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Everything is for Sale

Post by Innkeeper » Sun Dec 08, 2019 5:52 pm

Some days, being a trader pays more than others. When you need to build capital some of the best places to look for things are broken worlds. Stuff is left lying around or in the hands of people that do not really know what it is. They are also hands down the most dangerous places to go. The squeeze is nothing you can be certain of and the natives tend to be trigger happy. So keep your phaser handy and you drives hot. Because you know, you never know.

This Greinkold is one of those broken worlds. A puff-pursed Orion House thinking it controlled it and a lot of cranky natives that disagreed. I was keeping my lobes to the pavement and checking around town. I had heard from several people that this Hooman name of Garrin had some good stuff, but he was excitable. Well, I'm not here for the bad stuff so I decided to check him out.

The place looked like junk heaven. Several hectares of who knows what. I banged on the hatch of the disabled ship he lived in. The guy comes to the door with a HUGE blaster aimed right between my eyes, he bellows. "Make it good kid, dem words could be yer last!"

SHIT! The only thing that could come out of my suddenly very dry mouth was "Would you like to sell that blaster?"

Well, I didn't get the blaster, but I got three very ancient El Aurian art works, a crate of usable power converters, and tea with cake. But, by the receipts for my Mother's body it is days like this that make you consider retiring.

-- Jai the Ferengi

Everything is for Sale -- Garry Stahl: Dec 2019

Just completeness.
-- The Innkeeper

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Re: Everything is for Sale

Post by jayphailey » Mon Dec 09, 2019 6:27 am

I like this one

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