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Muv'Kama is an old abandoned Orion Mining colony world. It was founded by Orions trying to build up an Orion presence in the area, but piracy and distance killed the effort.

The people who moved there were abandoned. They began for fight for scraps, farm and scavenge for their lives.

Occasional trade missions would come, buy ore, capture slaves and keep moving.

This world is on the edge of where Starfleet feel like they can push forces. So a strong takeover of the place is not in the cards.

But Starfleet ships are encouraged to stop by and drop all the aid supplies they have on board.

On recent times, a Ferengi named Madran has taken over one of the mines. He runs it in a sterotypical fashion. He pays below starvation wages, but lets workers take out "loans" to buy from stores he owns. Equippment and supplies are always lacking.

He sells mined ore to passing ships, but the profit goes into his pockets, not into make Muv'Kama suck less.

in the 2380s Federation Starships made a habit of stopping by, shutting down or confiscating all dangerous pieces of equipment and taking refugees away with them.

This practice ended in 2389 when a Pirate group named Krall's Guys took over the place and violently threatened Federation ships. The Federation began drawing up plans for pushing back against the Pirates, but this was derailed.

In 2392, the Starship Atlantis was lured into a trap at Muv'Kama and destroyed.

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