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Masamune Shirow

Posted: Tue Mar 24, 2020 5:19 am
by jayphailey
Masamune Shirow is a noted Manga writer and artist. His style is distinctive, as are the types of stories he tells.

Shirow was an engineering illustrator when he was young, and so he designs mechs, hard suits and other sci fi gear for his stories with an eye towards what could work, and making sure the angles and articulations are not the sorts of things that would bother Garry.

Shirow is also sort of a gun bunny, so you can tell he's talked with "Operators" and has gotten briefed on actual tactical training and tactics that work.

For instance I recall reading one of his characters talking about how much ammunition is appropriate for a stealthy reconnaissance mission. Three magazines. Max. If you need more than that, you're fucked. You carry more than that, you rick weighing yourself down and making noise.

You want to design your mission, if its a stealth recon to minimize the risk of enemy contact. Ideally you should come and go and the enemy should not know you were there or be bothered in any way. If you can't do that, adjust your plan, or call it off, because it's too risky and you're actually doing a different kind of mission

So yeah, the sorts of things that thoughtful operators might plan.

And then he designs protagonists that are Batman level over the top bad asses and has these insane action adventure power fantasies about them.

So Deunan will lecture her squad about over packing for a recon mission and wind up taking on a microtank with a 9mm pistol and winning because she's that bad ass.

Motoko Kusigani, the protagnist of Ghost in the shell is like that. Superior bad ass.

And, don't forget the cheesecake. Shirow loves his cheesecake.

So you wind up with a Batman level badass who spends a lot of season one dresses like this at her OFFICE.
Motoko Kusanagi Season 1.jpg
Motoko Kusanagi Season 1.jpg (41.39 KiB) Viewed 5525 times

Not kidding she snaps to salutes and discusses criminal and anti-terror investigations with her chess master Boss dressed like that.

Re: Masamune Shirow

Posted: Tue Mar 24, 2020 5:34 am
by jayphailey
Later on they play dress up dolly with her some including her in a khaki uniform when in a publicly visible context
unnamed.jpg (36.2 KiB) Viewed 5524 times
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But there's plenty of cheesecake shots and she often goes on raids in constumes that look like she's a cyberpunk stripper or hooker.

*Why* she views herself this way, and how her point of view evolved this way has not been established yet.

So far the impression that I have gotten is that she is basically dialed out of her own physical existence to a great degree, and doesn't care to a degree that's almost insane. Because she doesn't view her butt and her boobs as anything to be concerned with or even hers, really, she defaults to using them as constant distractions.

Anyone female will tell you this character was created and drawn by a man.

Re: Masamune Shirow

Posted: Tue Mar 24, 2020 5:37 am
by jayphailey
Someone female dressing like they don't give a fuck about their sexuality or how it affects other people would dress like these - These are girl for "I left my boobs and butt at home today. Don't bother me unless you have something relevant to say."
Billie-Eilish-Why-She-Wears-Baggy-Clothes.jpg (62.08 KiB) Viewed 5524 times
meditating-rafiki-teen-onesie-onesie-collectiontitle-769980_1366x.jpg (259.27 KiB) Viewed 5524 times
My opinion here are, of course, overly broad generalizations and not applicable to any specific person. And specific person can do whatever she wants, and stereotypes can go pound sand

Re: Masamune Shirow

Posted: Tue Mar 24, 2020 5:42 am
by jayphailey
Oops, I forgot a critical piece of the puzzle. Motoko Kusigani is a full body cyborg. A human brain in a girl bot. It may be that she doesn't get cold and so never has much reason to wear much.

But, yeah, if I were her boss, I'd say "lets stick with office casual unless the mission requires otherwise."

That way you don't have newbies running face first into walls, or assuming the Chess Master Boss keeps a Geisha bot around for obvious but never discussed reasons.

Re: Masamune Shirow

Posted: Thu Apr 09, 2020 3:37 pm
by Innkeeper
I write character into several broad clothing boxes.

Concerned about clothing: Not just dressed, but properly dressed. Not only must you be dressed but correctly dressed. Howard Nelson is in this camp. Tony McKenzie is halfway here or the one below. The Arabic, Catalan, and Hindee.

Modest but Meh: Clothing is a good idea to have and uncomfortable without it, but some is good, style is optional. Tony McKenzie is half way here. I can't think of major PCs of mine in this camp right now. Cultures do not tend to into into this.

Situational modesty: How I feel about dress depends on where I am. Tim Kirk, and most of the Trek crew that has spent time on ships or circumstances where privacy is an luxury. This is the default for most of Greyhawke due to climate and the fact that privacy is not a big concept in housing. Jerry LaSaille, but he would be loath to admit it. A subset of this is the modest for the comfort of others. It is usually a cultural thing, on Greyhawke mainly seen in the Celtic and Norse cultures.

Over modesty or never got it, but likes to dress. Half Centaurs as a class, Molly, Starry Windchilde. Free Spirits but playing dress up is fun. After all Molly's noted skill is dressmaking. Starry has a keen sense of the right clothes to project the image she wants. None of the above can be embarrassed by the lack of clothes. All of Egypt.

Clothing is inconvenient I will not bother: Most Sauroi, Kirt is a prime example. Orane likes dress up and a belt of clothing lets her have fun. Avians, with a feathered body and do not feel the weather. Centaurs have no body modesty but dress up for fancy.

Anti Clothing: Lepmans, some half Avians that have aggressively given up on the idea. No PCs in this category that are not the former. Seelein uses a belt of clothing. Casa Blackmane has a fuck you attitude.