The Shipyards

Ever wonder how big a given ship might be compared to another? Ever wondered how the various ships of Epiphany Trek look? How big is an Exodus ship? Here are the answers.

I stumbled into this site called Jeff Russell's Starship Dimensions I loved what I saw and it inspired me to create a like set of charts for Epiphany Trek. I borrowed a few of his drawings for things that are general canon (I hope you don't mind Jeff.) The vast majority of the work here is mine.

The charts below are works in progress. I add objects or ships to them as I create the same. Not every Epiphany Trek object of note is yet included. I am working on it. The titles with hyperlinks will take you to an HTML file that explains each ship in the graphic.

Comparison Charts

100 pixels to 1 Meter. This is Version 1.05

A few of the races found in Epiphany Trek. I don't know that the Shipyard is the best place for it, but this is where I am scaling things. The races chosen are less from any given importance than from what I can find good graphics to demonstrate. Many of the races pictured are from the Starbase 600 game. 

One of the advantages to the written art is you are not limited in what you can show by what shows up at central casting.  Hence you will see more variety in form were the races of Epiphany Trek are concerned.

My GIMP skills have been improving. I'm getting better at modifying pictures to something I want, combining images, coloring images. So I'm getting more races. Lately the bug has really gotten me and I have done a lot of them. I do mean a lot.

Races A
Races B
10 pixels to 1 Meter. This is Version 1.04

These are the small vessels found in Epiphany Trek, from shuttles to Free Traders. The "watermark" is the USS Kongo NCC-1710.

Little Guys
1 pixel to 1 Meter. This is Version 1.12

Here are the majority of the Epiphany Trek ships and/or objects. The "watermark" is the Earth Spacedock to scale. This one is full.

The Fleet
1 pixel to 1 Meter. This is Version 2.13

More Epiphany Trek ships inthe 1 meter scale. I am getting into the STB-600 game quite a bit here.The "watermark" is the Earth Spacedock to scale. This should be the last version of this graphic.

More Fleet
1 pixel to 1 Meter. This is Version 3.06

More Epiphany Trek ships in the 1 meter scale. I ran out of room on the 3.xx graphic.

More Fleet

1 pixel to 1 Meter. This is Version 4.05

More Epiphany Trek ships in the 1 meter scale. I ran out of room on the 3.xx graphic.

1 pixel to 10 meters This is Version 5

The chart in the middle. I have a few conversions from the 1 meter chart to give scale, and a part of Builder Station from the 100 meter chart as the watermark.

The Stations
1 pixel to 100 meters. This is Version 3

This the really big stuff canon to Epiphany Trek. In this case only three of the objects shown are my creations, and one looks very plain. That would be the Exodus ship. Big, but the detail isn't.

Big Stuff
1 pixel to 100,000 meters. This is Version 3

A bit on the crazy side? Well outside of planets I have something in this size range. Expect more planets when I'm bored. They're easy to make.

Big Stuff
Ane Confederation Ship Development -- 1 pixel to 1 Meter

Rather than specific ships this is the run of the Ane starships from their first "borrowed" Constitution class to the latest disodium heavy cruiser.

Ane Fleet
Some common Trantorian Ships 1 pixel to 1 meter. Tratorian


Single Ships & Stations

Below we have some three-views of the original ships I have created. More will be added as I get to them.
Birrl Heavy Frigate -- The StrongNest makes her appearance in The Eagle's Spawn Brill
Behemoth Container Ship -- As the USS Andros a cameo appearance in Ships in the Night Behemoth
Darl Battleship -- The FoeCrusher is a principle antagonist in The Eagle's Spawn" Darl
The Lenin class Starship Ulysses S Grant, in a larger scale drawing. Grant
High Crystal Station -- High Crystal is the principle setting for the Constable Terkos series. It is seen in other stories as well. High Crystal
Falcon class cutter -- This three view was requested. Since I've done it anyway I might as well post the thing. falcon class
Dolphin class heavy cruiser -- Jay Hailey came up with this ship name in his short-short "New Ship, Old Mission". Of course I had to design it. the New generation of heavy cruisers. For the first time the Ane design and build a ship intended for the fleet at large as well as their own use. Dolphin class
Covenant class light cruiser -- The latest Ane designed ship, again for both the ADF and Starfleet. Courageous class
Albin class heavy cruiser -- The older style of Poong ship. It is now considered a museum piece and few are left in service. Able class
Courageous class heavy cruiser -- The newer design of Poong heavy cruiser, heavily influenced by Starfleet and Federation technology. Courageous class
Builder class stations in their several configurations. Builder
A closer look at some of the elements in the Builder class stations. box           spire


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