Spring Heeled Jack

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Spring Heeled Jack

Post by jayphailey » Mon Nov 30, 2020 11:10 pm

Okay - this is an encounter for Utaqa city. Spring Heeled Jack is roaming the city and making everyone crazy

Spring Heeled Jack

A humanoid, appears handsome, thin long face. Dark hair. In some lights, his eyes strongly reflect red.

Jack is a minor demon or devil. He cannot be struck by normal weapons, but any magic or blessed weapon will affect him.

He attacks by grappling women and draining their WIS, creating hysteria. If drained to 0 the women fall unconscious.

If he continues his attack past this, he can do permanent damage, resulting in a permanent coma or insanity.

Jack targets women and girls, preferably isolated ones. He wears a set of metal claws that do 1d6 damage. He uses these on the clothes of his victims. His attacks often include sexual assault of his victims.

Jack's principle defense is his extreme speed and leaping ability, his base speed is 50 feet. He can clear 10-foot walls easily and can reach 35-foot roofs easily. If confronted, Jack will flee, he knows there's always another victim tomorrow.

Jack prefers innocent girls and young women. They taste better.

He won't touch female prostitutes or warriors.

He sometimes teases or plays tricks on pursuers, and grinning devilishly takes advantage of his immunity to normal weapons.

He prefers dark clothing and cloaks, and will dress up to attack - this way when he's not on the hunt he can change his appearance. Of note, his feet are cloven hooves, a feature he will disguise as necessary.

STR 15
DEX 15
CON 15
INT 10
WIS 10
CHA 12

HP 15

Attack +2
Defense +2 +2 for 15

Fort Save +3
Will Save +4
Dex Save +3

SPD 50' enhanced leap

DR -/magical

Special attack - when grappling a young woman, and assulating her, Jack does 1d6 damage to WIS until the victim is at 0 wis. If he continues for three more turns, the woman's brain is compromised and needs a heal or a restoration spell or some equivalenmt magic.

Dark vision

Flame breath Three times per day, Jack can breathe a 2d6 fireball. Sometimes this is colored blue. Jack can titrate the power of this attack down. In one account he used it to flash and surprise a victim before attacking her.

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Re: Spring Heeled Jack

Post by jayphailey » Mon Nov 30, 2020 11:21 pm

Jack is a low level encounter, made more challenging by his ability to flee and his immunity to normal weapons.

A preist casting bless on a weapon will let it function normally against Jack for the duration of the spell.

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