The Spracken

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The Spracken

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The Sprackens are genetically engineered race, designed for use as a soldier species. They have a narrow people button. They just don't like other types of people. It's not hard to persuade them that the universe would be a better place if they just killed a bunch of non-Spracken people

Amongst themselves they are gregarious, but tempermental. They cooperate well, epecially when it's about hurting non-Spracken people. But without non-Spracken people to hate, they can get political amongt each other. In time, they can divide into rival groups and even get violent with each other, although at a lesser rate than humans.

Once Spracken-on-Spracken violence begins, they go for it. They don't stop until all enemies are incapacitated or dead.

The Spracken resemble large, humanoid chickens. Their feet are like large chicken feet. Their hands look like chicken claws altered to be humanoid hands. Their faces and heads are most chicken like, although their skulls are larger.

Spracken can breed quickly. Baby Spracken quickly learn to walk, and start eating everything they can reach.

A Spracken can reach 100 lbs in 5 years and full growth in 10.

The Spracken do not age like other humanoid races. They stay vital and aggressive for quite a while. entering a quick, drastic decline, late in life, usually ending in death by natural causes within a few years.

They are laid in large eggs and hatch.

They need technological help to hatch eggs. A Spracken female could incubate an Egg by sitting and lying on it, but she'd need assistance from others to maintain herself so.

Modern Spracken lay eggs in artifically heated hutches or near hot springs.

They voluntarily restrict their breeding unles there is a war on and new Spracken are necessary. Females and Males will fight, but Female prefer to be more sensible about taking care of business and building their homes.

If Female Spracken find it necesary to fight, they will go directly to work, and spare nothing. They go from zero to axe-murder instantly when they decide this is how to go.

Males can get weird about ego, domination and areas of control. Older, more powerful males are particularly prone to this sort of crazy. They will strut, challenge, mock and berate.

Male Spracken are more liable to do intramural Spracken-on-Spracken fighting.

Once the fight is engaged, the Spracken care nothing any civil rules of war or combat. They are intelligent enough to use the best tactics and strategies they can devise and are aware that opposing military force are their worst enemies.

In spracken-on-spracken fighting, once opposing militaries are defeated, they allow civilians to surrender.

When Spracken fight anyone else, they do not. They will kill all military forces defending a town and then massacre every non-Spracken in the town. Mercy and retraint are rare, at best. Usually the result is permanent and ugly.

Hungry Spracken think nothing of eating fallen enemy or civilian victims. Cooking is optional.

The Spracken have their own mythology and culture about how they were created, why and what the results of that will be.

They recall their creation and how subsequently The Spracken bided their time, built up their advantages and then killed and ate the creature that called them forth.

They view the universe as a place of chaos and death, where the Spracken only get the stability, safety and prosperity they murder away from other races.

Their long term goal, as a matter of religion and culture is to conquer. To rid the game world of all non-Spracken.

When the last Non-Spracken person is murdered, their lore says, a portal will open everywhere Spracken are, allowing them to move into the cosmic realm where there is a Great Spracken God. The Great Spracken God inspired and forced the creator of the Spracken to bring them forth into the world, an event they call "The Summoning"

Their apocalype is called "The Great Return"

On that day, the Spracken will return to the Cosmic realm, All Spracken living and dead will return to existence and enter the sacred realm, behold the Great Spracken

And then they are going to murder him and all his minions in a mind boggingly violent crusade to get revenge on the Great Spracken for creating all this to begin with. It is customary bury Spracken with the best weapons possible so on The Day of The Return, they will be able to get with the killing forthwith.

The Spracken assert that the Great Spracken knows all this but is powerless to prevent it in the long run.

If someone asks why The Great Spracken wouldn't buff enemies of the Spracken to delay The Return they are met with scoffing rejection.

The great Spracken lives in fear and hate anticipating the return of his creation. But he'd NEVER turn to non Spracken to help. Non-Spracken just suck that hard. Better to go down under the onslaught of every Spracken who ever existed than to have Non-Spracken around. Ew.

Sometimes communities of Spracken live along side non-Spracken people. Usually these are females who are pragmatically pursuing a goal. A very few Spracken get bit with a curiousity bug and go to explore and look around at stuff, and learn stuff about non-Spracken.

A minority of Spracken can and will be sociable with non-Spracken.

But deep down, all Spracken consider this temporary. In time the Spracken will kill everyone not Spracken. This will be good and necessary when it happens.

Spracken have the avian voice box that allow them to mimic an amazing array of sounds. They can easily learn most humanoid languages, given enough time. Mostly this is for business and intelligence gathering purposes.

Normal Spracken speach sounds like complicated chicken clucking. People making fun of this are ignored unles the Spracken feel they won't get caught or it won't cause too big a problem, then they murder the mocker and hide the body. They do, among themselves, make fun of non-Spracken languages

Spracken are covered in feathers. They don't use clothing for cold unless the conditions are extreme. They have multiple colors, and different blood lines with different appearances.

Some Spracken are huge, hearing 7 feet and 350 pounds, others are smaller, slim and fast.

On first meeting, most animals dislike the Spracken and try to be somewhere else.

The Spracken do maintain their own collections of farm animal acclimated to the Spracken presence. The Spracken use animals pragmatically. They waste no empathy on them. They have no deire to kill animals the same way they want to kill Sentient races.

The Spracken will kill and eat chickens all day. They are not similar to trigger any empathy among the Spracken.

If confronted by a reptilian or a snake like race, the Spracken become exceptionally hostile and default to violence much more quickly. The racial reaction of Spracken to creatures like the Yuan Ti or the Kaa is a collective "Oh, HELL NO", followed by explosions, fire and weapons use.

The Spracken have technology roughly equivalent to humans in whatever game world you use them in. This was so they could fight humans.

The Spracken have their own cultural packages around preserving and using technology and other arts.

Clever Spracken are not at all adverse to kidnapping or capturing craftsmen from other races and torturing them for their secrets. They mght even lie and promise safety and release in exchange for secrets.

Some Spracken, engaged in commerce and wealth building might even bargain for and purchase techniques they don't currently know.

They will generally not share their own knowledge and techniques with anyone else. They just don't like you well enough for that.

The Spracken are intelligent and capable about hiding, fortifying, and rendering eggs, chicks and child rearing difficult targets. If these area are attacked a minority of Spracken will lose their composure and flip out going berserk and killing every enemy they can reach. This is genetic and until such a condition arises, the Spracken don't know whos going to go like that.

The rest of the Spracken will be have reasonably sensibly, considering their situation. They will even retreat and let such a place fall, if they cant stop it.

But Spracken who see such an even will never offer enemies mercy again.

The Spracken are relatively hygenic, but their communities have a particular odor to them that is distinctive.

If using a D20 style system the Spracken can level in any profesion the GM wants. There many fewer Spracken Bards and Diplomats than you'd find among a similar sized human population.

If using a point buy system like GURPS or Hero, the Spracken generally operate in the human realm of capacity and structure.

The Spracken have one serious advantage. They can eat almost anything. Their digestive sytems are efficient and versatile. In the wild, they'll tend to look for seeds, nuts, fruits, vegetables, bugs and small animals.

A group of Spracken will hunt and kill larger animals, eating just about everything but the bones. Spracken who have picked up the habit make cook meat for taste and easier digestion. But it's not necessary. They can and do eat raw meat when cirsumstances dictate.

In civilization they can and do eat human style cooked foods. Some Spracken develop a taste for various dishes and seek these out to eat, but these aren't necessary for them to survive.

The Spracken cannot drink alcohol. Its a deadly poison to them. It will screw up their digestive tracts causing terrible symptoms, posibly followed by death.

They are not fans of anything fermented and will avoid such things.


The Spracken are for use as Orcs. Its okay to kill them. They'll do the same to you if they can. They are bloody minded, mean and spiteful. Properly played, PCs will shoot these guys because they deserve it.

If that doesn't fit your game world, or your underlying philosophy of how things work, feel free to change these guys appropriately.

In a Space Opera Game, I'd use these guys as Space Orcs. They have planets of their own, and buil all the usualy starships and blasters. They raid and work to build up forces to conquer everyone else.

In a Fantasy Game, the PCs would encounter some communities of Spracken living in comopolitan areas, while "Wild Spracken" raid frontier settlements and conduct massacres.

Finding out that all Spracken consider themselves part of the same greater project of murdering everyone else would be something revealed over time, until the great Spracken Army appears and marches towards civilized lands.

Or you know, whatever works for you. I am not the boss of you!

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