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Profile Ugohaid

Post by jayphailey » Mon Dec 09, 2019 6:35 am

Profile Ugohaid

Name: Ugohaid, Sub Tetri Nira II

Created by: Jay and Dennis

Summary: Home of the Ugohaid

Game Role: Interesting folks

World Role: Interesting Folks

Solar System:
Sub Tetri Nira System a type G2 star
Orbit 1 - Asteroid belt, good for mining
Orbit 2 - Empty
Orbit 3 - Ugohaid (Home of the Ugohaid)
Orbit 4 - Zolla Rosan (Home of the Liook Sujan)
Orbit 5 - Terrestrial World, heavy toxic atmosphere, strange orbit
Orbit 6 - Twin Terrestrial worlds, barren, heavy in metals and interesting elements. Orbit around a common center.
Orbit 7 - Large Gas Giant in a highly elliptical orbit.

Friendly to the Federation, Neutral.

Inhabited planets:
*Ugohaid has the Ugohaid as a native species, there are about 4 billion individuals there.

*Zolla Rosan has the Liook Sujan. An accurate count is not possible since they often are not in phase with time as we understand it

*The Asteroid belt in Orbit 1 has mines, these are largely automated, but crews live in stations and service the machines.

*The Twin Planets in Orbit 6 have extensive mine works and are where most subspace coils are designed and manufactured for the Ugohaid and paying customers.

Other planets:
* Orbit 5 - not unlike a frozen Venus. This world is hostile and not much fun to visit. The Ugohaid design robots to go and explore it more as an engineering challenge than anything else.

*Orbit 7 is a large gas giant with an interesting collection of moons. At some point in the past 2 billion years, it was disturbed and is slowly escaping the system. Its orbit will grow more extreme until it either hits the primary or flies off into deep space.

There are a crowd of minor iceball planets in strange orbits in the outer system. They show signs of having been moons of other worlds in previous times. Their orbits are wild and not terribly stable.

Stations and other objects
Ugohaid Command Central - The Main Ugohaid Starbase in orbit around their world. This is where the Ugohaid build and command their defense fleet.

Ugohaid Shipyards - in Orbit of the dual planet in orbit 6. Here Ugohaid Destroyers and Battleships are made, as well as commercial shipping and other vehicles.

Deep Space 5.1 - A Federation Space Station in Orbit around Zolla Rosan. Negotiation for this base took a long time and hefty bribes to the Ugohaid. This is the second Deep Space Five. The first was destroyed by a strange phenomenon in 2367.

Ship Facilities:
Both Ugohaid High Command and the Ugohaid Ship Yards can dock and repair large ships. But they won't like it. They'll grumble, drag their feet and charge the most the market will bear. Unless the ship in question is a commercial ship bringing goods for the market. Then they are a little happier.

Deep Space Five can and will dock Starfleet and Federation Commercial Shipping. They can repair up to moderate damage and at least make a Starfleet Ship safe to get back to a heavier base.

Ugohaid Orbital Market. Here a traveling trade ship could trade products and resources for the things the Ugohaid make.

Deep Space Five - a Federation Space Station. Welcoming to civilian, Starfleet, and allied ships. Not as rollicking or as exciting as Deep Space Nine.

The Study Annex on Zolla Rosan - this is the area where The Ugohaid will tolerate (Not very happily) contact, conversation, and study with the Liook Sujan.

The Liook Sujan are vaguely happy to see new people and don't care where on their planet new people arrive.

Environmental notes:
Ugohaid is a class M planet with the usual array of environments. It has large forests, among which the Ugohaid make their homes. These are largely tame and cultivated forests. Earlier in their history, the Ugohaid did some damage to their world, building up to an industrial state. But upon gaining higher technology, they moved their industry either underground or to space and recovered their forest habitats the way they like them

General Tech level:
Star Trek minus about half a step. The Ugohaid are decent engineers, but they lack the numbers that the Federation or the Klingon Empire have. Most of their advances in recent times have come from trading their rare minerals and products made from their rare minerals.

The Ugohaid have a strange mix of process-based bureaucracy and military government.

They demand pay to describe it to outsiders in any detail and angrily reject any outsider suggestions about it.

About 4 billion Ugohaid. A smattering of galactic people on Deep Space Five.

Races present
Ugohaid, mainly

About 350 Humans
About 100 Vulcans
About 50 Andorians
A smattering of other galactic races, changing over time.

Occasional Ferengi and Orion trade ships drop by.

The Liook Sujan are a Silicon race that inhabit the world Zolla Rosan. They think very slowly. They experience time, space and reality very differently than most races. They seem to come and go from the planet by means unknown. Understanding what they're talking about is difficult.

They are happy to meet new people and to be studied by new friends. They seem to think this is their destiny and that having people try to understand them, getting better at it year by year is both preordained and allows them to fulfill their destiny.

Then they deny that predestination can even be a thing since time doesn't exist except as a transient hallucination of some minds.

Sometimes they sympathize with the difficulty of smaller, faster races to understand them, and sometimes, they claim that the differences between races are likewise a matter of illusions and perspective.

Good luck figuring them out.

Note The Ane

Ane who come to visit the Liook Sujan have an interesting time.

Each Liook Sujan reads as it's own All, filled with billions of beings, all of whom seem to be the same Liook Sujan, but different.

Liook Sujan LOVE Ane telepathic arts, mathematics and songs and will discuss them endlessly at a speed of about 5 to 1. So 5 seconds pass for the ane while 1 second pass for the Liook Sujan.

This is not an exact relationship, it can vary and is more of a metaphor than a description. But really slow.

If the Liook Sujan becomes VERY interested in someone, things change and one can have a normal, pleasant if somewhat confusing conversation. When that ends, the humanoid conversant can turn around to find out they've been gone for hours or days.

This is Disorienting for the Ane and the Liook Sujan do not do this with them anymore.

RI individuals can interact with the Liook Sujan with less discomfort. They report that the Liook Sujan are, in fact only loosely tethered to time and space as we know them and when they grab up someone to focus on them, they take the person somewhat out of space and time. But not all the way. They also report that the billions of Liook Sujan who are one individual but billions of different ones.

This seems to relate to their memory and their experience of time and space.

The Liook Sujan happily use telepathic interfaces to communicate with the AI network. Their contributions are both deep and weird, as well as often whimsical and silly.

Cultural notes
The Ugohaid are cranky and not terribly interested in being friends with outsiders. They claim the system and everything in it as theirs and hesitate not all to shoot anyone they see as challenging their prerequisites.

The Ugohaid, after years of difficult negotiations, signed a treaty with the Federation, allowing the Federation to Establish Deep Space Five in their system and to Study the Liook Sujan. Mainly at the insistence of the Liook Sujan themselves.

When the Ugohaid encountered the Liook Sujan, they didn't understand much of anything these creatures were trying to tell them.

But they knew one thing. These creatures were Divine. The Ugohaid set up a cult of cherishing and serving the Liook Sujan and got to work.

Later, when outsiders came, the Liook Sujan insisted that the outsiders be allowed to land and come and go as they pleased. The Ugohaid hated this, but the Liook Sujan had spoken and that's the way it was to be.

Over time, the Ugohaid have turned access to the Liook Sujan as a profit center and have tried to limit how outsiders interact with the Liook Sujan. But the Liook Sujan refuse to cooperate.

There is a small Minority of Ugohaid who are more open and friendly. They will often sign on to commercial ships and travel around known space seeing what there is to see. They are considered weirdoes and maybe perverts by all right-thinking Ugohaid.

The Ugohaid have a number of languages, although they generally use a specific one chosen as their lingua franca.

They sound like Chittering, Squeaking, whistling, and hissing.

The Ugohaid have and use Universal translators and most of their languages have been translated.

The Liook Sujan communicate telepathically and weirdly, although with Telepathic Interfaces, what they say can be translated into spoken words.

The Ugohaid Military have built a run of "Destroyers" and "Battleships"

These ships are not long-ranged, and are focused on outgunning invaders. If the Ugohaid decide to get violent, they could destroy Deep Space Five and run everyone out of their system pretty quick. Overcoming their hostile fleet would take a lot of work and resources.

The Ugohaid have marines and soldiers for air, land and sea fighting. Most of the Ugohaid army is for peacekeeping on their homeworld. Elite forces keep order on Zolla Rosan and occasionally inspect Deep Space Five

Occasionally groups of Ugohaid ships will travel away from their system to patrol and make sure no one is coming after them. These ships will answer distress calls, help distressed travelers or rescue people in need of rescue.

But they will let it be known that this annoys them. They will gripe and complain until they drop travelers off at Deep Space Five. they threaten to bill rescuees for the rescue but never do.

The Ugohaid love pirates, because that's their chance to really take out their vague irritation at other races for existing out on someone.

The Technology of the Ugohaid is mostly hand-me-down Federation technology, with weapons and defense technology purchased from Orion and Ferengi merchants.

Out by Orbit 6 there is a weapons test range were ever more powerful beams and torpedoes are developed and tested. Among themselves, the Ugohaid love music, singing, fresh food and playing tag among the trees. They have their own traditions of literature, philosophy, art, math and so on.

Among outsiders, you will never see a happier Ugohaid than when an improbably big and powerful weapon fires successfully and explodes a large rock. There will be much chittering and laughing and hoping another stupid pirate happens by.

Strategic Importance:
Slight. They aren't near much except the Federation. The most important thing is that they are near the Liook Sujan who bear study.

The Federation: Hissing, angry tolerance. Under the surface, these two groups are tighter than the Ugohaid would admit. Invitations to consider joining the Federation are met with rejection and derision. The Federation isn't worth the Ugohaid time.

But the Ugohaid are aware that their comfortable margin of survival is mainly because of the Federation. They sell a lot of their product to the Federation. So while the Ugohaid sneer and scoff, they have turned out to help Federation ships and generally cooperate, while loudly complaining about it.

The Orions: The Ugohaid don't like the Orions because of the pirates. But they like to trade. So they make a lot of noise and faux hostility towards Orions.

Orion mercenary and adventuring groups are usually not welcomed or are welcomed as the guests of honor at a live-fire exercise.

Pirates: The Ugohaid LOVE pirates. They love shooting the hell out of them and will pursue them for this privilege.

The Ferengi: The Ugohaid actually like the Ferengi. You could never tell thing because the customary greeting between the Ugohaid and the Ferengi are a stream of agitated cursing.

Underneath this, the Ugohaid like commerce, they like making money and they like to trade. They just seem to want to persuade everyone that they don't like outsiders.

The Ugohaid have had encounters with Ferengi Con men and fraudsters, Usually, this ends up with the Ugohaid owning a new Ferengi ship and a crying Ferengi on the docks of deep Space five.

The League of Unaligned Worlds
The Ugohaid are slightly less Hissy and angry with the League. In private meetings, the Ugohaid hint ever so vaguely that they might be open to negotiations with the League to break away from the Federation. League ships can come to Ugohaid stations and get supplied or repaired in necessary, at standard prices or prices with an ever so slight break.

The Ugohaid continue to hint and vamp, seeking bribes or inducements from the League. Some League members have shared information, intelligence and even a little technology.

The Ugohaid are not terribly serious about being peeled away from the Federation. They can do math. But if the League is willing to try to buy good will, the Ugohaid are not above taking the bribes.

The good deal for League ships serves two purposes for the Ugohaid. It trolls Starfleet ships in the system. And the Ugohaid get data on every League ship that docs, which they quietly share with Starfleet intelligence.

League ships like to come by and troll Starfleet or argue against the Federation to anyone who will listen.

Since the Ugohaid are in a defensive position, their military stance has leverage working in its favor.

Being cranky and anti-social as a species. They are happy being crabby and bitchy with everyone else.


One of the other races was the Ugohaid. They resembled four and a half foot tall raccoons. They even had the gray fur and the black mask markings across the eyes. They were very organized and militaristic in nature. They had an alliance with the Federation that included extremely strict rules of contact and interaction with the Ugohaid and the Liook Sujan. The Ugohaid were not above using violence to enforce this treaty.

Although the Ugohaid had been invited to consider joining the Federation, they had declined. They seemed to feel that the effort of joining the Federation would distract them from their primary goals.

One of the primary goals of the Ugohaid was to serve the Liook Sujan with all due respect and reverence and to ensure that every one else did, too.

The Liook Sujan were an odd race in the galaxy. They were silicon based life forms. They were utterly incapable of movement by their own power. Essentially the Liook Sujan were large sentient boulders. They thought very slowly, very deeply and very profoundly.

The Liook Sujan had vast psionic powers. They were telepathic. This was their principal form of communication and was said by the humanoids of the Federation who contacted them to be very disorienting. The Liook Sujan had even more mysterious senses, involving time and space. Discussions on these subjects with the Liook Sujan were very odd and philosophical. Evidently they had a hard time communicating the impressions these senses gave them. It was like describing color to a blind man.

The Liook Sujan, being silicon life forms, were distantly related to computers. With this in mind a Federation engineer had tinkered together an interface for the Liook Sujan to work through a Federation computer.

The Liook Sujan thought that this was fun and clever. The Ugohaid thought that it was disrespectful and sharply limited this activity.

Deep Space Five was established to study a dark matter nebula near the edge of the Ugohaid territory. The nebula broke several rules for nebulae and was endlessly fascinating to astrophysicists.

The Liook Sujan had suggested the joint station to study the nebula. They said even their strange senses were clouded by the nebula and that they were curious.

The Ugohaid viewed the suggestion of the Liook Sujan as a distasteful duty. Again the Ugohaid had established strict rules of behavior and stood ready to enforce them.

Several Liook Sujan were gently moved with earth moving equipment and transported to the space station.

The station itself was a standard Federation design, modified for Liook Sujan and Ugohaid use. Once the station had been emplaced, it became the central contact point for the Ugohaid and the Liook Sujan.

According to the information given to us by the Admiral, the station had stopped responding to calls and had disappeared from sensors.

The Ugohaid were in an uproar. The Liook Sujan were unable or unwilling to comment.

Our course from Minos Korva to Earth had made the Harrier the nearest Federation starship.

Our Science Officer, Tillean Darvon Ahk said during the briefing that the dark matter nebula baffled her. It was mostly composed of monatomic debris. It was mostly hydrogen, but then everything was. There were other minerals, too. All in single atoms. All cold. Tillean informed us that there was no conceivable reason for all those atoms to be drifting around free like that, as cold as they were. The temperature of the cloud was near zero Kelvin, except near the center, where a perfectly normal type M red dwarf star burned away.

Along with the strange material that made up the nebula, there were odd gravometric anomalies inside the cloud, where cold hydrogen, silicon, iron and oxygen hid them from view.

It was all very odd and mysterious. Now something had apparently happened to the space station.

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Re: Profile Ugohaid

Post by Innkeeper » Mon Dec 09, 2019 5:49 pm

It is slightly disjointed and needs polish but I see no deal breakers. You have history mixed with profile etc..

Was DS5 rebuilt? You did not mention the anti-borg bomb at all. That was kind of a big deal.

The League of Unaligned worlds does not have ships. No joint anything. Ships of League members yes. No league ships. A very important distinction from their point of view. Yea, most of the rest of the galaxy doesn't give a rat's ass.
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Re: Profile Ugohaid

Post by jayphailey » Mon Dec 16, 2019 7:15 pm

Will re-edit the thing to include the points you make

The League makes group deals with allies so other league member ships can come and go.

Calling these "League Ships" is a handy short hand, not to imply that they're morphing into a nation or anything.

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Re: Profile Ugohaid

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jayphailey wrote:
Mon Dec 16, 2019 7:15 pm
Will re-edit the thing to include the points you make

The League makes group deals with allies so other league member ships can come and go.

Calling these "League Ships" is a handy short hand, not to imply that they're morphing into a nation or anything.
AND DON'T YOU FORGET IT! -- WeAreNotTheFederation.

FYI and some members are not comfortable with tat degree of cooperation.
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