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       The sun drops its weary bulk below the breast of the distant hills, evening mists part before the weary traveler. The low eves and half timbered bulk of an inn promise rest and rejuvenation. The sign reads, The Olde Phoenix above the image of the rising bird.

       The common room beckons warm and dark. Fellow travelers cluster in small groups. One wears the robes of a simple monk, animals gathered at his feet. Another group is in sleek uniforms with the tools of advanced technology about them. Still a third relaxes with their gleaming arms and the staves of magicians laid aside.

       This is the Olde Phoenix, an Inn at the crossroads of the dimensions. A place of rest for all travelers no matter the road, or the destination. I am the Innkeeper, come in, be welcome and refreshed.

       Few are my rules, but absolute are they in every respect. The first is that thou may spend but a single night. Come again as thou will, but each time can be but a single night. The second is that you cannot offend the will of any other that comes. Each traveler is entitled to their own rest, as you are to yours. Force against any other guest will not be tolerated. The final, and saddest third. Thou must return to the world that thou left. Abide here you can for a night, but your own reality beckons, and cannot be denied.

       But while thou may, be welcome. Rest and enjoy all that I have to offer your. Explore the rooms within and sample all their treasures.


       Here you will find access to fantasy RPG materials, as well as links to other quality RPG sites in "The Greyhawke Campaign". As a long time gamer I have collected and created a lot of stuff. Here are some examples.

       I am presenting Star Trek fan fiction, both my own and links to that of others in "Epiphany Trek". Fan fiction has an undeserved reputation as the red-headed stepchild of writing. Yes, there is some godawfull stuff floating around. There are also some gems beyond price. The authors I recommend are good, and I am told I tell a decent story myself.

        You will also find a number of mailing lists for feedback and interaction in each section of the site.

       One note on the materials available for download. Everything here is either created by me, or is posted here with permission of the author. I am one of those people that believes in giving fair value for goods received. I buy all my software, and willingly pay those that do my art, and coding. If you have a problem with copyright law, please leave now.

Garry       As to myself, I am an aging SF fan with too much time on his hands. I was born January 7, 1958 along with the space age. I saw every lift-off, major event, and splash-down of the first age of Space Exploration as it was happening. I know where I was when Kennedy was killed, and when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon. I hope in my heart to live long enough to remember where I was when man sets foot on Mars.

       My hobbies include folk music, including that thing called Filk. I have played AD&D and D&D in some form since 1976 (no not one session), and I am crazy over the work of Anne McCaffery, Robert Heinlein, EE 'Doc' Smith and Arthur C. Clarke, among other authors. I have also met two of the four, you guess which two. I also like Star Trek, as might be obvious.

       As with most web sites, this place will be under construction forever. I will make an effort to keep all the links active. If you find a dead link on any of my pages, please e-mail me and let me know.

        One thing you will never see on this site are "Coming Soon" announcements. It is either here or it is not. No broken promises, no missed deadlines, no coming attractions, no "to be continued". Rest assured that if I post a story or a bit of RPG material you are getting it all, now, total and complete. If you see otherwise, please inform me, it means something is broken.

       The following sites are of special or general interest for subjects other than the main theme of the page. I recommend each and every one.


The Link below will take you to the Olde Phoenix Inn web forum.

"The Olde Phoenix Inn" is for frequenters and friends of Olde Phoenix Inn website. This general interest discussion forum will help us keep in touch. I will also announce updates to the website. It also replaces the long dead dial-up BBS of the same name.

The Olde Phoenix Inn Forum

Email me at maillink in the meantime.

Please come back soon and visit me... The Phoenix is waiting.


The Rooms at the Inn


Epiphany Trek

Star Trek stories & links

The Greyhawke Campaign

Fantasy Role-playing & links

The Secret Garden

Philosophy and thoughts on Life.

Gadsden's Grumbles

My Politics in the Raw

Jay's Webpage

Jay P. Hailey's Stuff, mostly ST-OM

Science Fiction Fandom Links

The Stilyagi Air Corps
An Ann Arbor-Michigan based science fiction group. The "Aircorp" has run the ConFusion convention for over 25 years, and holds regular social get together. Check them out.

The Michigan Munchie Mafia Cookbook!

A blast from the fanish past!
This 1984 effort is presented from the fans of the Stilyagi Air and Pressure Corp, Ann Arbor Michigan.
Credit to each within the book.
See how we did things before everyone had these computer thingys.

Scanned and made into a PDF doicument

The easy way to save is to right click and save target.

Tom Smith a talented and funny guy, great songwriter and singer of "Filk". Know as the "World's Fastest Filker". Check his site, buy his music, it's Stick & Twisted.

Fandom Directory

(Online Edition) Your on-line link to Fandom around the world! Science Fiction, Star Trek, Comics, Trading Cards, Gaming and More! Point and click access to thousands of fan, collector, dealer, store, publisher, club and convention email addresses and web sites. Listings are FREE!

Other Links of Interest

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