Character Sheets

      Herein are the out of date character sheets for my game.  While no longer used I don't want to get rid of them, so they end up here.  No, I never throw anything away.  Why do you ask?

Character Record 3 -- The third character sheet for my game. This incorporates the 3e elements I want while trying to keep the numbers to a sane minimum.

Character Record 2-- The character record sheet used in the Greyhawke Campaign 2.5 era. This item exhibits why I like computers so much. The first such sheet was made on drafting velum with prestype letters and technical pens in 1980. I think it took me 14 hours to do. Those originals are carefully mounted on matt board and have been photocopied repeatedly. When it was determined than an update was required it took me 4 hours in the word processor to do the same job. Here is the 2ed version for posterity.  Someday if I ever find an unused copey of that first sheet I'll PDF the thing and post it too.

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