Updating the Fulcrum

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Updating the Fulcrum

Post by jayphailey » Mon Sep 28, 2020 6:18 am

I will use this thread to stash updated information about the Fulcrum prior to Tarabans arrival.

The time period under discussion is as Taraban is warping into the theater.

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Re: Updating the Fulcrum

Post by jayphailey » Mon Sep 28, 2020 6:19 am

Looking at the scale, I will be revising the description of the Fulcrum - the small bubbles are so small, they're essentially one major planet and it's friends.

All current intelligence databases as updates are available to Taraban so he can ask questions.

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Re: Updating the Fulcrum

Post by jayphailey » Mon Sep 28, 2020 6:32 am

The Anrandites.

The guys have made a real pest of themselves in the area south of the Fulcrum region.

They have completely sold out to nefarious Orion Interests.

Now at the Anrandite homeworld there is a Starbase for hire. It's a free port for any raider with anything to sell and the Platinum to pay docking fees.

Starfleet and the Bendarri Star Navy patol the area as heavily as available ships and manpower allow. But everyone who resents Good Guy interference comes and goes from here. This was the stepping stone for Orion pirates and freelance pirates into the Fulcrum area.

Even the As'Taan have been seen coming and going, although in small numbers.

Anrandite engineers and technologists have been begging borrowing an stealing to upgrade their own technology

The only saving grace is that the Anrandites are a light gravity people, so personal violence is a bad idea for them. They're such in middle-man and facilitator roles.

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Re: Updating the Fulcrum

Post by jayphailey » Sun Oct 04, 2020 7:10 am


Name: Anrandites

Created by: Jay

Summary: Self Centered Crabs

Game Role: Not-Nice people

World Role: Not-Nice guys



Environmental notes:
The Anrandite homeworld Ayn, is a hot, moist, light gravity world.

General Tech level:
Star Trek; They have dealt for Orion and Ferengi Technology and are in the process of building in a modern economy, with the help of Orion and Ferengi consultants

The Anrandite government is a coalition of Corporations. Rich Anrandites buy shares and this gives them votes in how things are run and who is in charge of what.

Their system rewards being rich lavishly. Everyone else has to hustle and grind.

The Anrandites are building in an Energy economy, but managing it like it's their original economy. They have secured Ferengi economic advisors to help them make this work

The end effect is that it's like their previous economy but the prices of everything have dropped into the basement.

This is creating interesting side effects. Entire industries have collapsed, improverishing millions of Anrandites.

But unexected areas have expanded rapidly.

So there is a sense of chaos and uncertainty among the every day Anrandites.

But at the elite levels it's all good news.

Approximately 4 billion crabs.

Races present
Anrandites are the huge majority. They will tolerate aliens who are present on business, but see no reason to make anyone feel welcome, so hospitality is usually provided by Ferengi who see an opportunity for profit.

Ferengi and Orions make up most of the rest of people, numbered in hundreds of thousands, each.

These people are teaching the Anrandites how to modern and how to build ship yards and starbases.

There are small numbers of Federation, Fulcrum and Bendarri people present, either traders, people passing through on other business or spies.

Governing Organization(s):
The Elite Club, Pearl Room.

The elite club in the capital city is just that a club a venue where drinks, food, dancing and social activities can be had. It is heart stoppingly expensive so only the richest and most powerful Anrandites can afford to join the club and go inside.

Inside the Elite Club, there is a super elite membership level. Everyone knows its there and everyone wants to get in. Only the richest and most powerful Anradnites can get in.

Inside the Pearl Room, Super-Elite Anrandites set the agenda, agree upon general goals and set the direction of their society.

The Anrandite Modern Business Council is the Public facing policy body. Here representatives debate relations with outsiders and facilitate business opportunities with the proper corporation or body.

The Shiny Things Starbase - A Starbase made to service traders, pirates, privateers and adventurers. They have whatever you want, of you have the Latinum or Anti-Matter. It is run by a subsidary of the Anradnite Modernization Corporation, and protected by "Primary Space Defense, Incorporated."

Primary Space Defense, Incorporated.
This is the main space defensive body. They charge the Anrandite government and space infrastructure owners and provide defense against raiders and invaders.

They hire subsidiary groups as subcontractors reserves and auxiliaries.

House Balakassas - An Orion House that has purchased space in the Anrandite system. The usual corrupt crime lord, they make a point of being open to interaction with neighbors, if the benefits outweigh the costs.

North Western Resource Allocation Specialists, Inc. A Ferengi Corporation that has taken on the role of advisor to the Anrandites and facilitators. Related to Goliath Weaponry and other nefarious entities. Rumor has it that they spin off mercenary companies and privateers.

House Balakassas and NWRAS are "friendly" rivals, but kept in line by the need to make sure the Anrandites make at least SOME profit off almost everything that goes on.

Relative Influence:
Within their local region, moderate. they create havok by acting as a support structure for pirates and bad guys. They also spread malign influence by having no barrier for who they'll deal with. They think the Prime Directive is a joke.

They have an outsized influence on the fulcrum by being the stepping stone into the area for Orions, Ferengi

Publicly Stated Goal:
To get richer than rich

Relative Wealth:
Level 7+, 1.15 million

Despite a primitive form of ecconomics, the Anrandites are focused on squeezing every last drop of economic energy out of each transaction.

The standard of living for Anrandites on the lowest levels of the economy is primitive and can get difficult, but the current drive to build in modernity has created a lot of opportunities for many Anrandites.

Group advantages:
When a clear goal is in sight, the Anrandites can drive towards it with ruthless efficiency

The Anrandites are amphibious and can go from land to water easily.

Group disadvantages:
The Anrandites have a very narrow people button. They tolerate other people, but fundamentally they don't think of anyone else as really people.

Even among themselves, they are not masters of compassion. Their social interactions are transactional and ruthlessly goal driven

Physically the Anrandites are not very strong. They are native to a light gravity world and they struggle in heavier gravity.

Special disadvantages:
Everyone knows the Anrandites are amoral creatures driven by self-interest.

Starfleet and the Bendarri Space Navy know to keep an eye on whats going on with them.

Headquarters Location:
Desirable Property City. During their tumultuous history a land development company ended up owning most of the city and renaming it for themselves.

Desirable Property City has an Orion Town and a Ferengi town. Otherwise its entirely an Anrandite city built for Anrandites to suit Anrandites. There are no accomodations for non-Anrandite people.

Public Face:
Crabs who will sell you their moms for the right price.

Notable Members:
Kozeelee, the bold. He made contact with the Orions and managed to open up trade relations.

The Frazolo Collective, a family that managed to breifly ccorner the market for subspace coils and set the pattern for Anrandite warp drives for years.

Cultural notes
The Anrandites come off to other people as amoral, market driven and acquisitive. Mostly because they are.

Among themselves they are slightly less so. Among family and close friends they are actually almost nice.

But their list of close people is short and they don't really consider non-Anrandites as people.

They make deals with non-Anrandite people and generally hold to those deals because that's how you get more deals.

They have their own art, their own music, their own literature. They are not eager to share it. They'll sell it to you. But its all made to please Anrandite sensibilities solely.

The Anrandites can and have stepped over injured aliens while they died and driven past alien ships in distress and left them to die.

They just don't connect with non_anrandites that way.

They tolerate Orions and Ferengi because these two people will sell them modern technology, ships and weapons.

These days injured or lost aliens tend to get hauled to the Orion or Ferengi settlements and thrown inside.

They see absolutely nothing wrong with exploiting aliens, supporting pirates and scumbags and all sorts of behavoirs considered anti-social in the context of Galactic society.

This leads to static and problems, but the Anrandites are careful not to step into the mode of outright war. That would cost too much money.

The Anrandite languages are a set of clicks and whistles that are extremely difficult for humanoids to attempt. The Anrandites would rather you didn't.

They use universal translators.

The Anrandites main defense force is "Primary Space Defense, Inc." It maintains the largest force and suibcontracts with secondary companies for additional fire power or other support as needed.

Their ships are short ranged, high speed hunter killers. Their primary purpose is to defend their home system. They are specialized and leveraged for this. In a close in knife fight they are an ugly opponent.

They don't bother much with force projection outside of their home system. They know the math is not in their favor for that.

The Anrandites do have adventuring raiders and pirates. These are carefully separated in a legalistic and evidentiary way from the larger society.

If Anrandites are captured on such missions, they are written off by the Anrandites.

This is considered a high-risk/ high-reward venture. Only desperate or crazy Anrandites do this.

Most Anrandites prefer to be the free port for other peoples pirates.

Complaints by the Federation or the Bendarri Empire are greeted with agreeable noises and no action whatever.

Anrandite generally use Disruptors as personal weapons. These are designed to fit Anrandite claws arms and bodies. They would be difficult for a humanoid to use. But the components are standard Orion technology.

The Anrandites have a high energy setting on their disruptors which use double the energy of a normal shot. This increases wear on the device aand increases the possibility that a damaged or abused weapon will malfunction.

But the resulting beam is extremely destructive to humanoid bodies.

They also use small mechs and drones to avoid getting into CQB with humanoids.

The Anrandite ships look like crabshells stuffed with an armed starship. They have Small medium and large crabshells. They also have a few extra large crab shells that act as tenders and repair ships. One on one they are not a match for Federation Starships, but if threatened they'll deploy groups, and use tactics to try and over come a tech differential.

Strategic Importance:
Their activities supporting other bad guys lends them an effect all over the area.

Generally the Anrandites are only interested in Aliens in an immediate "What can you do for me right now" sort of way. They have no interest in a long term relationship that would obligate them to go out of their way without a direct renumeration for it.

The Federation and the The Bendarri Empire puzzle them. They understand the notion on an intellectual basis, but its weird and they never really FEEL it.

Federation: Irritated with the Anrandites for being a freeport and selling ship maintenance repair and upgrades to anyone with the money to pay for it.

The Anrandites don't object to talking to the Federation in principle but will give nothing without direct payment.

The Bendarri Empire: Much the the same as the Federation. There is talk among the Bendarri about mounting a task force to go reduce the Anrtandite System. This is viewed as being too exensive currently.

The As'Taan: The As'Taan are annoyed with the Anrandites for not being As'Taan. But the As'Taan have appeared in the Markets of Shiny Things Station, and have bought advanced technology from vendors there.

The Ferengi: Normal generic Ferengi are welcomed as customers and charged according to pre arranged prices. The Local Ferengi allies of the Anrandites can get breaks on these prices.

Orions: Much the same as the Ferengi. Orion rivals of house Balakassas get charged full price. Allies get a discount.

The Kaa: Kaa agents have appeared at Shiny Things Base aand have purchased technology. Its a little too far between the Anrandites and the Kaa for a more involved

Planetary Advantages:
They are building up to be a porcupine in a defensive sense. But this is hampered because every strip of GPL spent on weapons to defend the homeworld is a stip not spent on something more immediately profitable. But they are parabnoid enough so this project is continuing.

Planetary Weaknessses:
The normal, planets cannot move or hide. Anrand is a light gravity, warm, moist world, so Anrandites find 1 g uncomfortable and the normal range of temperatures uncomfortable.

The Anrandites grew into a complex and relatively advanced society, with the usual wars and problems.

They realized that the social effects of what other people call "Corruption" was causing severe friction

Inhabited planets:
1 main world, stations on many others.

Other planets:
7 planets plus a small red dwarf star

Stations and other objects
Each of the 4 small moons of Anrand have stations build into them.

Shiny Things Station is a commercial space city that is well defended for a space city.

Ship Facilities:
Shiny Things Station has two shipyards that can build or repair ships. Their native designs are an interrsting mix of Orion and Ferengi technology filtered through their own Sensibilities.

That can conduct full repair operation on almost any ship, but if they had to try repairs on a 1km plus sized ships, they'd have to fake it with temporary frames.

Prime Defense Station, the Defense HQ of the system is a decently armed battle station that also has shipyard facilities for their own combat ships They can build small medium, large and larger classes, but not anything bigger than 800meters. All the facilities on Prime Defense Station are for Anrandite defense ships only. No one else is allowed.

Advanced Technology Development Station is the third moon, It holds labs that work on exploring high energy physics and engineering, Power Systems, weapons and shields.

There are arguments about moving this work to an asteroid further out in the system so if they suffer a catastrophic failure it won't impact other activity, especially commercial activity.

The iceball and rockball worlds in this system would be good for for this, but the gravity is too heavy for the Anrandites.

Solar System

Star Data
Type G4 V Yellow Main Sequence
Radius 6.89 x 105 km (0.99 x sol)
Mass 1.59 x 1030 kg (0.80 x sol)
Temperature 5500 K
Luminosity 3.09 x 1026 W (0.81 x sol)

Orbit 1
Type Rock Planet
Orbital Radius 6.71 x 107 km (0.45 AU)
Period 2.93 x 103 hours (0.34 earth years)
Radius 8040.89 km (1.26 x earth)
Gravity 12.51 m/s2 (1.28 x earth)

A heavy piece of sunbaked rock. Mining with robots

Orbit 2 Anrand
Type Terrestrial World
Orbital Radius 1.11 x 108 km (0.74 AU)
Period 6.25 x 103 hours (0.71 earth years)
Physics Small iron/silicate
Radius 5500 km
Gravity .67 g
Hydrosphere 67 % water, 8 % ice
Atmosphere Oxy/Nitorgen
Biosphere Normalish biochemistry, weird
Civilization Anrandites
Special 4 small moons

Orbit 3
Type Terrestrial World
Orbital Radius 1.52 x 108 km (1.01 AU)
Period 9.97 x 103 hours (1.14 earth years)
Physics Small iron/silicate
Radius 632.60 km (0.10 x earth)
Gravity 0.95 m/s2 (0.10 x earth)
Hydrosphere 63 % water, 42 % ice
Atmosphere Trace reducing
Biosphere Prokaryotic microbes

This little iceball shouldn't have life but it does. Probably contamination from outside

Orbit 4
Type Rock Planet
Orbital Radius 2.12 x 108 km (1.42 AU)
Period 1.65 x 104 hours (1.89 earth years)
Radius 5287.09 km (0.83 x earth)
Gravity 7.27 m/s2 (0.74 x earth)

Orbit 5
Type Rock Planet
Orbital Radius 3.99 x 108 km (2.67 AU)
Period 4.25 x 104 hours (4.86 earth years)
Radius 5250.17 km (0.82 x earth)
Gravity 8.88 m/s2 (0.91 x earth)
Special Large moon, trace atmosphere

Almost a sister to Earth, except its far away and cold.

Orbit 6
Type Ice giant
Orbital Radius 7.20 x 108 km (4.81 AU)
Period 1.03 x 105 hours (11.79 earth years)
Radius 25543.94 km (4.01 x earth)
Gravity 13.05 m/s2 (1.33 x earth)

Like Neptune

Orbit 7
Type Ice Planet
Orbital Radius 1.33 x 109 km (8.92 AU)
Period 2.60 x 105 hours (29.75 earth years)
Radius 24323.90 km (3.82 x earth)
Gravity 12.16 m/s2 (1.24 x earth)
Special Trace atmosphere

A Large Iceball, lots of volatiles and rock and stuff.

Orbit 8
Type Ice Planet
Orbital Radius 2.61 x 109 km (17.41 AU)
Period 7.09 x 105 hours (81.16 earth years)
Radius 5329.02 km (0.84 x earth)
Gravity 2.62 m/s2 (0.27 x earth)

Distant companion star
Type M0 V Red Dwarf
Distance 1.02 x 1010 km (68.18 AU)
Radius 2.48 x 105 km (0.36 x sol)
Mass 4.22 x 1029 kg (0.21 x sol)
Temperature 3400 K
Luminosity 5.85 x 1024 W (0.02 x sol)

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Re: Updating the Fulcrum

Post by Innkeeper » Tue Oct 13, 2020 6:56 pm

Did you find it or rebuild it?
-- The Innkeeper

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