USS Grant (Discovery)

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USS Grant (Discovery)

Post by jayphailey » Sat Aug 14, 2021 6:02 am

USS Grant (Discovery)


Re: [Phoenixplay] Re: USS Grant (Discovery)

>> The Grant moves close enough to beam the occupant out. The
>> IKS SoHvaD ghoS Hangs back to rescue them if things get dicey

>> Rescue the life pod occupant and then retreat to a safe distance.

> There is a male human therein. Weird asymmetric clothing and
> a skirt. "What, who?"

Medical Crewman: "You're on a Federation Starship. You're safe. Are you injured?"

>> Whats it saying?

> "Beeedooo do be doooo beeebeeebeee doo." It is telemetry or
> basic code. It seems directed at a super-luminal probe closer
> to them, but shuttle sized. It looks headed for Hells Balls.
> --
> Garry AKA --Phoenix-- Rising above the Flames.

Where is it in relation to them? Where is this probe coming FROM?


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