[Phoenixplay] DSH - Late Storms

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[Phoenixplay] DSH - Late Storms

Post by jayphailey » Sat Aug 14, 2021 6:05 am

[Phoenixplay] DSH - Late Storms

>> Kalvin calls Starry Windchilde "TYou you know fo an individual
>> called 'The Green man'?"

> Starry: "I know several people that go by the molicker Green Man. It is > popular in Celtic/Pagan imagery. Can you narrow down an area?"

> When he does, to wit, Topeka, Kansas.

> Starry: long pause. "Kansas is not a hot bed of witchcraft, or
> paganism. I know of a possible one, and I do not know him. I have
> heard of him. My teacher mentioned an Irishman that went totally
> native with the Osage, to the point of being a Shaman/medicine man.
> She called him 'The Green Man', but that was 70 years ago Kalvin.
> Well I'm still here, it's possible. I do not have a contact number,
> but I know a friend who knows a friend."
> --
> Garry AKA --Phoenix-- Rising above the Flames.

Kalvin: "Please, do."

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