- First in the El Nanth Rosette set, collect them all!
07-21-2005       Updated Tales of Starbase 600 in the Epiphany Trek Stories page. My Misery Loves Company and Jay Hailey's New Ship, Old Mission have been added.

07-20-2005       I've added a three-view of the Dolphin class in the "Blue" and "Fleet" builds. It is found on the Shipyard

07-15-2005       It's been a while since the last update. Life does get in the way of websites once in a while.
       Two new ships in the Shipyard. All new designs. The Dolphin class heavy cruiser and the Mercury class relief cruiser. These are found on the 1 meter to 1 pixel graphic two. Both designs suggested by Jay Hailey.

06-14-2005       Text files have been added to the Shipyard. A short blurb on each ship or object that appears. The titles are now the links.

06-07-2005       Two more ships and a bit of flash fiction. "Card Night" has been added to The Jerry LaSsille Shorts.That is found on the Epiphany Trek Stories page.
       And two more ships for the Shipyard. I have been on a free trader kick. The SS Starfury is an example of the J class from the time when the "J" class ships were new. The Starfury is from Jay Hailey's Outwardly Mobile stories.
       And we have the "M" class SS Diamond Daze. The Diamond Daze is from the Starbase 600 game. The slightly recycled free trader was O'Keef's last, best shot at an independent life. Her fate proved that he has the Luck of the Irish. I understand that Jay is working the events of that part of the game into Outwardly Mobile. I shan't step on his toes, too hard....

06-03-2005       More starship drawings. This time a host of little ships. Shuttle craft by the bunch. Also the SS Carbuncle, a "J" class free trader. These have been added to the 10 pixels to the Meter graphic in the Shipyard

05-27-2005       I haven't done much writing, not that anyone can tell. But, I have been drawing. At the urging of Jay Hailey I introduce the 10 pixels to the meter graphic to the Shipyard. As of yet I don't have much to show. So far:

  • Vulcan Shuttle -- This is here mainly because I like it. I have alter the marking to a shuttle assigned to Starbase 20. It is the 23rd century runabout.
  • USS Akagi -- The Runabout assigned to the Ambassador class Kongo. The danube being the 24th century runabout.
  • ADF Swift -- A larger and more detailed version of the ship shown on the 1 pixel to 1 meter scale graphic.
  • SS Curious Minnow -- Free trader and stealth intel ship. the Curious Minnow is seen in the STB-600 game as a platform for Lt. Cmd. Bert Tyson and his Aneilog crew.
       That's it for now. We shall see what more develops.

05-24-2005       Additions to the Shipyard

  • USS Enterprise NCC-1701, Connie refit. An appearance from an Alternate Universe. "Time and Again"
  • USS Potemkin NCC-374, A "Freedom" class cruiser. This is mentioned in "Call No Man Dead..." as an out of date ship at the time.
  • ADF Swift CF-187, A falcon class police cutter. One of the traffic control ships in the El Nanth system.
  • Kliges'chee Cruiser, unnamed. The Kliges'chee don't consider that important. Numerous of this type seen in "The Word of the Builders"
  • Kliges'chee Scout, unnamed. The Kliges'chee don't consider that important. Numerous of this type seen in "The Word of the Builders"
  • More the next time.

05-15-2005       Back to the Trek to prove that Trek is not dead. "Birth" is added to "Tales of Starbase 600" on the Epiphany Trek Stories page. Co-authored by myself and Jay P. Hailey.

05-12-2005       Hey I can do more than Trek. Remember MD&D 2.8? Well here is Chapter Four: Character Classes, and the revised Character Sheet. Each in PDF format for the full effect. Both can be found on The Greyhawke Campaign page.

05-09-2005       And more flat models still. With the MD&D manual 2.8 eating my brain the website is getting short shift. However I took today to finish the Bat'leth and do the requested Mammoth.Found in the Shipyard
       The haul is, all on 205:

  • "Grandfather's Revenge A D7 from one of Jay Hailey's Outwardly Mobile stories.
  • Razor's Kiss A Bat'heth class from the STB-600 game.
  • George C. Kenbono A Mammoth class container ship of the Kimberless Mining Co. I don't know, he is a late director or something. The Mammoth requested by Jay.

04-29-2005       More flat models for the Epiphany Trek Shipyard,
       At one meter to the pixel we have the SS Timberline. She is briefly seen blowing to bits in the opening of Collateral Damage
       In the ten meters to the pixel size we have the failed colony effort of an unknown people seen in The First Principle This is the "Grave Ship". After that we have the Thasite War City "Dominator's Home Place" featured in Ships in the Night. Enjoy all.

04-25-2005       I have added Rebirth to the Tales of Starbase 600 stories found on Epiphany Trek stories page.

04-20-2005       Several new ships in the Epiphany Trek Shipyard, to coincide with the reposting of Collateral Damage.

  • The YDF Manhattan NCC-1463, a Baton Rouge class Heavy Cruiser.
  • Vengeance Blade a D6 War Dragon (from the Starflight Museum site.)
  • "Great Lifter" T7 Klingon Tug
  • "Targ Sow" Klingon Container Freighter.
       Other than the Timberline that is the complete run of ships from Collateral Damage.

04-11-2005       The first result of my additional web space, my own Pet Page!!
       Also added is Gadsden's Grumbles The politics of a grumpy old man.

04-07-2005       More Jerry Short Updates. I added "The Bet" and a title menu to the ever larger document. The RTF file is updated as well.

04-06-2005       Three new pieces of flash fiction with the LaSailles.

  • Annobellum -- In the closing days of the Civil War the LaSailles take stock.
  • Defense -- With the local branch of Green's War closing in Jerry defends his home.
  • Reflections -- Museing on life and times. late 23rd century

       They can be found on the Epiphany Trek stories page.

03-27-2005       Three new ships in the Shipyard, again from the STB-600 game.

  • The Wanderer ship Jolly Rogers. AKA The Beloved Groddy Failure Looking for a Place to Happen. Wanderers, a sort of Space Gypsy build this one out a five different ships.
  • The Wanderer ship Renaissance Gift This variation on the "Basic Light Freighter" was build by Sartbase 600 for the Jolly Rogers. In exchange they took all the information JR's could give them and their old ship.
  • The Zak battleship Securer. Zak see the universe through a filter of threat and domination. Their ships are flat and angular.

03-22-2005       I have added my picture to the main page and updated my picture within the trekcreative mailing list page. You have been warned.
       And since I am at it the Curious Minnow has been added to the Shipyard. It is on the 1.12 graphic.

03-20-2005       The Michigan Munchie Miafa Cookbook! A blast from the fanish past! This 1984 effort is presented from the fans of the Stilyagi Air and Pressure Corp, Ann Arbor Michigan. Credit to each within the book. See how we did things before everyone had these computer thingys. This is found on the Olde Phoenix Inn Main Page.

03-12-2005       Once more friends, into the graphics program! One more for the Shipyard. This time it is Nakoo sublight invasion ship, to be found in the 10 meter graphic. Jay will know this as the "mega-bogey". That one took as long as all the others I've done in the last two days.

03-11-2005       Yea, two in one day!! More Epiphany Trek ships delving into the STB-600 game. I am having too much fun. Check out the Shipyard. I open a second buffer to fill with ships keeping the theme from the first.

  • USS Endeavor -- A primary vessel from Jay Hailey's Outwardly Mobile. It gets a mention in Lines in the Sand. It gets frequent play in STB-600.
  • USS Royal Sovereign -- A brief mention and appearance in Destinations and a major part Jay's Outwardly Mobile. It has a big part in STB-600
  • USS Maui -- One of the light frigates in Lines in the Sand.
  • TIS Vindictive -- A prime example of Trantorian might and will. The Trantorians are seen in STB-600.
       I'm just a monkey in the banana plantation. I am having more fun than might be legal.

03-11-2005       New ships for the Shipyard.

  • USS Chr'tar -- Intrepid class. I made no changes to this.
  • USS Horatio Nelson -- Miranda class science ship. I have fun rearranging this one.
  • USS William Otis -- Dixon Class transport/tug. This was Jay's idea based off the Intrepid hull the way the Ptolemy is based off the Constitution. This is my version of it.
  • USS Healer Sotcok -- Olympic class hospital ship, no changes.
  • Drompheer 45 -- A Nabol cruiser
  • Fardenpheer 17 -- A Nabol War wagon.

       This will likely be the complete run for this graphic. I might have enough space to stick one more ship, but it would have to be small and it would be tight. I am starting the second buffer as I write.

03-08-2005       I have posted two short-short scenes featuring James Timothy Kirk that originally appeared in the Trekcreative forum. They can be found on the Epiphany Trek stories page. This is the second set of these flash fiction pieces I have posted. While I don't consider them "real" stories, they do have something to say about the characters, and they keep the writing wheels greased.

03-04-05       There is a date to remember. In any case.... I have added additional stories to The Jerry LaSaile Shorts. This can be found on the Epiphany Trek stories page. I corrected the order of one, added Audit and Eulogy & Departure. Even if you have read these have another look. The later ones are not as they were first posted. I also brought the RTF of these stories up to date.
       My politcal quotes at the bottom of the Inn page are growing. I might have to open a page for that alone. What do people think of Gadsden's Grumbles?

03-02-05        Added the Grant in a more detailed drawing to The Shipyard. I have also updated the Acceptian Culture file.

02-25-05        The Shipyard Now has three-views of single ships as well as additional ships in the large views. For those that keep track:

  • 1 pixel to 1 Meter is on Version 10
  • 1 pixel to 10 Meters is on Version 3
  • 1 pixel to 100 Meters is on Version 2

       Further updates are sprawled all over the Trek pages.

02-03-2005        New Trek Fiction. The Jerry LaSaille story Collateral Damage is now on-line at the Epiphany Trek Stories page.
       Reasons has been added to The Jerry LaSaille Shorts. This is also found on the stories page.
       On a further note I found some of my 20+ year-old Trek notes. Within that collection was a drawing of the Kongo patch as it was suppose to look. I have since scanned that old drawing in, and replaced the incorrect Kongo patch with the corrected graphic. The corrected graphic is on the Kongo NCC-1710 profile and on the story titles as well. Enjoy!

02-01-2005       Old and New has been added to the short-short scenes featuring Jerry LaSaille that originally appeared in the Trekcreative forum. They can be found on the Epiphany Trek stories page. Enjoy!

01-28-2005       Yes, when they come they come hot and heavy. Another update.I have added pictures and more links to Ship Classes in Epiphany Trek. There is also some revision to the text.

01-26-2005       I have posted a series of short-short scenes featuring Jerry LaSaille that originally appeared in the Trekcreative forum. They can be found on the Epiphany Trek stories page. Enjoy!

01-16-2005       New content, found in the Epiphany Trek Files. The Shipyard is a series of three pictures showing the comparative sizes of space-borne objects found in Epiphany Trek. I have been working on these for some time, and they are now ready for "live" release.

01-01-2005        Happy New Year to each and every one. No new content as of this posting. I did take down the Christmas decorations. The Gift of the Christ Child has been moved to the Secret Garden as a permanent addition. It can be reached Here.
       A few minor changes to Gaming the Horse including a new color genitics link on The Greyhawke Campaign page.
       Not much else to say. May the coming year be more blessed than the past year. Our prayers to those in the world that are not having a merry time in disasters both natural, and man made.

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Your comments welcome.

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