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Sciecne Deniers

Post by Innkeeper » Wed Jul 24, 2019 9:29 pm

I'm getting testy with science deniers. People who for reasons unexplainable (because, Ghood said it, reasons) deny evident, accepted science. Do they reject the gifts that such discoveries and development have brought? Oh Hell No. They are usually found pontificating on the internet, if sick taking advantage of modern medicine, or flying to their denier conference on planes that depend on the science they deny.

One reaches a point of frustration with those that have the answers, don't like the answers because they do not fit their personal delusion and keep asking the questions all but demanding a different answer. It is not instant anger, it's a long slow burn.

The anger also comes from the fact that some of these science deniers are hurting people, getting them killed even. AKA the anti-vax crowd.

Flat Earthers are funny in their attempts to ignore two thousand years of science, twisting themselves into mobius strips of illogic.

Young Earth creationists get my ire because they want the coming generation taught ignorance. Again, hurting others.

Moon landing deniers belittle the enormous effort and bravery of those that accomplished the feat. And while denying the accomplishment feel no shame in using it's gifts, like that personal computer, to spread their lies.

UFOolgists? Alien believers? In the same category. Sorry folks, ancient man had the same brain you do. Obviously a better one because they figured out how to build all those marvelous works that have you stumped. Oh archaeologists largely have too. You just are not listening, but you never do. Hell, I would love proof of alien life, I'm an science fiction nerd first class. You do not have it.

No, the testiness is not instant. I have no intention of not being testy, having reached a certain age, totally due to he gifts of said science.
-- The Innkeeper

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