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Drek the Halls

Post by Innkeeper » Tue Dec 03, 2019 8:14 pm

Well the shuddering demand for all our mopey has begun. It looks like we the people have escaped death by Walmart this year,. A nice break from someone dying for a bargain in the Hell-hole of shopping.

I find myself ambivalent over the holiday season. The annual war on Christmas has begun, a war curiously only fought on one side. A group of easily offended Fundie types that demand we all do it THEIR way. Their screaming war cry of "Christmas is for Christ!" ignores, well everything. It is not the only winter festival celebrated, nor should it be. I might have been raised in that environment, but I hope I have gotten better. They are so wrapped up in defending Christmas they they forget about Peace on Earth, never mind Goodwill Towards Men.

I do feel the stirring of the old ways, and for me the New Year is December 21. We light the lights to drive away the darkness, and to welcome the new year as the sun comes back to us. January 1 is a calendar accident. Yea my Wife gets the day off. We can sleep in.

So gather your family about you, in what ever from that is. Celebrate the solstice, in what ever form you do. It truth let us have Peace on Earth, Goodwill Towards Men. We have no one else for support.
-- The Innkeeper

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