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Planet Greinkold

Posted: Thu Nov 28, 2019 6:48 am
by jayphailey

Name: Greinkold

Created by: Jay

A balkanized planet victimized by neighbors

Game Role:
The seat of a problem

World Role:
Part of the mix

Solar System
Normally a catalog number as long as your arm

The Natives call the primary Affeoc.

Greinkold is the third planet in the system.

[2000 years ago. Was a great Orion world. Attacked and over come by the El Aurian Empire.

On the edge of things. Had a base station and occupation base, the base station was also a trade hub.

Condition of base station 15/10 - it's in a commetary orbit, cold and surrounded by cometary gas

When the El Aurians pulled out, the place was the subject of territory disputes, where GOrion factions fought and neglected the place.

in 686 AD it was smeared out of spite by a G-Orion faction, and abandoned.

Human(El-Aurian), Golden Orion and Green Orion people began a slow, painful recovery

Mining on rocks and space infrastructure were built, slowly and ruined in the infighting.

Neutral (Orion)

Inhabited planets:
1 - Greinkoldn (Affeoc III)

Other planets:

1 - asteroid belt

2 - Hot super jupiter

3 - Greinkold - doesn't have a moon, but the hot SJptr serves the purpose, gravitationally

4 - A rock, 1/2 earth sized, mined thoroughly, mine works destroyed in the late 600s

5 - A jupiter-like with a mass of dilithium at it's core - this mass creates distinctive Subspace signals. Could Mask lesser signals.

6 - Icy Rockball, larger, almost earth sized. Formerly an inner world, baked down to interesting minerals, and then flug outward. Odd orbit. Unstable, will eventually hit something. Mine works and a colony, massacred in the fighting.

7 - neptune like, distant orbit

8 - another neptune like, distance orbit

9 - A pair of dwarf planets, gravitationally bound

10 - Super jupiter, extreme orbit, on its way out of the system in a few million years

Stations and other objects
MacFaul Station, an Orion Base Station, on the small and primitive side. trying to work it's way up into a serious base.

Klakto's Reasonable Services a Ferengi built trade station, small, under defended, but welcomes anyone

There are dozens of satellites in orbit now, from the Orion and the Ferengi technical bases

Ship Facilities:
MacFaul Station can repair up to moderate damage to Orion ships, but it's expensive because parts have to be shipped. Class B

Klakto's Reasonable Services, Has a small dock and a motely crew who'll try anything for latinum, but not really a professional shop. Class C

Kabbalak's Island - Formerly a Possession of the Confederacy of Norpon, taken over by House Macfaul. Modern life is available there, if you have the money. A free port. Anyone can come and go. Pirates can sell goods and buy supplies.

Norpon City - former capital of the Confederation of Norpon. Was destroyed by photon torpedoes in 2342. The Confederation moved their suriving operations to Lontorpola City. The Craters are neglected but Norponi people visit them and remember, grimly.

Klakto's Island, taken over by the Ferengi Klakto and his allies and minions. Also a freeport, but not one so conscious of Orion ness. Klakto also sells technological items to the natives for stuff he can resell.

Kiptopia - a Brutal Human Kingdom. Was formerly in opposition to Norpon Confederacy. Their military was massacred by House Macfaul, and several cities damaged. They have been behind the curve in terms of trade and technology upgrades, due to anti-human prejudice and anti-brutal prejudice. (Think Ivan the Terrible and Catherine the Great, for these guys. ) Under the table allies with the Confederation of Norpon now.

Saint Kiptopolis - the Capital of the Empire of Kiptopia. Think St Petersburg in 1880, to start with.

The Green Continent - Sovfallo

On this Continent, Green Orions ran riot and extirpated all Non Greens and other folks, and descended into tribal primitivism.

They are wild and will cheerfully kill themselves and any number of other people to stay out from under domination.

The Confederation and Empire were in the middle of a terrible contest of colonialism when House Macfaul dropped in.

Since then, colonialism has dropped dead, and the people on Sovfallo have begun some form of rapprochment and cooperation.

Everyone resists reoccuring slave raids into the continent by House Macfaul, but they lack the technology to resist effectively. This is making them mean and desperate

Environmental notes:
Greinkold is a normal class M planet with multiple enviroments and locations.

General Tech level:
The Confederacy of Norpon was about 1891 compared to Earth
The Empire of Kiptopia was somewhat behind, but struggling to stay even in terms of military technology
Sovfallo was mired in primitive conditions

Now Kabbalak Island, and Klakto's Island are spots of semi modernism among a sea of primitivism where modern objects and artifacts are prized among the locals

The Confederacy of Norpon was a collection of representative democracies. They prided themselves on allowing people from any race to participate and had minorities of humans and Green Orions. The Confederate government was destroyed by House Macfaul, which claimed the whole nation.

However the Confederates refused to surrender and have been mounting a resistance to House Macfaul ever since.

The Empire of Kiptopia remains intact, but must move carefully not to provoke retailiation by house Macfaul. They, too, are bent on resissting, even if quietly.

The Continent of Sovfallo is not unified but has numerous nations and tribes. They'll a spear into anyone within reach if they think it'll help. Or if they feel like it.

House Macfaul is an Orion House. Organized along Orion Techno-Feudal/Corporate lines. They claim The planet in the name of the Orion Colonies, but their hold is not complete or strong as of yet.

From Kabbalak's Island, enforcers venture out to smash resistance and trade missions seek to trade baubles and trickets for treasures

Klakto Holdings Incorporated is incorporated in the Ferengi Trade Federation. They don't recognize Macfaul's claim.

Klakto has enough mercenary security to ensure that the Orions don't just blast him out.

Klakto is slightly nicer than Macfaul, but not by a whole bunch. He is working with Norponi and Kiptopian merchants to try and upgrade their technology, while not being smeared by House Macfaul hitmen and gunsels.

The Nausicaans come and go sometimes. They consider the place to be a problem on their frontier. Nausicaan mercenaries often find work for one faction or another. The Nausicaan government is noodling the idea of buffing the natives to run House Macfaul out of the area, but is ambivalent to havbe not done anything, yet

The Nak'hul also look at the situation with some curiousity and concern. They've been gearing up to fight off a growing pirate problem.

900 million people

Races present
40% Gold and Ruddy Orions, most native, about 15,000 from Galatic Orion culture.
35% Humans, descendants from El-Aurian culture.
25% Green Orions, most on Sovfallo, with minorities seen else where
Ferengi, not statistically significant, but represented, also some Ferengi allied individuals.
Nausicaans, also not stastically signnificant, present as hirelings, mercenaries and adventurers, also the Nausicaan government has ringers present who are gathering information. There are two Nausicaan villages, on each Island.
Nak'hul. Nak'hul traders, spies, adventurers and mercenaries are also seen.

Cultural notes
Culturally Greinkold is a mess. People from the various native nations are keeping their culture, but freely adding parts from Orion and Ferengi galactic culture as they encounter it

House Macfaul is trying to remake the world in the image of an Orion world with mixed success.

Klakto is selling anything cultural he can get that will make him any money.

So from a Prime Directive view point, the planet is a complete mess.

There is an undercurrent among the natives of secretly and quietly hating their invaders, while trying to do everything possible to close the technology gap that makes them victims.

The Norpon speak an offshoot of the Orion tongue. It's not mutually comprehensible with modern Orion but a Linguist can see how they languages are related. Galactic Orion is growing.

The Kiptopians speak a similarly corrupted version of El-Aurian.

The Greens of Sovfallo speak dozens of dialects of Orion, all evolved to fit specialized niches and through idiosyncratic changes.

Klakto has many of the most used languages as Translator files available for a nominal fee.

The Militaries of The Norpon Confederacy and the Kiptopian Empire had often clashed and were good at killing each other. There were armies, with beast riding cavalry, infantry and artillery. There were navies with sail and steam driven ships that used huge slug throwing weapons.

All of this was obviated 40 years ago by the arrival of house Macfaul.

House Macfaul fired on the native militaries, destroying bases, ships, stockpiles and lots of people.

Both empires tried to rally and resist, but were so patently out matched that after a few more massacres, they gave up.

The militaries of each empire still exist in much reduced form as national guards and police, keeping order inside each nation, while their governments try to work on building up to rival house Macfaul

House Macfaul arrived with 5000 troops, 5 warships and technological advantage.

Now house Macfaul has most of their ships left and their ground forces are adapted to put down resistance actions and to raid for slaves.

House Macfaul cannot afford to replace any of their 4 remaining warships (2lr, a Cr and a Sal) so they are reluctant to risk them, but pirates and advanturers in the area owe House Macfaul favors now.

Klakto has, at various times hired mercenary starships and mercenary ground units. He is not above arming detachments of natives to help him fight. House Mcfaul doesn't want to puch him into buffing the natives, so they don't push it.

He has created an uncertainty where House Macfaul doesn't know how much he has and how much he could get, so they don't attack, fearing that too stiff a resistance could crash their whole operation.

Strategic Importance:
Not much. The world is in such a place that the Federation is just discovering that it's there.

If fully in Orion hands, it could be a nasty free port and pirate base, for a while. But the issue is still in doubt.

Orions: The natives of Greinkold do NOT like Galactic Orions, but are hiding this to various degrees. They'd love nothing better than to get their hands on enough technology to massacre House Macfaul and recover their autonomy.

Ferengi: The Natives of Greinkold are not impressed with the Ferengi. Rather than sell them arms and technology immediately and outright (And causing a massive fight) He's trickling out knowledge and tools in order to maximize his profit and avoid setting off Macfaul.

The Nausicaans: The Natives of Greinkold generally consider these guys monsters and Orcs. Spies and agents of the Confederacy and the Empire are in talks.

The Nak'hul, The Greinkold don't have much experience with the Nak'hul but appeals for aid have fallen on deaf ears, so among those in the know the Nak'hul are discarded.

Re: Planet Greinkold

Posted: Sat Nov 30, 2019 5:55 am
by Innkeeper
Useful things:
Tech Levels
Shipyard Classification
(2lr, a Cr and a Sal)
Hur-dur? I don't get the abbreviations.

Other than that it looks like a nice nasty place for things to happen.

Re: Planet Greinkold

Posted: Sat Nov 30, 2019 6:28 am
by Innkeeper
Everything is for Sale

Some days, being a trader pays more than others. When you need to build capital some of the best places to look for things are broken worlds. Stuff is left lying around or in the hands of people that do not really know what it is. They are also hands down the most dangerous places to go. The squeeze is nothing you can be certain of and the natives tend to be trigger happy. So keep your phaser handy and you drives hot. Because you know, you never know.

This Greinkold is one of those broken worlds. A puff-pursed Orion House thinking it controlled it and a lot of cranky natives that disagreed. I was keeping my lobes to the pavement and checking around town. I had heard from several people that this Hooman name of Garrin had some good stuff, but he was excitable. Well, I'm not here for the bad stuff so I decided to check him out.

The place looked like junk heaven. Several hectares of who knows what. I banged on the hatch of the disabled ship he lived in. The guy comes to the door with a HUGE blaster aimed right between my eyes, he bellows. "Make it good kid, dem words could be yer last!"

SHIT! The only thing that could come out of my suddenly very dry mouth was "Would you like to sell that blaster?"

Well, I didn't get the blaster, but I got three very ancient El Aurian art works, a crate of usable power converters, and tea with cake. But, by the receipts for my Mother's body it is days like this that make you consider retiring.

-- Jai the Ferengi

Everything is for Sale -- Garry Stahl: Dec 2019

Re: Planet Greinkold

Posted: Mon Dec 02, 2019 9:55 pm
by jayphailey
Innkeeper wrote:
Sat Nov 30, 2019 5:55 am
Useful things:
Tech Levels
Shipyard Classification
(2lr, a Cr and a Sal)
Hur-dur? I don't get the abbreviations.

Other than that it looks like a nice nasty place for things to happen.
LR = two Light Raiders -
Orion_LR-1_-_above_F.jpg (46.14 KiB) Viewed 4552 times
Orion_LR-1_-_above_F.jpg (46.14 KiB) Viewed 4552 times
In Current UFP Nomenclature, these would be light escorts. They're all over the place. Its a very common Orion ship. Orion Captians learn how on these. They're seen as both pirates and local military/police forces.

CR = Raider

Orion_CR-1_-_above_F.jpg (60.59 KiB) Viewed 4552 times
Orion_CR-1_-_underneath.jpg (48.1 KiB) Viewed 4552 times
This is the Generic Orion ship. These are where a succesful LR Captain gets promoted and either makes his fortune or doesn't. In the old classification scheme, these would slightly outgun a Federation DD, but could not defeat a Federation CA alone

Under the Modern Scheme, these are light medium escorts. They are also frequently encountered as pirates, mercenary ships and military ships. They have to travel and operate in packs to form any real threat any more. So they do. When the Federation got new sensors, they fell off in effectivness drastically. The Orions had been spending a lot of time, money and effort keeping their cloaking tech up to date.

Sal = Salvage Cruiser
Orion_SAL_multifunction_wng.jpg (58.2 KiB) Viewed 4552 times
Orion_SAL_multifunction_wng.jpg (58.2 KiB) Viewed 4552 times

This has about the same power and firepower as a CR. Maybe a little more. The Sal has more open space and is designed to either carry cargo, or modules for multiple functions. The Wings have pallets for various tools devices or weapons, something that was refit onto CRs. LRs are too small. Salvage Cruisers are often seen a floatilla leaders for groups of pirates. They can be fit out as in-space tenders. A really versatile design. But the versatility means they cost more.

Again, often seen among pirates and raiders as well as in Orion Military forces.

Re: Planet Greinkold

Posted: Mon Dec 02, 2019 10:02 pm
by jayphailey
Size Comparison -
Orion_LR-1_-_top.jpg (43.71 KiB) Viewed 4551 times
Orion_Salvage_-_top compare.jpg
Orion_Salvage_-_top compare.jpg (46.13 KiB) Viewed 4551 times

As you can see these things are totally dinky by modern standards. But small ships have their uses. House Macfaul is too poor to afford anything bigger. A cloud of small ships means that any one ship is easy to stop but stopping all of them becomes a problem.

So the Orions tend to build lots of smaller ships and see which crew are skilled and lucky by elimination.

These ships are built with modern systems and weapons. They're dangerous to small ships and civilian traffic. They'd have to kamikaze the Urafiki to stand any chance of seriously damaging her. They have class 8 weapons and shields but are too small to really trade broadsides. They'd uncloak, shoot, move off, recloak and then come around for another shot. No stand-up fights from these guys.

but they're tough enough to dissuade pirates and murder hobos from raiding House Mcfaul, which is the point.

Re: Planet Greinkold

Posted: Mon Dec 02, 2019 10:20 pm
by jayphailey
Innkeeper wrote:
Sat Nov 30, 2019 5:55 am
Other than that it looks like a nice nasty place for things to happen.
It was. And I was most of the way into building it and setting it up when I realized (Thank God) I've already run that plot for you.

So I scraped the twice-baked plot out and posted it. If someone else can have something nasty happen there, cool.

If an amusing idea strikes me, and Greinkold fits it, I'll grab it.

Re: Planet Greinkold

Posted: Mon Dec 02, 2019 10:37 pm
by jayphailey
These are some of the Orion fleet

Left to right -

Orion Slaver - a Miliary transport. Called a "Slaver" by the Federation because it was often used for slave transport.

Battle Raider - A larger heavier, chunkier Raider, this one had longer endurance, improved weapons and systems and could stay in a fire fight longer. This was the ship of an Orion Commander on his way up. Bosses liked these as flagships for pirate groups.

Orion Cruiser - the Orion Answer to the D7 and the Constitution. To start with, these were mainly Orion Military units and were almost never seen in non-official hands. But as time wore on, you'd see them as mercenary ships and hitters as well as Orion Space Navy Regular units.

Orion Strike Cruiser - the Orion Answer to the K'tinga and the Enerprise upgrade. These were very expensive for the Orions to start with so they were built slowly. updated versions of all of these are more widespread in the 2400s

Orion Battlecruiser - An enforcer for the Orion Government. These were the biggest meanest ships they culd build back in the day. A special task force of these served two purposes. They paraded around Bot'chok and looked tough, making the Rulers of Botchok feel more secure and tougher.

Sometimes, one, two or three of these ships would cloak and go on deployment. They'd go remind various Pirate bands and undercover operations who was really boss and either bring them back into line or eliminate them. As such the crews were the most competent and loyal in the Orion Space Navy, and really good at their jobs. Both Starfleet Intellligence and the Klingons watched these guys.

Over time the design has gotten more updated and spread around. These were the three that attacked the Shi'kahr. By that time, they were heavy mercenary units.
Orion_Fleet-c.jpg (101.6 KiB) Viewed 4549 times

In my mind, The Orions have keep updating and advancing this design lineage and adapting them to new times, building bigger and more advanced versions.

The LR, CR, BR and SAL can land. For the bigger units this more of a project and not to be undertaken lightly.

So at Botchok, you'll see a run of modern, up to date 500 and 600 meter versions of this design.

Other Orion worlds, when they use these designs alter them for local technology and conditions.

Some Orion worlds ditch these entirely and deign their own ships from scratch. others mix and match deigns and technology as suits them.

Re: Planet Greinkold

Posted: Mon Dec 02, 2019 10:44 pm
by jayphailey
Botchok culturally considers this design type an ancestral artifact. (Many Great Orion Empire ships looked like this as do the Great Orions over by Last Chance)

They are considered faintly sacred in Orion culture and they won't willingly let non-Orions have them. Many Orion worlds in the Klingon Empire adopt Klingon ship designs for this reason.

Space is big and messy, so most everyone knows the older flavors of these ships pretty well. But for some Orions seeing these ships in non-Orion hands is annoying. They'll sabotage them or steal them back when they can.

A Non-Orion Pirate flying one of these is either working for an Orion pirate band, or he's going to get a reaction.

They'll take it back by force, fraud or bribery, if necessary.

But since space is so big and messy and since crime and survival are a harsh game, running down loose Orion ships can take some time.

the recent discovery of Oron has inflamed many Orion's cultural biases and they are more likely to include "True Orionness" in their cost/benefit calculations these days.

Re: Planet Greinkold

Posted: Mon Dec 02, 2019 10:55 pm
by jayphailey
Most Orions have no problem using Klingon, Federation or third party ships if the ship suits the purpose. In fact some Orion Worlds have retired their classic Orion designs and use exclusively non-Classic designs just for that reason.

The IVK Brethenga looks like a K'Tinga and an Orion Battlecruiser had a baby with a thyroid problem. The Pointy flat Orion body, big wings on the rear sloping slightly down to Klingon warp drive nacelles. The flat body is thicker than a classic Orion ship, and has elements of the Salvage Cruisers modular design in it. The flight deck and crew decks are on the thicker bottom of the flat pointy hull, with shuttle doors along the forward lower part port and starboard.

It's about the size of an Excelsior class (450 meters or so)

It's notable because it had to be an Orion ship designer who designed it and added Klingon design touches to make it work for its application.

This will annoy Orions with sticks up their butts about the matter. To them it would look like doing a graphic novel version of Quran with Batman as Mohammed. Just wrong and abusive. you don't add foreign elements to an Orion Classic Design. You don't use Klingon hull building techniques. You just don't.

Klingon weapons and shields are fine, but there's too much Klingon in the design for it to be classic, and there's way too much classic in the design for it to be acceptable as a Klingon ship.

Re: Planet Greinkold

Posted: Tue Dec 03, 2019 4:23 am
by Innkeeper
SFB Orion ships. I really do not like them. As artless as cardboard boxes. That said I can accept them as something Orions do. The couple of FASA designs are really no better.

I prefer the SFB Gorns over the FASA ones.