Quality Control on the Political Process

June 22nd, 2006

       Polticians are out of control in this nation. If anything takes us down, it will be ourselves. To quote Pogo: "We has met the enemy, and he is us." We need to watch these people with primed pans and a sharp eye.

       I have a few humble suggestions I believe would improve the situation. I don't think a single thing here has a snowball's chance in Hell of getting made into law, but talk is cheap.

  • Lawyers should not be allowed to serve in Congress or as President. It is a direct conflict of interest for someone that makes a living at working the law to have a hand in making it.
  • All laws should have an automatic sunset no greater than ten years. ALL laws. No rubber stamp continuations either. With the current load of laws all lawmaking bodies, National, State, and Local, will be so busy trying to keep current law from falling through the cracks they will not be able to pass more. We will benefit.
  • All elected officials shall face a criminal prosecution at the end of their term of office. Should it be found that misfeasance or malfeasance of office can be proven they go straight to prison and forfeit any pay earned.
           If they have failed to uphold the oath of office they go to prison.
           Should any crime be committed in office they go to prison for that too. In addition if the crime has the death penalty, and the office holder is pro capital punishment, they shall be put to death.
           Political foes will be the prosecution. The People shall sit as Jury.
  • In order that the public be better served all laws passed for the so called "greater good" will fall equally on Congress. For example, if Social Security is good for the rest of us, Congress shall have no better. So Congress will have to get their prescriptions through the SS drug program, and cannot vote themselves better.
  • In order than the Congress shall better understand the people, each will live no better than the poorest of their constituents. If that means homeless, hey they can sleep in their offices. At least they have offices. Each will have a steel army issue desk and secretary's chair. Executive swivel chairs will be provided for constituents to sit in when visiting the office. No trappings of power are permitted. In fact we will place the desk in a pit so they must look up to the constituents.
  • The current Congressional office buildings will be retrofitted to meet the new standard. Excess space, of which there will be plenty, will be used to house the currently homeless.
  • All doors to Congressional offices and hearing rooms will be removed forthwith. Congress shall do all of its business in the open where the people can see it. Exterior doors will be retained for the benefit and comfort of the formerly homeless now residing within.
       Gee this is fun. Too bad we cannot do it for real. However the political process is in the hands of the very people that need to be controled. The fox is in change of the hen house. All the chickens will be in their pots.

"The purpose of argument is progress, not victory. The man that cannot separate his opinions from himself sees a personal attack in every disagreement. Pride then cannot allow him to let go of his opinion and assume a better one, even if that would be to his benefit. Progress, both personal and societal, is dependant on us not placing our opinions and our egos in the same basket." -- The Tao of Phoenix



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