[TFT6] Freeze down

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[TFT6] Freeze down

Post by jayphailey » Wed Oct 02, 2019 1:18 pm

TFT6 brings advanced Cryosleep technology.

Using advanced freezing fluids and nanotechnology, most biological beings can be frozen solid and enter nearly perfect cryogenic suspension. How long this could last is dependant on conditions. Dig a deep cave on pluto, and stash frozen people there, and they could last billions of years.

On the surface of Pluto, they'd erode like an ice feature.

If heated carefully back up to normal temps, the nanotech will reconfigure to act as a one-shot jump starter. If done with medical support, then any failure should be examined. That evidence of another problem in play. Under normal circumstances, a failure should not occur.

Recovery from this freeze down is much easier than old fashioned cryosleep, especially if there is medical support. A matter of an hour or two rather than most of the day. There is very little of the hangover effect if any.

However, frozen people do not register as life forms and look like detailed ice sculptures of people on scanners.

This technology is used for 4 general reasons.

1 - Prisoners. If an enemy crew surrenders, they'll be mostly frozen down to make them easier and safer to transport.

2 - Injuries. A terrible injury that requires extensive medical support to recover from (The Victim has half their body burned off in a plasma leak) will be frozen down and transported to starbase or a Federation world for long term care. This mode is not as "failure-proof" as other modes, but it works well enough to be worth doing in these sorts of cases.

3 - Colonists. If a colony world is a good distance away, Colonists will be frozen down to make transport easier. THis process has all but stopped during the war.

4 - Life boat. If a starship is crippled away from help some or all of the crew will freeze down to await rescue.

Frozen people should be kept below the freezing point of water. If they begin to thaw out, then once their body reaches room temp all over the nanotech will attempt to jump start them

This is the worst way to do this and is failure-prone. (Depending on circumstances)

usually, frozen people are kept at liquid nitrogen temps for preservation.

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