The Disciplines

Author's Note: The specific details of the god of this sect are very much part of the ingrown development of my game and game world, it would take a good sized volume to explain the entire thing in enough detail as to not confuse you. Take it for granted that certain elements are just not going to make sense, and if you use it, alter what you must to make it work.

General Information:
Teachings and Other Information -- Worshiper Requirements:
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Who's Who -- The Disciplines
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The Disciplines

God worshipped: Shadowhawk
Sphere of Influence: Birth, Marriage, Death - the changes of life, Thieves, and The Abandoned
Sacred Color: Grey
Sacred Animal: Hawk
Place of Worship: Temple, home, or where ever
Worship Days: Sunset of the sixth day
Holy Days: Lastlife; Water 2,13 The last birth of Shadowhawk. Get drunk, party down.
Greymantel; Earth 3,20 Shadowhawk takes the Fate's mantel of responsibility and becomes a god. This ends his journey of lives, and begins his teaching of the endless circle to others. A somber holiday, a time to reflect on the life's accomplishments and to plan future accomplishments.
Folly; Air 3,10-13 For the hell of it. A three day party hearty and have fun. Everyone else is having some sort of harvest festival, we might as well join in.
Propitiation/Sacrifices: Goods and labor, blood under special circumstances. Sentient only if willing.
Holy Writings: The Seasons; The philosophy of the god on life, death and life. A short and concise work.
The Lives; Shadowhawk's history in his own words. A long book, very long as it details some 300 turns of the mortal wheel of life. Everything from Kings to scullery maids.
Favored Deities: Vala, Avians
Favored Governments: Lankmar, Eyrie

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Teachings and Other Information

Worshiper Requirements:

Typical Worshiper : Citizens of Lankmar, street children, thieves, those persons unjustly outcasts from their own societies.
Sex of worshiper : Any
Minimum Age: None
Race: Any
Worship of Other Gods?: Yes
If Yes, Any restrictions?: No conflicting rules

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War & Fighting: Certainly defend yourself, and that which you care for. Fighting for any other reason is sightly unreasonable.
-- If for some strange patriotic reason you feel like serving in a government run possible means of getting yourself killed, such as the Army, have your head examined. If after that you still feel like it? Well, on your head be it. I will not ignore you, but I won't pull your ass out of hot water you volunteered to get into either.
-- Vengeance is a lousy reason to fight. But, if you insist, at least do it right. That is with a maximum chance of winning. Getting yourself killed while out for vengeance is dying stupid. I will have words with you over that.
Love and Marriage: Great, should be fun. If you play around without commitment, don't get any kids.
-- Kids are a big responsibility, do not do this lightly. If you don't feel you are ready to handle it, then don't. When you do feel ready, then do. BUT, you cannot reverse the process so be sure.
-- I don't care what arrangements you make, pairs, triples, entire clans. However, when you make this commitment, and ask the priest to bless it, you had better by damn well be sure you want it for life.
Duty to Liege Lord: You've got them, they are a fact of life. It is easiest to obey the laws. If you cannot obey the laws, at least don't get caught. If you get caught, don't expect me to bail you out.
-- I really can't stress this enough, yes, sure, some laws where made to be broken. Frankly some laws should be broken. But there is a price for the breaking of them, and if you are not willing to pay that piper, then don't dance the dance. Never think you will never get caught, that makes you lazy and you will get caught.
-- One caveat. I will aid those unjustly charged and convicted. But if you do the crime, I will not prevent the punishment. Justice and fairness are not one in the same. It can be perfectly just, and totally unfair. Those are the rules.
Self Interests: Live life big, even fatal mistakes are not permanent. This is not likely you last life, and might not be your first. Don't get stupid, but don't kill yourself with caution either.
-- You should try everything, at least once.
Others Needs: Don't step on the other guy, remember he is in the same boat you are. You might be able to climb to the top on the heads of others, but you will find the route lonely, and you won't get any help from me.
-- If you feel the call to do charity, examine it very closely. If you detect a sense of righteousness, or pride in virtue, stomp on it and do something else. If you find a genuine enjoyment in helping others, hey wallow in it.
-- A point on the very idea of charity. Aiding the truly helpless is fine and good, but the healthy poor resent it. Charity saps a being's sense of worth. It is far better to offer work and pay than a handout.
Duty to Religion: Yep, it's the little payback time. If you don't aid the priests, they can't aid you. I don't like personal appearances, that is why I have priests. When the priest aids, that is me aiding. So treat the priest as you would treat me.
-- One more thing. Don't profess the religion if you don't like my rules. It's rude, and pisses me off.
Life & Death: Do not fear death. This is not to say you should seek it either. Death is a fact of life. Everyone dies sooner or later. It is permissible to wish it to come later.
-- Death is a passage, not an ending. Keep this firmly in mind, it will ease the trasnition when it comes.
-- Don't take life to seriously, you will not get out alive.
Other: Some people are called to bear burdens that others are not. Just because you might not feel the need does not make it pointless or stupid. There is dirty work that needs to be done, and more power to those that are willing to do it. I will aid in special ways those persons so called.
-- Tolarence aways. Your way of life is no more unique or special than the next persons. Doubtless you yourself will give soemthing like that a try at one time raround the circe, or have already.
Afterlife Expectations: What do I promise? A fair trial and a just disposition. I will not shunt you off to some special place to avoid paying for nasty deeds done in life. That would be defeating the entire reason for the very cycle of rebirth.
-- A few pointers when facing Minos: No afterlife plane is forever. Even Hell can be gotten out of if you really want to. Rebirth is always an option.
-- Did bad for a good cause? I will stand with you and argue your case, if I agree with your reasons. If I can't get the big guy to agree with me, I will see you get a quick trip to the Caldron of Rebirth.

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Clerical Requirements

Name of Order: The Elders of Discipline
Statement of Mission: To educate the people to the true meaning of the circles of life. To protect and aid the followers of Shadowhawk.
Sex of Cleric: Any
Minimum age: None
Race: Any
Sexual Practices Allowed or Required: None really outside of those for everyone else. Sex is to be enjoyed. I don't recommend marrying outside the clergy. If you feel that you have to, just make sure your intended understands the duties you must perform, and that my vows will come first.
Wealth and Magic Allowed: No problem with this. Even the worst of items can find a good use. Be careful however. If you get a bad feeling about something, have an elder Elder check it out.
Oaths of Ordination: Obedience, service.
Special Attributes Needed: Quick wits and a level head will serve you, and me, well.
Special Abilities Given by Level: The proficiencies of Read/write Quentăta (clerical language), speak Thieves Cant (if applicable), Survival (urban & one wilderness), Street smarts.
-- At 4th level the Cleric will acquire local customs, Cant, and Street smarts within a month of living in a location instead of six.
-- At 8th level customs, Cant, and Street Smarts are acquired within a week of living in a location.
-- At 12th level the Cleric can use Blend at will. They will acquire customs, Cant and Smarts within 24 hours of moving into a location.
Weapons Allowed: Any onehanded edged or blunt weapon.
Armor Allowed: Keep it light and simple. You can use armor as heavy as mail if you really feel you need it, no armor is better faster and quieter.
Special Commandments: It is imperative to lean to live with anyone. Tolerance is your first commandment. If you show Immediate disapproval of a being's race or life-style you can never win them over to your point of view. Even if you personally find them repugnant, smile and shake their appendage. You can gag in private later, plan their murder, or whatever. Yes, I know this is openly deceptive. Honesty is good, but not always the best policy.

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Clerical Ranks

Disciple -- 0 to 1st level
Duties: Learn the ropes, obey the Elder, keep your nose clean.
Privileges: Precious few. The teaching Elder has full discretion on this matter
Vestments: Simple grey robe with a rope belt.

Elder -- 2nd level and up
Duties: Do everything required for the maintainance of the congregation and temple. From administer rites to sweep the floor. Some Elders are given special duties by the god himself.
Privileges: When not doing the "good work" your time is your own. No one is looking over your shoulder. But it is wise to not do something that will bring disgrace to the god if it is found out. You can understand how that might upset him.
Vestments: The vestments worn depend on the duties being performed.
Daily: A grey pleated robe, sleeves edges in green, with a white pointed tabard edged in green and the symbol on the chest. A head cloth of white edged on the front with green. Robe and tabard are belted at the waist with a white sash.
Marriage: A White pleated robe, sleeves edges in green, with a white pointed tabard edged in green and the symbol on the chest. A wreath of flowers of the season is worn on the head. Wreaths of silk flower will be kept for occasions when fresh flowers are not available. Robe and tabard are belted at the waist with a white sash.
Christening: As the marriage vestments except the tabard is solid green.
Burial: Grey robe and grey tabard. All else conforms to the daily Vestments.

Senior Elder -- 5th level and up
Duties: Just more responsibility. A Senior is in charge of something. From a temple to a project. All roving priest are consider Seniors as a matter of courtesy. All Roving priests are considered to have special missions.
Privileges: As the Elder. You didn't think rank got you anything but trouble, did you?
Vestments: As an Elder.

First Elder -- at least 18th level
Duties: In charge of everything. What did you expect?
Privileges: Other than his god as a drinking buddy, just more responsibility.
Vestments: As an Elder

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Who's Who -- The Disciplines

Shadowhawk -- The many born
       Shadowhawk is the many born man. He has lived over 300 life times in his turns of the great wheel. In his lives he has occupied every social position from beggar to King, experienced every race, and has been both man and woman.
       Unlike mortals who never, without great effort, remember their past lives, Shadowhawk can recall each life with great clarity. With this knowledge he understands in ways that those born gods never could the changes that mark the mortal life.
       Shadowhawk was a thief in his last life, choosing to be born to low estate, he was not really planing to become a god. Because of this he is also the parton of thieves and outcasts. While he will not aid in stealing, he does offer some protection for those down on their luck or unjustly persecuted by authority.
       Shadowhawk also has spent the majority of his lives in one city, at least after it was founded. The last 100 lives, where lived in the City of Lankmar, and he holds that city as special.

Sparrowhawk -- Demigod
       Sparrowhawk is Shadowhawk's only known living child. He offered her a psoition as his demigod when she started getting up in years.
       Sparrowhawk aids in general ways. She doesn't have any paticular sphere of influnace as such.

Zed -- Demigod of Life
       Zed was one of Shadowhawk's first worshipers, and the first of the Paladins. Worshipers dealing with life's hardships or difficult rulers call on Zed for aid.

Wayne -- Demigod of Death
       Wayne is was once the death himself. The being that once attended the death of every creature in the universe. At this point he serves only Shadowhawk, he has passed the mantel of Death to other hands. He still possess all the powers of death however.

Cathiea -- Personal Servant
       Cathiea is the daughter of Molly and Tommie Elsoria. She was one of the most sought after women of her age. Gods were lined up courting her. In the end it was the least likely man that won her heart and hand. Indeed Shadowhawk didn't even try to "win" her.
       Cathiea is active in Shadowhawk's religion and often aids or consults with his clergy.

Tommie Lanarn Elsoria -- Blood Brother
       This relationship started when the young Tommie faced his first kill, and the older, and strange man backed him up. Shadowhawk became both teacher and student, and when Tommie reached manhood, they became brothers of choice.
       When Tommie claimed his rightful heritage as Slantia Tommie, the first father, Shadowhawk stood beside him. To this date Shadowhawk is the only human god that has been given voice in the Halls of Valinor.

Friends and Enemies

Friends --

The Vala --
       Shadowhawk is welcome among these the first children of Greyhawke. He in turn welcomes them.

The Avians --
       Shadowhawk has dealt primarily with the Phoenix members of this council. He counts several as personal friends.

Enemies --

       Shadowhawk counts no gods among those that oppose him. He opposes no god himself.

Favored Governments --

Lankmar --
       Shadowhawk is the Patron god of the City of Lankmar. This city and its people enjoy the god's favor and protection against outside enemies. He will not protect them against themselves.

Eyrie --
       Shadowhawk accepted the honor of Knight of Eyrie in his mortal days, and still feels bound by that oath. Those that follow him are enjoined to favor this government.

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The Above is a work of fiction. All ethics are fictional, any resemblance to ethics living or dead is coincidental.

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