In my long history with the D&D game I have created a great many maps, both wilderness and dungeon. Since 1993 I have done the vast majority of those creations on my computer. The Deluxe Paint 4.5 program and the addition of the Citizen color printer (24pin dot matrix no less) meant that I could make far better looking maps on the computer than an equal amount of time could create with pen and paper.

       The Maps below are the ones I consider useful to any DM. They are mostly blank of their original purpose as after a point I stopped putting the key marks and numbers on the maps in the image processor, and placed them in Final Writer, my best and favorite word processor. I will try and explain a little of how each map came to be to give you ideas on how to use them.
       You might also note that some maps do closely resemble parts of others. I am a frugal type and will reused things when I think I can get away with it.

       All maps and other drawings are copyright Garry Stahl 1993 to present. Permission is granted to private persons for private use. No commercial rights are granted or allowed without further license from Garry Stahl. That means you can use my work yourself, for you and your players, but you may not place it in any product for sale without asking me first.

Checkpoint       An Entrance to the underdark, a well guarded one. Check Point
Crypt       This was made when I was in a Lexington Kentucky hotel room and my wife was at a model horse show down the hall. As there as no room for spectators I was banished to my own devices. Funny, but I remember that better than the game I eventually used the map in. An large and elaborate crypt to house your ancient mystery or undead monsters. The brown boxes are coffins. The numbers had something to do with the key. crypt
Egyptian Tomb       A typical Egyptian shaft tomb. I remember a good many of the features. The entry shaft was rubble filled, a false tomb, the maze was full of mmmmies. Fall away floors, falling blocks, and the last trap was a water filled shaft. All the doors had been sealed with "stone shape". Egyptian Tomb
High Wall       This was used for "The Hunters" campaign. A group of characters hunting Rakshasas. They obviously got into other matters as well. Here in this abandoned border fort lay the bones of a saint they needed to recover. The fort was half in and half out of Shadow. The part in the Shadow replaying the climatic battle that destroyed it. Parts of the fort were only accesable in shadow, and one had to switch back and forth. It was a good one. High_Wall 1
High Wall 2       The second sheet of the "High Wall" High_Wall 2
Hoto Monastery       This map is of recent vintage. A Markian Monastry that was built to guard a gate to the underworld (in the cave). The PCs had to find the source of minor deamons and inform the proper athorities to reactivate the forgotten site. Hoto
The School of Ancient and Forbidden Knowledge 1        This is, regrettably, all that is left of this dungeon. It had several more levels all of which were lost in a hard drive crash. I have the print outs, but the rest is toast.
       Level one is similar to the Primus Tor dungeon. Yes a re-use. The school was located bellow a ruined keep in much the same fashion. The keep map was lost as well..
The School of Ancient and Forbidden Knowledge 1
The School of Ancient and Forbidden Knowledge 2       The second level. The caves, made since the school was abandoned contained Kobolds. The first rooms were lecture halls. the room with the brown lines the library. The oval a medical amphitheater, and a lecture theater to the south. Last student dorms and the common hall. The School of Ancient and Forbidden Knowledge 2
The School of Ancient and Forbidden Knowledge 3       The third level. A continuation of the caves. There was more, sigh. The School of Ancient and Forbidden Knowledge 3
North Castle       A Japanese style castle. I never did detail the interior of the castle, either the out buildings or the keep. That leaves you something to do. This has been used a couple of times. Most recently a few sessions back from this writing. North Castle
Primus Tor       The map for a dungeon I developed for beginning players. The key is simple and can be finished in a single session. All monsters are suitable for first level characters. A balanced party will find something to challenge the skill of every character. I should post the whole thing I suppose. Primus Tor
Stome Giant cave       This was made as a giant's lair. In this case Stone Giants. Stone Giant.s
Sun & Moon Plaza       This is a case of reuse as I mentioned above. This ruined temple complex is the based on the same plan as the one below, but it is presented in worse shape. The solid areas being the parts above ground, and the rooms being the last standing roofed strucures. The Complex was being used by a Demon that had been seduced to the bright side. She was hiding herself and her children. Sun & Moon Plaxa
Tabaxi Temple       This is based roughly on a mezzo-American temple complex. The dark green represents a steep slope of grass leading to the dug out ancient temples. Some restoration was assumed. Tabaxi Temple
Tabaxi Temple Inside       The plan and elevation of the central step pyramid in the map above. Yes, one chamber requires that you demolish a wall to enter it. Tabaxi Temple inside
Temple of the Lich 1       Yep, it had a lich in the top level. Another pyramid dungeon. This one is a total of three levels. From the bottom up. Lich 1
Temple of the Lich 2       Second Level Lich 2
Temple of the Lich 3       Third Level Lich 3
The Inn of the Last Rose       This place still exists in my Campaign. the Lonely Inn sits in the mouth of a Mountain pass that few traverse. This would be a fairly typical roadside inn on Thindacarulle in the North. I have two floors and a perspective The Last Rose 1
The Inn of the Last Rose       The Second Floor. The Last Rose 2
The Inn of the Last Rose       A simple Elevation just to see if I could. The Last Rose Elevation
Haunted Townhouse 0       In the upper-class neighborhood of Seahaven was a house they couldn't sell. This one. Seems there was an awful tragedy in which many people (the family) died of bad drinks (poison) and misplaced cutlery (in bodies). Not very nice at all. The house was unsold for ten years when the adventurers came to call.
       First floor: Public spaces, library, grand hall etc. k.
Haunted Townhouse 0
Haunted Townhouse 1  Second floor the large bedrooms. Servant's dorms to the bac Haunted Townhouse 2
  Haunted Townhouse 2     Third floor: Small bedrooms and work areas. Only the front of the house had windows. It was in a row.
Haunted Townhouse 2
Haunted Townhouse 3  The Attic, most musty, dusty, and haunted. Haunted Townhouse 2
Haunted Townhouse C1       The cellar, and even more secrets. Why would someone build all those walls and secret doors? Haunted Townhouse 3
Haunted Townhouse C2       Why sir, every house needs a private crypt. Soon everyone will want one. the current inhabitants? a few clerics can get them to move.
       The blue line is sewers. the temple goes under them. 
Haunted Townhouse 4
Townhouse C3  Yes, and below the crypts are hidden ruins from the city 3000 years before. Forgotten Elven temples, its crypt and scriptorium.  And other things as well.
Haunted Townhouse 4
Undertown       Here we have a slice of Pompeii. A town long buried by a volcano that has been partly dug out and in this case used as a hide out by refugees. Somewhat deadly refugees. All areas are tunnels. Undertown
PDF graph paper.  Large hexes are hard to find.  Here is a sheet of one inch hexes on 22x34 inch paper.  Getting it printed is your business. PDF Paper


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