The Mandalorian, random thoughts and spoilers.

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The Mandalorian, random thoughts and spoilers.

Post by jayphailey » Wed Jan 22, 2020 3:43 am

The Mandalorian, random thoughts and spoilers.

This Show is an 8 hour miniseries. It features "Mando" A Mandalorian Bounty Hunter. It starts when he takes a big bounty. Its a spoiler, but we'll say it right out.

As we start the series, his job is to recover a "Package' that turns out to be an infant of Yoda's kind.

The critter is cuter than hell. So when Mando turns it over to post imperial bad guy of some sort, he begins to regret. Mando rescues "The Child" and burns his bridges with the bountuy hunters guild, and heads for the horizon.

This show is totally a space western. I'd be totally happy to GM this as a game. Scumbags shooting each other left and right. You never see the suburbia or big cities that have to be supporting all this. Just the dirty, grimy and lawless frontier.

The series posits the Mandloreans as a cult. They adopt orphans and inculcate them in "The Way" A modern "Fighter Class", The operational point is they never take their helmets off in front of anyone else. Ever. Or let them be taken off. The day they do, they're Ex-Mandaloreans. Forver.

Huh. Episode 6. The New Republic uses updated battle droids as prison guards, managed by living people. If you kill one of the managers, the New Republic launched an X-wing strike package. None of this "Take them alive" bullshit. Just "Tracking beacon Located. Target Locked. Proton torpedoes away."

Mando, of course handed the tracking beacon to the space pirates who betrayed them. So there was some hilarious CGI Mayhem that ensured.

The Theme Music is straight 1970s retro. Its done with modern recording techniques, but it would totally fit the good old days when I watched Kung Fu and Six Million Dollar Man in the evening.

Episode 7.

7 Episodes in and Mando doesn't know how to Child proof a space ship, nor what fun Toddlers are.

The Child is a force user. A strong one.

By Episode 7 they have a good Adventuring group set up.

Episode 7, they show a Tir fighter (intentionally) landing on the ground The Wing fold ourward until they're flat

Oh, Episode 7 ends badly.

Episode 8, They put a Star Wars titel logo together. I think to replace the 20th century Fox thingus.

Episode 8 begins with storm troopers... being storm troops.

Its hilarious.

It turns into a major shoot out. With a darth or a moff or whoever.

Mass mayhem. Its great. Oops! There's a thing. We finally see his face. Not what I was expacting.

OH SHIT. That's bad!

And then its better. They find the Mandalorean wizard who lives. I like how many variations on the Atromech body they're showing. People apparently love to shade tree the damned things

IG droids are crazy. And. Did IG-11 choose it's life? Did it choose its death. Crazyness.

The droid brains are doing things that don't make sense unless they're some form of technology that cannot be reverse engineered and repurposed.

If we assume that galactic culture can take pieces of what droids do and special purpose them, then no rebellion or lawless frontier is possible at all.

Yes, I'd be completely happy to have GMed The Mandalorean as a campaign. Its beautiful.

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