The Nausicaans

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The Nausicaans

Post by jayphailey » Tue Dec 31, 2019 7:39 am

The Nausicaans are a humanoid, but not human race. They have a few worlds underneath the Federation on the Map.

Nausicaans are the Honey Badgers of known space. They give no fucks. Nausicaans have made a reputation for themselves as guys who like to fight and are always ready to listen to Latinum.

They tend to be larger than the human average and are Pretty durable, (2 meters average height)

Nausicaans often drift into piracy or organized crime. The Nausicaan government usually says "he got what he wanted" when such folk are killed or arrested.

When a unit of Nausicaans is properly trained, equipped and led, they can be scary. The are ominvores, but lean heavily carnivore. They find explosions and weapons fire amusing.

The Nausicaans are primarily allied with the Ferengi and their technology shows strong signs of being adapted from Ferengi technlogy. They are also friendly with the Orions and are often seen moving around Orion worlds. The Nausicaans find work as mercenaries in the Klingon Empire. The Nausicaans think the Klingons make more sense than the Federation.

Nausicaans in Federation Space are as well behaved as they are required to be by law. If a frontier planet hires Nausicaan Mercenaries to protect it from pirates the Nausicaans will do their best to stomp the pirates into the dirt. They're not dumb people. They just find most social rules and structures of non-Nausicaans amusing.

Nausicaan male
250px-Nausicaan.jpg (13.97 KiB) Viewed 5104 times
Nausicaan Female Note her daintier features
Nausicaan Female.jpg
Nausicaan Female.jpg (41.86 KiB) Viewed 5104 times
Nausicaan Guaramba class Destroyer
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