Author's Note: The specific details of the gods, and relationships of this sect are very much part of the in-gown development of my game and game world, it would take a good sized volume to explain the entire thing in enough detail as to not confuse you. Take it for granted that certain elements are just not going to make sense, and if you use it, alter what you must to make it work.

The Sect of Sharla

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God worshipped: Sharla
Sphere of Influence: Leomans, love and beauty
Sacred Color: blue and silver
Place of Worship: Temple glade or clanhouse
Worship Days: evening of the greater full moon
Holy Days: Rainfeast, W2,1 Celebrate clan, dedicate children born in that year. Make merry with one's clan.
Preyfeast E2,1 Give thanks for the prey and to the spirit of the prey.
Feast of Visitations F2, 1-7 A time of travel from clanhouse to clanhouse. Adolescents are fostered, and new adults come back to their home clans for a final time before joining a new clan.
Propitiation/Sacrifices: Produce of the hunt and made goods.
Holy Writings: The Lifeguide, the Leoman way.
Favored Deities: Vala, Avians
Disliked deities: Curiss, Deamons, Devils
Favored Governments: Eyrie
Disliked Governments: Domain

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Teachings and Other Information -- Worshiper Requirements:

Sex of worshiper: any
Minimum Age: none
Race: any, Leomans favored
Worship of Other Gods?: yes
If Yes, Any restrictions?: Stay to good deities who's spheres are not covered by Sharla.

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Commandments --

War & Fighting: Strive to avoid fighting, try to make friends out of your enemies. However when reason fails be prepared to defend your homes and families.
Love and Marriage: The Family is sacred to Sharla, and the root of the Leoman way of life.
-- Love your clanmates, each is a treasure.
-- Jealousy has no place in your life, it destroys the unity of the clan.
-- Love equally, you should not make favorites among clanmates.
-- Keep close track of sire and dam. Inbreeding will weaken the people.
-- Defend your children and pregnant females to the death, they are your future.
-- Do not breed out of your kind. These children have a harder road to travel than most.
-- Sex is a joy, enjoy it where you will, but keep breeding inside your own clan. Cross clan children are a vexation to the community.
-- Don't let breedlust rule you, it is not an excuse for unfortunate behavior. You are not an unthinking animal.
Duty to Liege Lord: Tolerate them as much as possible. If they become too much to take, call me. Do not take matters into your own hands, we are not that strong a people.
Self Interests: Be good to yourself. Enjoy life's pleasures in moderation, excess is not becoming behavior.
Others Needs: Take care of the unfortunate, share what your have with those that have nothing. Welcome guests with open arms. However, do not be taken advantage of.
Duty to Religion: Take care of your priest and temples and they will take care of you.
Other: Be tolerant of others. Treat their ways with the respect you want for your own. Remember, we were not the first on the world and those before us were kind at our coming.
Afterlife Expectations: Obey the commandments. Be creative with your life and you will dwell in paradise. Turn from the Lady and she will turn her back on you forever.

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Clerical Requirements --

Name of Order: The Priests of Sharla
Sex of Cleric: any
Minimum age: adult
Race: any, Leomans preferred
Sexual Practices Allowed or Required: No special requirements
Wealth and Magic Allowed: Priests may amass wealth, and magic
Oaths of Ordination: Obedience, Service
Special Attributes Needed: Wisdom of 9 or better, good intelligence.
Special Abilities Given by Level: All charm and summoning spells are cast with a -2 to the targets saving throw.
-- Undead are turned with a 3 level penalty.
-- Name type extra-planular creatures are turned on the undead turning table by hit dice. A "T" causes the creature to flee, a "D" forces the creature to return to its home plane. Each attempt affects 1-4 soulless creatures or one souled creature.
-- The proficiencies of Herbalism, Dancing, Weather Sense, and Animal Lore come free with the class.
-- Clerics of 4th level can Identify Potions as per the 1st level Magician spell Identify. Saving throw applies.
-- Clerics of 4th level add chemistry to their proficiencies.
-- Clerics of 6th level can make potions as per the Healer table Make Potion at 1st level ability.
Weapons Allowed: Priests may use only the weapons given them at birth.
Armor Allowed: No armor allowed other than magical devices.

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Clerical Ranks--

Seeker -- 0 to 1st level
Duties: Learn the Lifeguide and the ways of spell casting.
Privileges: A Seeker remains in the teaching house. A Seeker may not sire or bear children.
Vestments: White leather harness

Priest -- 1st level minimum
Duties: Care for the needs of the Clan or congregation. A Priest must lead the spiritual life of the Clan and temple.
Privileges: A Priest is afforded the rights and responsibilities of any productive member of the Clan.
Vestments: Blue leather harness with chromatic tassels at the hip and shoulder.
Headdress of gold crown with holy symbol and chromatic fan. Gold bracers with colored edge (red to green) showing seniority.
Red -- 1st to 3rd level
Orange -- 4th to 10th level
Yellow -- 11th to 13th level
Green -- 14th level and up

Elder -- 14th level minimum
Duties: Oversee the Priests in a given territory. Elders are the goddess's spokespersons in matters of doctrine.
Privileges: Elders have a staff of Priests at their disposal. They may seek audience with the goddess.
Vestments: Same as the Priests but with blue edging on the bracers.

First Elder -- 14th level minimum
Duties: As an Elder, this person is the most senior of the Elders and the goddess's right hand.
Privileges: The First Elder consults with the goddess frequently
Vestments: Same as the Priests but with purple edging on the bracers.

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Who's Who; The Sect of Sharla

The Goddess: Sharla goddess of the Leomans and beauty
       Born of a humble but well off clan Sharla had a normal childhood for a Leoman. The only notable thing about her youth was her remarkable beauty. She joined a clan on her maturity and had her first children within two years as was the norm. Unfortunately Orcs still preyed on the land in those days, and they attacked her clanhouse. While most of the clan escaped, Sharla's young infants where killed. She pursued the Orcs two days, and personally killed most of them. While she went on to bear other children, she has never forgotten the Orcs, and hates them with a passion.
       The years of motherhood took her into middle age, and wanderlust took her past the clanhouse and into the greater world as an adventurer and later a witch. The tales of her adventures and climb into the heights of Eyrian society are well known and well told. She matured and in time he new mate, the Phoenix Tesral offered her the cup of immortality. She well knew that while her people looked to many gods, none looked after her people, she accepted, and began to make a place for herself as the mother and protector of the Leoman people.
       Sharla is the patron goddess of her race, the idea of the female Leoman. She stands 5'9", on the tall side for a Leoman, her fur is a golden tawny color her hair silver, and her eyes rich amber pools. She is so beautiful that any mortal looking upon her is struck with awe and desire, so great is her beauty that even the animals will offer themselves as prey at her feet. She can use any power of magic at will, especially those of the Craft, in which she is an accepted master. Her intuition is so astute that she can come to a correct conclusion on only a couple of connected facts, sometimes on a mere suggestion. As patron of the Leoman race she is aware of any matter that concerns her people. While she maintains concern she does not intervene in the day to day lives of the people except through the priests.

Other important immortals: Demigods --

Shimmer -- The iridescent Dragon.
       Shimmer entered Sharla's service as a demigod on a at the bequest of another god that wished a service of Sharla, the details of the service are not given. Shimmer heads the Dragons that serve Sharla, the rest are mortal, and flit about her in small form. He is proud as are all dragons, but of a kindly nature, and enjoys discussions of a deeply intellectual nature. He act as troubleshooter for Sharla. He seems to posses such power and items as he needs for a given task.

Tinn -- Male Leoman
       Tinn is one of Sharla's many consorts, he is seen when a matter requires more than the mortal touch, but not the attention of the goddess.

Personal Servants --

Arias -- Male Leoman
       Arias si a male Leoman that came into Sharla's service more by accident than design. He was killed while performing a service for her, the power boost from his willing sacrifice was more than a surprise his reward was a place at her side.

Important Clerics --

Wendia -- Female Leoman.
       The current First elder. Wendia is a handsome Leoman, she has kept her figure through an active life, but her hair and limbs are graying.
       Wendia is over 60 years of age but still active in the church, traveling from clanhouse to clanhouse to see to the concerns of her people and the goddess. She refuses to argue with anyone, she will simplly wait till they wind down, and repeat once again how this or that will be, and she will repeat this as often as necessary to get the point across.

Friends & Enemies

Favored Deities --

The Vala --
       One of the Leoman's parent species are elves. Elves and their gods are held in respect. Sharla herself enjoys a personal relationship with Silalata Tommie.

The Avians --
       Likewise this council of deities and Sharla are very close. She is associated with Tesral, Abba Eecreeana, and Ivan.

Disliked Deities

Curiss --
       This serpent god seems to take delight in baiting Sharla. She would by choice leave this less that noble being alone. But when he sticks is nose it she more or less has to bloody it. Well he gets nothing he didn't ask for.

Deamons --
       This relativity new group stands for everything Sharla is against. While they have yet to come to blows (and Sharla likes it that way), they cannot be allowed to worm any influence on the world.

Devils --
       Sharla is normally polite to these beings, as long as they maintain their distance and place, she will not hesitate to put them back where they belong.

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