Game Idea 7-18-2007 - Remember Him

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Game Idea 7-18-2007 - Remember Him

Post by jayphailey » Sun Nov 03, 2019 7:15 am

Game Idea 7-18-2007 - Remember Him

The PCs hear of a man who is doing mad science in an isolated location and are asked to go check it out.

In an abandoned weather monitoring station, a man is putting together a pile of scavenged engine and high energy physics components.

A PC who has skills with high energy physics, subspace physics or multi dimension physics, or some sort of experience with machines that Deal with Alternate universes recognizes some of the configurations.

Kimal Zaru is trying to build some sort of dimensional gateway.

He's working as a handy man, repairman, freelance technical expert and buying used up equipment at local swap meets and salvage yards.

The PCs meet a man dressed in rough work clothes, working feverishly to do mad science.

Kimal Zaru claims to be From Earth. His story is coherent and consistent. He was a bright student in Africa, did all the usual teenage hot rodding and mad science. He went to school and got accepted to Starfleet Academy.

After a stint as an Engineer and Science Officer in Starfleet, Zaru retired to Earth and took a research and teaching position at the university of Kinshasa, where he worked on high energy physics and understanding multple dimensional physics.

Zaru reports that an Experiment went horribly wrong and he's affected the time stream somehow, erasing himself.

If any of the PCs are experienced or talented scientists in the time travel/dimensional travel field Zaru may recognize them and claim to have worked with previously.

But the PCs will have no knowledge of him.

There's no records of him.

Zaru said he had a family. now the woman who would have been his wife doesn't recognize him, and his children don't exist.

Checking, The PCs may discover reports - about 5 years ago a man appeared in Kinshasa, on Earth, and was arrested for trespassing and stalking. It was Kimal Zaru. he was barred from University property and did 90 days in jail for Stalking Margoli Hemay, a teaching doctor at the university.

Pysch records indicate a delusional disorder, with exceptionally highly developed delusional constructs.

This explains why Zaru left the Earth and is working on his project alone.

There is no record of Kimal Zaru having previously existed on Earth or having served in Starfleet, Altrhough Zaru displays authentic knowledge and competence.


Now the PCs are faced with a choice. help Zaru tamper with the timestream to restor his previous life?

If asked , Starfleet denies permission to try the experiement and demands that Zaru be taken prisoner until investigators from Starfleet's time travel department can arrive.

A PC well versed in temporal engineering can see that there's something subtly wrong with Zaru's machine, but what that might be is mysterious.


The punchline - it will take a careful scan of Zaru's "Quantum state" to see this.

Kimal Zaru should NOT exist. His back story is absolutely true from his point of view, but in fact, an experiement has created him from quantum probabilities.

The particles that make up his atoms and molecues are under tension - they seem to want to escape.

If Zamal steps into his machine and triggers it, his stressed quantum particles will be released in a huge explosion.


If Zaru is shown this evidence, he'll disbelieve it. But he's a rational man - a hair sample sent through his machine will explode nicely.

If Zaru avoids high energy physics type energies, and atempted time travel, he's safe and will live out a normal life.

But knowing that he is a fignment of the universe's imagination - that the happy life he recalls never truly was, is a heart breaking revelation.


if Zaru steps into a high energy particle accelerator, he'll go off like a tricobalt device. Any sort of time machine would detonate him as well. A severe transporter malfunction might trigger the effect.

Starfleet command wants him in custody and returned to Earth where he'll be hidden away and kept away from transporters.

The real question for the PCs here is, knowing that Zaru is a strange sort of maybe man, will they set him free to try and live life on his own terms, or will they keep him prisoner for Starfleet?

Jay ~Meow!~

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