Dice With the Devil

October 26, 2012

       This is not real political but it needs to be said, even if I am late saying it.

       There is danger for those of us that dare dream. The creative urge is way to close to insanity. It is not a case of us just talking about it or claiming it; science agrees. Every creative soul plays dice with this devil. Some of us more than others. The safe, sane people never change anything. They go about their lives half aware and that saves them.

       Those of us that open our eyes to the unreal, those that dare dream of things that don't exist but could exist if you are willing to put forth the time, tears, sweat, and blood. We do not just see the bright futures and the beautiful things. We see the dark corners. We see how bad it could be. And sometimes we fall into that abyss. There but for the grace of God go I. Very real and very sobering words. Frankly if not for the care and love of one very special Woman I would not even be talking about this. 20 years ago I would have curled up and died.

       I tell people I create because I must. The urges to make the dreams real are not things I can ignore, be it words pictures, or objects. I must create. So along with the rest of the creative souls I roll my dice against madness, and cling to the anchors in my life that keep me out of that abyss.

       Thank you anchors, you know who you are.



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