Wizard not Lizard

     Why do I say "Lizards"? Surprisingly it is not a knock on the company that has put out sme good stuff, also some absolute dreck. Sturgeon's Law applies.

1: In the old AD&D first edition books there is a cartoon of a angry Wizard facing an invisible stalker that has a totally shocked lizard cradled in it arms. The caption is "I said wizard, not lizard you stupid stalker!"

2: In yet another way too late gaming session Mike has a wish to spend and he has to use it then. Wishing his character to have the next level of spells. he blurts out. "I wish I could cast seventh level lizards." After we finish laughing our heads off I go with it. "Zar" thereafter could "cast" his level in 7 HD lizards per day. Effective really, Are you going to mess with a guy that can throw Komodo Dragons at you?

Ergo :Wizard = Lizard, Lizard = Wizard around here. It's become a tradition. It's not a derogatory slight, it is not meant as one.

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