Author's Note: The specific details of the gods, and relationships of this sect are very much part of the in-gown development of my game and game world, it would take a good sized volume to explain the entire thing in enough detail as to not confuse you. Take it for granted that certain elements are just not going to make sense, and if you use it, alter what you must to make it work.

Centaur Gods

Gods Worshiped
Worshiper Requierments
Clerical Requirments
Who's Who
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Gods worshipped--

Coran the Golden

Sphere of Influence: Centaurs, oaths, and warriors
Holy Symbol
Sacred Colors: Sapphire blue, gold
Place of Worship: Temple glade
Worship Days: First day of the week at dawn.
Holy Days: Coran's BirthFeast E2.14; the god is born. Feasts and parties, bring your best gifts at this time.
Harvest Home A2.1; feast of plenty. Dedication of homes and marriages. Thanks for the harvest.
Kirstmas W3.1 For the fun of it. Feast and give gifts to one another.
Propitiation/Sacrifices: Made goods, fruit of the field, non-sentient blood.
Holy Writings: The Book of Days , Musing and thought on the Centaur way of life. Contains the Holy teaching.
Favored Deities: Vala, Avians
Disliked deities: Diana, Toshira, Zeus
Favored Governments: Eyrie, Coranth, Greece
Disliked Governments: Domain, Haven

Suszan McDonald

Sphere of Influence: Female Centaurs, Motherhood, Scotsdale
Holy Symbol
Sacred Color: Blue
Sacred Flower: The Rose
Place of Worship: The home
Worship Days: Any
Holy Days: Suszan's Birthday. F3.27 Suszan is born, Bring gifts to the goddess, eat have fun.
Propitiation/Sacrifices: Gifts of the heart (blood sacrifices definitely discouraged!!)
Holy Writings: Musings on Motherhood, A "holy book" unique in the history of the genre. Essays in the style of Erma Bombeck. By the Goddess
Doctrine and Practices , Handbook of the priesthood. By Tammie
Favored Deities: Coran, Book, Nathaniel, Mephistopheles, Kirt.
Disliked deities: Toshira Nagara,
Favored Governments: Eyrie
Disliked Governments: Domain



Holy Symbol
Sphere of Influence: Childbirth
Sacred Color: Green
Place of Worship: The home
Worship Days: Any
Holy Days:Feast of Expectations E2.1; Celebration for the coming children, gifts given to expectant women, priests bless the mothers to be, day long party and feast.
Propitiation/Sacrifices: Gifts of food, afterbirth.


Holy Symbol
Sphere of Influence: Art and Music
Sacred Color: Gold
Place of Worship: The home
Worship Days: Any
Holy Days: Festival of Song F3.5-7 Celebration of culture; Singing, dancing, market festival. Contests of art, music, and dance.
Propitiation/Sacrifices: Handcrafts made by the giver


Holy Symbol
Sphere of Influence: Youth
Sacred Color: Yellow
Place of Worship: Home
Worship Days: Any
Holy Days:Midsummer Night F1.14 Not really midsummer, but who cares. A Holiday for the youth. A feast of food fun and frolic. Marrieds and children are kept strictly away. The usual mores have the night off and romance is allowed free rein.
Kirstmas W3.1 The same feast normally held in the Father's name. Monty emphasis children. As midsummer is for the older siblings, Kirstmas is for the children. Adults are expected to put up with a certain amount of foolishness.
Propitiation/Sacrifices: Flowers of the season, incense.


Holy Symbol
Sphere of Influence: Fighters, battle
Sacred Color: Red
Place of Worship: Shrine or battlefield
Worship Days: Any
Holy Days: The Day of Arms F2.14 Arms, weapons and armor are cleansed and blessed. A solemn ceremony of prayer and work. All weapons in the house or camp are cleaned and brought before the priest for blessing. Prayer and sacrifice offered that their wielders be safe, and the arms themselves not be needed that year.
Propitiation/Sacrifices: Incense, spoils of war.

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Teachings and Other Information--

Worshiper Requirements:

Typical Worshiper: Centaurs
Sex of worshiper: Any
Minimum Age: None
Race: Any, preference for Centaurs
Worship of Other Gods?: Yes
If Yes, Any restrictions?: Specialized deities of areas not covered by the Centaurs


War & Fighting: Keep a strong defense to avoid conflict. It is your duty to defend your family and your lands.
-- When you must fight, fight to win at the least cost to yourself and the greatest cost to your foe.
-- Be merciful in victory, vengeance on a people and their land breeds bitterness. If you can, turn former enemies into friends.
Love and Marriage: Marriage is the foundation upon which the culture is built.
-- Love one another. Jealousy is the cancer that destroys families.
-- Men, do not take more wives than you can support. This means emotionally as well as monetarily.
-- You are the head of the household, the defender of your family. In times of trouble, wives and children come first.
-- The First Wife is the center of the family. All of the children are hers. Husband and junior wives should be her heart's joy.
-- Always discipline with love. Do this and harmony will fill the home.
-- The Junior Wife is a buttress for stability.
-- Let the First Wife be your counselor and guide. Do not set yourself against her. This will destroy the family.
-- Children, honor your parents. Even those that did not sire or birth you. Their knowledge and wisdom will serve you well in later life.
Duty to Liege Lord: Remain in harmony with the rulers of the land. This does not mean that you must bend to every whim.
Self Interest: Take care of yourself, indulge in moderation.
-- Moderation in all things, including moderation.
-- Don't dwell on what you want or need. Don't become obsessed with self.
Others Needs: Help the weak, aid the needy. Kindness to others reaps treasure in this world and the one after.
Duty to Religion: Obey the commandments, care for the clergy.
Other: Swear no oath you cannot keep.
-- An oath sworn in Coran's name is a promise on his honor. Break such an oath and you will be destroyed
Afterlife Expectations: The true followers will dwell in Valanor.

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Clerical Requirements--

The Priests of Coran:

Name of Order: The Priests of Coran
Statement of Mission: Serve and protect the Centaur community.
Sex of Cleric: Any
Minimum age: Adult
Race: Centaurs
Sexual Practices Allowed or Required: Priests should come in family sets of two or three. One male and his wives.
-- A priest may not marry out of the clergy.
Wealth and Magic Allowed: A priest should not seek wealth, however being rich is not a vice.
-- A priest should keep and use those items that aid. Evil items should be given to the god.
Oaths of Ordination: Obedience, service
Special Attributes Needed: A priest should be long suffering and must be possessed of Intelligence.
Special Abilities Given by Level: The proficiencies of Read/write Sindrel (clerical Language), endurance, religion, and spellcraft come with the class
-- At 1st Level the cleric is Immune to fear
-- At 4th Level a cleric can cast Endure Heat/Cold on themselves at will.
-- At 8th Level a cleric may use one extra Divination type spell for the levels 1st thru 3rd.
-- At 12th level a cleric can Detect Lie at will
-- At 16th Level a cleric can Call Weather once/day as the god.
Weapons Allowed: long sword
Armor Allowed: any
Centaur Gods Spell Lists

Clerical Ranks--

Novice -- 0 to 1st level
Duties: Learn the duties of the priesthood. Obey their Mentor in all things.
Privileges: as their Mentor sees fit
Vestments: none

Priest -- 1st level and higher
Duties: Serve the worshippers of Coran and the other centaur gods.
Privileges: Easy and frequent contact with the god
Vestments: Holy symbol around the neck. A white tabard with the holy symbol is worn for some formal ceremonies.

The Priestess of Suszan:

Name of Order: Priestess of Suszan
Statement of Mission: Serve and teach the women of Centaur society
Sex of Cleric: Female
Minimum age: adult
Race: Centaur
Sexual Practices Allowed or Required: Priests come in family sets of two or three. One male and his wives.
-- A priestess may not marry out of the clergy.
Wealth and Magic Allowed: A priestess should not seek wealth, however being rich is not a vice.
-- A priestess should keep and use those items that aid. Evil items should be given to the god.
Oaths of Ordination: obedience, service
Special Attributes Needed: A priestess must be long suffering and patient.
Special Abilities Given by Level: A Priestess may learn two languages for each proficiency used for languages.
-- At 1st level a priestess adds the proficiencies of Healing, play harp,
-- At 2nd level a priestess may use an Aura of Calm once a day.
-- At 4th level small animals will show no fear of the priestess, unless the priestess is hunting
-- At 8th level a priestess gains the ability to use Speak With Animals at will.
Weapons Allowed: A priestess may use a staff
Armor Allowed: A priestess may use armor up to chain
Special Commandments: Calm reason should rule your decisions. Rash action leads to regrets.
Centaur Gods Spell Lists

Clerical Ranks--

Novice -- 0 to 1st level
Duties: Learn from the mentor, study spellcasting and the holy books. Hey, don't forget having fun.
Privileges: The novice must obey her Mentor's rules. Outside this, her time is her own.
Vestments: None

Priestess -- 1st level and up
Duties: Serve the worshippers of Suszan and the other centaur gods.
Privileges: Easy and frequent contact with the god.
Vestments: Holy symbol around the neck. A white tabard with the holy symbol is worn for some formal ceremonies.

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Who's Who The Centaur Gods

The Gods --

Coran the Golden
       Coran is the Patriarch of the Centaur people. Well known as a once mortal hero in the late age of Heroes, from before the Undying Wars. For his deeds in mortal life, he became a god in his middle years.
       Coran is all knowing and all being, his mood is reflected in the weather. He has sworn to protect the centaur people as long as their own foolishness is not the cause of harm. He is the defender of the centaur way of life, protector of the family and patron of fathers and husbands. He is a smith and holds favor with that profession, but honors all honest work. Above all he holds the word of honor sacred, and will strike down those that break oaths made in his name.
       Coran appears as an 8' male centaur of the color pattern known as "golden", cream colored body with hair, beard, mane, and tail of real gold. The color is extremely rare, and some hold that those showing it are descended from, or marked by the god. Coran himself has withheld comment. His skin is a dark brown, somewhat weathered, he wears his beard and mane long and wild. He is not known for manifesting any other form.

Suszan McDonald
       Suszan is the first wife of Coran, and the head of his household of women. She began as a human woman, it is said from another world. She fell in love with Coran, changed her species and married him. Suszan is well known for the "unique" approach to things. She has a rapport with the local wildlife, and they bring her news and warnings about the happenings about her estate in Scottsdale. She is the patron of centaur females, especially wives and mothers. She is aware of all that is happening to centaurs, and has been known to take personal action when the need is great. It has been noted that weapons shot at her hit the user, not the target.
       Suszan appears as a 7'4" centaur with a golden chestnut body with four white stockings with lightning marks and red-gold hair. Her eyes are amber, and she is of a fair complexion. She has been known to manifest as a human woman occasionally when space or circumstance would not accommodate her normal appearance.

       Emmela is the patron of childbirth, and the junior wife. She has the power to grant wishes, and none can argue or become aggressive in her presence. She can ease a difficult childbirth or assure a easy one. It is for this most        She is a 7' 4" tall red chestnut with four white stockings and red gold hair. She has green eyes, and an olive complexion. Most images show her with a child at side, or pregnant.

       Cora is the patron of Centaur arts. She is the oldest of Coran's wives. She has a voice that charm birds from the trees. She can perform any artistic skill with ease, and grant talent in a skill to mortals.
Cora is 7'10" with a raven black body, and raven black hair. She has dark chocolate eyes, and a milk chocolate complexion.
       Centauran tradesman will usually have an image of her in their shop, using the tools of their trade.

       Montgomery is the son of Coran and Suszan. He is the patron if youth, the unmarried and children. He has the power of creation, and has been know to manifest in many places at once.. He is prayed to in matters of romance and love.
       Montgomery has a copper red body and gold hair in the manner of his father. His eyes are amber and his complexion is fair. He remains clean shaven. A trait unusual in golden centaurs.
       Images of this demigod are not common. Youth seeking his favor have begun wearing a medallion depicting a wild rose

       Tanor is the son of Coran. He is the parton of arms and centaur paladins. Mortals are awestruck in his presence. On the field of battle he voice carries over everything, and is disheartening to the enemy.
       Tanor is a classic golden centaur. A cream colored body with golden hair. He has grey eyes and deeply tanned complexion. He is clean shaven.
       His symbol is usually the bared sword.

Other Notables --

Shanee -- Personal Servant to Coran
       Female Centaur. Shanee is the First Priestess and Headwife of Coran's Lakelands household. She manages his religious woman and such matters has he leaves in her hands.

Darilban -- Personal Servant to Suszan
       Male Ane. Darilban is Suszan's first Personal Servant. Daril, as he is commonly called, is Suszan's constant sidekick. He handles small matters for her and runs interferance with busybodies.

Salamartis -- Immortal
       Female Human. Sal is Suszan's body servant and first maid. She sees to the ladies needs in the household. Sal was given immortal status for her years of faithful serves. She also handles small matters of religion for the goddess in keeping with her new abilities.

No Man -- Demigod
       Good Question. No Man is Coran's Herald. This mysterious being carries the word of the god where ever he wills it. No Man never takes offensive action, and no one offends him twice. This strange formless being has never accepted worship nor sought it. His presence generally is taken as an omen, usually not a good one.

Friends and Enemies


The Vala --
       The Centaurs are on good terms with this council. The Elves and the Centaurs are both considered first children. While some would consider the Centaurs a cadet of the Vala, such is not the case. Mutual respect for cousins is more the reality of the matter.

The Avians --
       Respect is given these protector deities. In some cases personal friendship. Tesral was Coran's Last mortal lord, and he still performs some functions within Tesral's government as well as living on Eyrian soil. Abba Eecreeana is a respected friend and Ivan a member of the Eyriean Imperial family. The other Avians in this informal council are not considered close.

Abba Book --
       Abba Book is the God responsible for Suszan McDonald being on Greyhawke in the first place. He brought her over from one of his trips to other worlds. Abba Book is a frequent visitor to the Scottsdale house, and the Father of Anna's given child Jason.

Nathaniel --
       Nathaniel was one of the people that helped Suszan become comfortable in her new world. He remains a fast friend.

Mephistopheles --
       Some would consider this an unlikely friend. However, Mephistopheles and Suszan where thrown into unusual circumstances together. The result was Suszan acquired the McDonald clan, and a fast friendship with the Lord of Hell.

Kirt --
       Kirt seems to be everyone's friend. He is a frequent visitor to the Scottsdale house and an old friend of Coran's.


Diana --
       This grudge is believed, and confirmed, to have started when Diana crashed a party held by Coran and his friends. The goddess lost her all important modesty, and Coran would not allow the mortals present to be punished for circumstances they did not cause. In the ensuing "discussion" Diana got kicked through a closed door. She ended up sitting naked in a public street, the remnants of a door on and around her, and her diefic dignity in shreds.
       Coran has expressed some regret at the last action, and admits he should have opened the door first. As to her lasting enmity, "that is her problem, and I'll kick her ass every time she tries to get even."

Toshira Nagara --
       Coran's best statement on Toshira Nagara is "He is an honorable man". Suszan will not say as much. This is a case of a lasting disagreement on basic philosophy. Coran, and Suszan have little use for someone that hurts people for fun. There is no enmity, but each side agrees it is best to not bother the other.

Zeus --
       Zeus tried to force Coran into the Olympic pantheon in his early days as a god. Zeus quickly learned he had bitten off more than he could chew. Zeus has since done Coran ever dirty turn he could, and Coran has made him eat every one of them. No love lost on either side.

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       The Above is a work of fiction. All persons and creatures are fictional, any resemblance to persons living or dead is coincidental.

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