Star Trek Picard Episode 3 "The End is the Beginning"

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Star Trek Picard Episode 3 "The End is the Beginning"

Post by jayphailey » Sat Feb 08, 2020 7:59 am

Star Trek Picard Episode 3 "The End is the Beginning"

Jaht Vash

Okay. I am not going to do a play by play. It was too long and it didn't add anything.

In this episode, part of what we expect begins to come together - while Isa Briones breaks her cover, and things get a lot weirder.

The Romulans are recovering alive, Romulan people who were assimilated by the dead cube. Oops, I was wrong Isa Briones is the Actress name. The Character name is Soji/ Soji is the currently unfound duplicate of Dahj.

But I think there's more to her than we think.

They introduce another Star Trek version of Han Solo. He was a former Starfleet Officer who quit after his ship was destroyed and hes making his own way.

Nice ship. Has a Pilots console reminiscent of the Helm/Nav console from the refit Enteprise Prime.

I am watching this and I'd prefer to have them all at once, so I could binge. The screw has done a VERY good job making the pieces look real.

The characters all sound true. The writing is good, the direction is good and it's "Real Trek" to me.

One thing I like is how they're adding broken people to Picard's quest. GR added something to TNG that the E-D crew were all friends and no one had any major malfunctions. This sort of makes sense bt it explains why Barclay was so popular in a handful of appearances.

The perfection and happinesss of the TNG crew made them sort of dull and flat. DS9 profited from having non-Starfleet people in the mix.

Voyager tried to replicate this by mixing a Maquis crew and a Starfleet crew, but this difference was mostly smoothed over. When it appeared and drove how the characters saw things, it was good, but studio interference flattened that out too much.

And for ENT, the crew was also too flat and the side characters were badly under used.

So, here in Picard, Picard, rejected by Starfleet has to scrape up outcasts and cast offs from Starfleet. And these are better characters with more story inside them.

I didn't want to wind up Live FBing my reactions to Picard for episode 3. It actually made my review much less useful.

Here as Picard scrapes together his crew, we see one thing that GR was sort of off-base about. Broken characters make better stories, if they figure it out as we go along.

Also characters with different motivations make better stories as they hash out.

So Picard has picked up a couple of Starfleet burnouts and cast offs and at least one babe in the woods.

And whatever the Hologram is doing, which I enjoyed.

So we have a bunch of random folks who are going to be hitting a wall here, soon, as they figure out if they really want to go charging windmills with Don Quitoxe here.

I am eager to see where this all goes.

I can see the edges of a surprise here.

I think whats going on with Dahj and Soji isn't what we've been led to think. Or is more complex.

I am looking forward to this whole thing exploding in everyone's faces. In an in-story sense. Because you know everything's going to explode. It always does.


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