Binky (USS Yellow Submarine)

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Binky (USS Yellow Submarine)

Post by jayphailey » Sat Jul 13, 2019 7:47 am

Binky is a half-elven cleric of Aumanator.

He was raised in a monastery among the clerics and monks of Aumanator. he always meant to leave when he was old enough and go seek the parents who left him at the monastery.

but when he was a young initiate, he supported his monastery brothers in a fight against the undead. Skeletons rose from their graves and attacked. Many Civilians and clerics were killed.

Binky threw himself into studying the ways of Aumanator, to never be powerless in front of such monsters again. He no longer thinks about his parents much. They were merely a system to deliver him into the arms of Aumanator.

Binky trained as a battlefield cleric. He is a sensitive soul and would probably be happier roaming the woods and writing poetry.

But you do what you have to during war time.

Virtual training has given Binky the skills of a battlefield medic, a Corpsman. He is hoping not to have to use such skills, but once the balloon goes up, Binky will do his job.
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