Star Trek Picard Episode 1 "Remembrance"

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Star Trek Picard Episode 1 "Remembrance"

Post by jayphailey » Fri Jan 24, 2020 2:42 am

Star Trek Picard Episode 1 Remembrance.

The production design is lush. Beautiful. It's a very good looking show.

It Starts with Picard as an old retiree. He has Romulan people as his staff at Chateau Picard. They like him. A lot.

Picard does an interview with the Media. It's the anniversary of the destruction of Romulus.

I won't spoil it. But Picard reveals something. It had him stomping out of Starfleet in a huff.

And Almost every Starfleet Character I have was all "THEY DID WHAT!?" And Stomped off with him.

Very good writing and direction. It got me.

They set up a very TNG style long term plot. It starts off as a rescue mission but we see things to imply that it will turn into a complete fur-ball in short order.

That is to say the problem and the stakes are very TNG. TNG itself never got to do a long term meta plot even though GR seemed to want to.

Like I say, This episode was *pretty*. It really rubs my face in just how OLD school TNG was. They did the best they could with what was available, just like TOS.

Fuck I am old. TNG Season 1 Episode 1 is closer to the last Episode of TOS than we are to the last episode of TNG

The production design is just great. With modern technology - they visit Chateau Picard. Boston. The Daystrom Institute in Okinawa. San Francisco.

And they make it all look real, but Star Trek. Their game world has a LOT of visual veracity to it that I am enjoying quite a bit.

The Enterprise-D returns for a dream sequence. Oh, she's lovely.

The De-aging for Brent Spiner and Patrick Stewart is subtle. It didn't break the scene for me at all. This technology has gotten one step better in the last 3 years.

Anyway. We're back into the TNG Verse. I am enjoying the visit, even if it brings tragedy and mayhem with it.

I am sure someone, somewhere is going to be whining and crying that this shits on everything they know and love. Fuck 'em.

I liked it. It's a MUCH better premiere than Encounter at Farpoint.

I will be watching all of the episodes.

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