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Star Trek: The Links

My list of Recommended reading sites. These are sites that I have personally visited, and I like the work of the author or authors.
Star Trek -- Outwardly Mobile
The Stories of Jay P. Hailey. Neither fancy nor elaborate. The writing is simple, powerful, and to the point. Reading Hailey got my juices flowing. In that respect he is the father of all you see here.
Star Trek: Athena
The Stories of Steve Oostrum. Steve is an accomplished writer that I frankly have a hard time reading. But once I have finished one of his tales, I never regret the effort. In the footsteps of Moxie, "Learn to read Steve Oostrom". It is worth your time.


Trek links & friends:

Below are more Trek related links We have fan media sites, fan fiction, some are "tecknical", some serving the RPG community, the modeling community, and a few of general interest. I do my best to keep these links current. If you know of any that have moved or notice any dead links please forward that information to My E-mail The Great Bird of the Galaxy will bless you.

TrekCreativer Writer's Guild

All Scale Trek All Scale Trek Fourm The gang at All Scale Trek. The most friendly collection of knock dead good modelers I have ever encountered. Come for the camaraderie and get you socks knocked off by the models.

Kraith Collected This is the first fan fiction I encountered way back in the '70s when you had to lay hands on a physical 'zine in order to read anything of the sort. I currently have Kraith Collected Vols 1-4 in my book collection. Like any fan fiction it isn't perfect, it only addresses TOS, then the only Trek we had. Kraith Collected is a look back to the days of Paleolithic Trek Fan Fiction. The main author, Jacqueline Lichtenberg, has become a popular pro writer in her own right. She is best known for the Sim/Gen series of books.

Trek Core  An excellent resource for all things Star Trek, from screen caps to iconic sounds. (I got my TOS communicator ring tone there).  All series, all movies.  I would look here first.

Ex Astris Scientia Ex Astris Scientia - Bernd Schneider's Star Trek Site - Simply awesome. The most reasoned and reasoning treknical site I have ever encountered on the net. Love it or not, the effort is simply awesome.

Phaser 3.0 Phasers - The Weapons of Star Trek - A well done site featuring drawings and photos of Star Trek's primary hand weapon.

ST banner Starship Modeler - For those for whom looking is not enough, you have to get your hands on them. Plenty of pictures of other people's work, modeling tips, model reviews, model fourm, etc.

twgbanner Trek Writer's Guild. An interesting fan fiction collection and descendant of "Ships of the Fleet"

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