Game Idea 9-29-2019, Johnny James and Nadeea

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Game Idea 9-29-2019, Johnny James and Nadeea

Post by jayphailey » Sun Nov 03, 2019 6:20 am

Game Idea 9-29-2019, Johnny James and Nadeea


Michaels is a scavenger, he makes a living off finding technological salvage and selling it, often to rough people

His daughter Akia is a normal upper middle class school girl

Johnny James is a science nerd in her school

Michaels uncovers Nadeea. A female Android. She is nice but very strong and durable. Awakened she interacts with Michaels long enough to gain a sense of the world and then she resumes her mission.

Nadeea is a hunter killer. She can sense her target not far away.

Nadeea explains her mission. She was designed to hunt and kill Changlings. Her home culture discovered the changlings and went nuts about it. The changlings fought back, and there was a war.

Nadeea has these things. Besides being an adroid, very strong and very tough, she can regenerate. Essentially by eating technology. This is advanced nanotechnology mojo. She is very good at being quick and stealthy. She is resistant to energy weapons.

She can be defeated by massed weapons fire or by excessive physical force.

Her target is the James family. She makes a bee line for them, across the city, wreaking havok, if necesssary In Nadeea's mind, collateral damage is acceptable to get the changling. It's not her preferred method, but she'll do it if he has to.

The Punchline. Johnny James and his grandmother April James are in fact a changling. The changling has been living in the city for a long time. Johnny James is it's latest human identity, one it's been working on cultivating for 16 years. April James and her Husband Nehmiah James were the Changling for the past 60 years or so. The Changling retired Nehmiah, telling neighbors he passed of an illness.

The changling likes humans, Isn't especially out to hurt anyone. But it is paranoid enough to hide being a changling.

The Johnny James/April James changling will stay in character and hide its true nature as much as possible, but will flee if faced with Nadeea. The Changling is too new to have heard of her or know what she can do.

Can Nadeea be talked out of her destructive mission? Will Johnny James be outed as the Changling?

Nadeea's princple anti-Changling weapon is a short ranged gamma ray beam. It's only good for a meter or a meter and a half but will absolutely kill every life form in the area of effect. It will injure and sicken people for another 2 or 3 meters. Nadeea has a limited number of shots and must then regenerate the energy or absorb it from and outside source to fire her weapon again.

She will happily borrow and use more conventional weapons.

Nadeea looks like a blue/gray human woman with no hair. (Her eyebrows are a little bit of texture in her artificial skin in the right place.)

Her builders built her to look like that for a sense of comfort. They felt better with naked swimsuit models guarding them than a more mundane but sensible guardian robot.

Nadeea is aware that her form is attractive and will try to use this if necessary to achieve her goals. But she is not well experienced with this, and so her attempts might be awkward at first.

Is Nadeea hard wired to hunt Changlings? Or is she just hyped up to get on with her mission? Can she change her mind?

The James Changling has been living among humans for a long time. Have they been doing things? Influencing the history of the people of this world? Do they trust their friends enough to be open with them? Or do they feel they have to flee and start over somewhere else?

For added fun, Nadeea might catch up with James at the High School Dance where Akia has dragged him without accepting no for an answer. James is enjoying role playing a clueless dork, and enjoys Akia. but alas a relationship in the long term is not to be.

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