Author's Note: This is a complete player character class. It may or my not fit in with every Dungeonmaster's idea of how a class should be created or used. Extreme care should be used in inserting this class into any existing campaign as it could easily disrupt the game balance of that campaign. Be warned, until you have completely read this class, including any spells, do not say yes to it being used in your game.

Credits: The majority of the spells used in this class are from the AD&D second edition Player's Handbook. Additional spells are selected from the Tome of Magic. These spells are copyright WotC. Some are modified from their original wording. The balance of the spells are created by myself, and players in my game past and present, and are copyright to their respective creators attributed or not.

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Spells in italic type are reversible

Spell Level
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9

First Level Craft Spells

Anti-Vermin Barrier Detect PoisonNight Wards
Cat Spirit Divining Rod Pattern Weave
Charm Creature Easy Death Purify Item
Comeliness Find Familiar Sleep
Comfort 1 Identify Speak with Animals
Comprehend Language Improve Fertility Stinking Cloud
Continual Light Know Direction Tingling Limb
Detect Evil/Good Locate Animal or Plant Unseen Servant
Detect Invisible Meditation Write
Detect Magic Magic Aura
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Second Level Craft Spells

Alter SelfFrisky Chest Personal Reading
Circle of Power False TrapPlant Growth
ClairaudienceForgetPredict Weather
ClairvoyanceHesitation Protection form Normal Missiles
Cure Light WoundsHold CreatureSeduction
Detect Spirit InvisibilitySpeak With Plants
Dispel MagicLighten Load Weighty Chest
Dumbness LotsWhispering Wind
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Third Level Craft Spells

Animal MagnetismFools GoldPurify Food and Drink
Auric SightGreater Night Wards Repulsion
CalmHypochondriaRigid Thinking
Comfort 2Invisibility Purge Sleeping Limb
Cure DiseaseMoment Reading Squeaking Floors
Dissension's FeastNeutralize PoisonSummon Aminals 1
DissipationPolymorph OthersWater Breathing
Detect LiePolymorph Self
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Fourth Level Craft Spells

Anti-Animal ShellInvisible TerrainStoneskin
Circle of Privacy Legend LoreSummon Aminal 2
Compulsive OrderLocate ObjectSummon Elemental
Control Temperature ObscurementTanglefoot
Dispel CharmReflecting PoolThief's Lament
DivinationRemove CurseTree Steed
EmotionSex SwapWall of Thorns
Fire Purge
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Fifth Level Craft Spells

Anti-Plant ShellExtension Summon Animals 3
2D SightLostnessTeleport
Body Image DistortionMagic JarTrue Seeing
Control WindsMinor Circle of ProtectionWater To Dust
Disavow Limb ParalyzeWind Weave
DreamquestProject Image
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Sixth Level Craft Spells

ContingencyManiaSpirit Trap
DisorganizationMetal to WoodStone to Flesh
Lessor GatePhobiaSummon Genie
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Seventh Level Craft Spells

BodyguardsLimited WishPower Word Sleep
Dream JourneyMajor Circle of ProtectionRejuvenation
False AuraMinor EnchantmentSpell Shield 1
ForesightMinor GateWeather Weave
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Eighth Level Craft Spells

Anti-mana ShellMajor GateSeek
CursePermanentSpell Shield 2
GeasPolymorph Any ObjectSymbol
Genus LociPower Word Stun
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Ninth Level Craft Spells

Banish Greater GateSpell Shield 3
Greater Circle of Protection SimulacrumYouth
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The Above is a work of fiction. All professions are fictional, any resemblance to professions living or dead is coincidental.

Copyright © Garry Stahl: December 2000. All rights reserved, re-print only with permission.


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