Why is This so Hard?

May 16th, 2006

       I have a simple solution to the immigration crisis. Open the border. That's right, open the border. All you have to do to get into the US and get a green card is show up, not be a felon, and cross through a legal point of entry.

       If you are currently in the country illegally, get back over the border and cross the right way. Instant green card. Don't do this, we have laws to deal with that.

       However we need to deal not just with the immigrants, but with the employers. Ever notice that the powers that be, currently the Republican administration, never proposes a law to punish those the hire illegals? States have been doing this however. You think that people with that much money would understand supply and demand. However I don't propose that they do not. I think they understand it very well.

       My cynical point of view? I believe the laws are st up to allow the employer to hire the illegal immigrants on a don't ask don't tell basis, but to punish that same illegal immigrant if they get caught. Just the illegal however, not the employer that lured them over here with a job. They get to cry crocodile tears about how awful it is they are being taken this way, and the self same powers that be can use the illegal immigrants as a convenient boogyman whenever real issues they do not wish to face are in the news.

       I'll say it agian, open the border. What advantages would this have?

  • With legal entry so easy who is going to risk life and limb to get in the hard way? You decriminalize the whole process. This puts the criminals who prey on the illegals out of business. This cannot be a bad thing.
  • When they get jobs, they pay taxes. Unlike now when they don't pay taxes, but use the tax based services.
  • there will be a source of legal inexpensive labor to do the jobs that are going unfilled. Yes, the hate mongers will cry they are taking jobs. Well if you were wiling to do that job at minimum wage Bubba, ACME wouldn't have a "Help Wanted" sign out.
  • What about Terrorists? Let's get real. Anti-terrorism is a bogyman by which all kinds of stupid ideas have been put forth. If one wishes to enter this country illegally the Mexican border is not the best way to do it. The public knows this, the Mexicans know this. That is why all the protests. "terrorism" isn't fooling anyone.
  • Last and most important, they are legal, which means they will not fear the law, but can expect it to work for them. Employers cannot abuse new immigrants with sub-legal wages and a total lack of any benefits.

       Open the border. If this causes wages in Mexico to go up, that is a good thing. If it destroys the people smuggling business, that is a good thing. If it makes it no longer economical or safe to hire people at slave wages, that is a good thing. If it dissolves the differences between this nation and the nations to the South, this is also a good thing. What and whom you understand you do not fear.

       I don't see a reasonable bad thing with this plan. The old idea of Us vs. Them needs to die. The planet is too small to play that game anymore. There is only Us, and every time we hurt what we think is "Them" we hurt Us. Time to stop.

       "Each man demands his rights, as well he should. But if each man gave those rights to each of his fellow men, then none would need demand anything, and we would live in peace. In truth, it is better to give than receive." --The Tao of Phoenix



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