Why we are Here

Yes that nagging necessary thing.
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Why we are Here

Post by Innkeeper » Sat May 26, 2018 7:26 am

The sun drops its weary bulk below the breast of the distant hills, evening mists part before the weary traveler. The low eves and half timbered bulk of an inn promise rest and rejuvenation. The sign reads, The Olde Phoenix above the image of the rising bird.

The common room beckons warm and dark. Fellow travelers cluster in small groups. One wears the robes of a simple monk, animals gathered at his feet. Another group is in sleek uniforms with the tools of advanced technology about them. Still a third relaxes with their gleaming arms and the staves of magicians laid aside.

This is the Olde Phoenix, an Inn at the crossroads of the dimensions. A place of rest for all travelers no matter the road, or the destination. I am the Innkeeper, come in, be welcome and refreshed.

Few are my rules, but absolute are they in every respect. The first is that thou may spend but a single night. Come again as thou will, but each time can be but a single night. The second is that you cannot offend the will of any other that comes. Each traveler is entitled to their own rest, as you are to yours. Force against any other guest will not be tolerated. The final, and saddest third. Thou must return to the world that thou left. Abide here you can for a night, but your own reality beckons, and cannot be denied.

But while thou may, be welcome. Rest and enjoy all that I have to offer your. Explore the rooms within and sample all their treasures.


A simple introduction. A means of me playing with the phpBB forum. Yes there are a few rules and I aim to keep it to a few rules.
1: Be Excellent to Each Other.
2: And last: Don't Make Me Make a Rule.

And two guidelines
1: Most important: Do not seek to offend and do not be easily offended.
2: Never attribute to malice what can be explained by misunderstanding.

I think if we keep these few principles to heart we can have a pleasant and drama free place to hang around.
-- The Innkeeper

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