Sex and Western Society

January 23, 2007

       The very title of this essay will doubtless cause nanny software the country over to deny access to this essay to the very people that need to be reading it. The Irony of the very thing I am speaking of doing the very thing I am speaking of is not lost on this author.

       Hide the kiddies, I'm going to discuss, IT. Yes, the world's most dangerous three-letter word, sex. A subject that for some odd reason has all sorts of people with their britches in a bunch. Not just any people, but people with children no less.

       I understand they know what causes that now, and it isn't abstinence.

       It is our entire culture of sex that is broken. How about the very idea that anything to do with sex is "dirty". This implies the act itself is unclean, unnatural, sinful. Sex must be kept from "innocent eyes", it will corrupt and pollute them. That nudity is somehow evil. This hearkens right back to that old Pervert Augustine who came up with the idea that the act of sex was inherently sinful. I ask you gentle reader, what kind of God gives the commandment to "go forth and multiply" then declares the procreative act a sin? Yet this idea has taken hold. I believe driven by those that wish to control the behavior of others through fear. In this case the fear of eternal damnation. This perverted idea is so infused with out culture you don't even think about it.

       Truly think about it. We each see ourselves nude on a regular basis. Are we unclean for that? Ironically is is the very act of getting clean where most of us spend the most time nude.

       Intercourse, the natural, procreative, and pleasurable act is considered unnatural, yet. our culture glorifies violence. Which would you rather have kids see? Human mating behavior or war, death, and destruction? Making babies is taboo, but dead babies on the six o'clock news is fine. Me, I'll pick the human mating behavior every time. The sooner rapidly growing children understand the reasons and consequences of the sex act the better.

       How twisted is it? In the time Humans as a species are most ready to mate and breed, we consider them too young to know about sex. Hello? To get back to the violence analogy, say to your average fourteen year old. "Here kid, here is a gun and some bullets, but DON'T use, or even touch them, until you are eighteen, or even older, and make sure you have then with you all the time. No I'm not going to tell you how it works." Oh yes, and we line the streets with ads for ammo and have a shooting gallery on every corner.

       If someone suggested this plan as a method of curbing gun use we would rightfully call them insane. But this is the very 'plan' society has for teens dealing with their sexuality, ignore it. Ignore it with the world selling and screaming about sex from every pore. Come ON people the kids are only human. They have the most sex drive, the fewest coping shills and we deny them any real tools for dealing with it. Cross your legs and grit your teeth kid, but not if that turns you on.

       This is done, to "protect the children". Lies are told, facts are hidden, to protect them from sex. Yea right, they have all the equipment to follow through on the urges they do not understand with them every minute of the day. However, useful information is denied. Sex is infused into their very beings, but you try to deny it to them. Might as well shave a cat to deny it fur. When they seek to find out for themselves, society condemns them.

       I believe the real issue is control. If these self same moralists wished the children protected, they will see that they got the correct information, and got it quickly. It has been proven; early and correct sex education does not increase sexual activity among teens. It decreases it. However the moralists fight tooth and nail to keep actuate information away from the very people that need it the most.

       If the person is old enough to practice sex, and by that I mean physically capable, they should by that point have the correct information so they can deal with it. I wouldn't start any later than age ten. Ideally it should start with the adults having a healthy attitude about sex and passing it on with Mother's milk and beyond.

       So yes we as a society are still suffering under the twisted ideas of morality put forth by that great "Saint". And who is the the most reticent about soon to be breeding age Humans having any information to deal with? Religion. Once again organized religion seeks control over your life so you will need organized religion. "Sex is sinful" is a great con put forth by parasites that do no useful work. Worse they have been doing it so long people believe it.

       Let's start with the culture. I am not suggesting we run naked through the streets (baby it's cold outside). I do suggest we get away from the idea that the bare human body is sinful or wrong. I strongly suggest we properly educate the young to know what to expect from their changing bodies, and give them real coping skills to deal with the pressure for sex. Let us make an honest effort to see that the kids growing up today are not raised in deadly ignorance and fear of the very urges that we all have and cannot escape.

       As evil fears the light, so does ignorance fear knowledge. When the priest or the government tries to restrict your learning to "save your soul" or "protect your morals", look closely at what they are selling. Most often you will find it is based on the idea that you must learn nothing but what your are told to believe. These are cheap goods, pass them by. True morals stand firm in the face of all knowledge. --The Tao of Phoenix



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