USS Kezar Makol NCC-98756 Titan class GXC Heavy Cruiser. First of the disodium Balmorian class vessels. Named for an early Zarian space pioneer. The Titans are on the small side of Heavy, but are in the class none the less. They are comparable in all ways to any heavy cruiser class except for the crew accommodations.

Titan class ships are built with the latest advances in technology and comfort. They can carry 600 beings in comfort to the most dangerous places in the Galaxy and bring them back. The Titan class is considered a superior long range scout. They have overbuilt sensors that make the class idea for those long surveys. They have the protection and firepower to come back from less than friendly areas.

The titan class has a more traditional torpedo layout, a heavier reliance on phasers and phaser cannons. Balmorians don't like torpedoes. Torpedoes run out. Phasers do not require reloads. Three tubes, phasers everywhere, phaser cannon port and starboard, ion cannons everywhere. A ship that can do any cruiser mission and excels in the kind of knife fight the Vargr love. Therefor the Vargr respect it.

Biter Vargr battlesruiser -- This vessel is the Vargr all over. Yes it has lots of unnecessary bits to make it look tough. Appearances are important. Don't be mistaken however. It might look over the top but the vessel is no pushover. Varger like close in "knife fights" their ships are armed accordingly.

Joyful discovery - Kober exploration cruiser -- The Kober are a race that is once again coming out. They have plenty of this big vessles and they are starting to spread out. The Kober didn't have available diSodium so they are extremely well built diLithium drives. Kover weapson concentrate on knocking you out of the fight with little damage. And they are good atit.

ACS Diversus Infucatus Equs DC-3
-- The "Equs is a blue dolphin class cruiser leveraged for really huge computers and comfort. It is Gensilan's main ride.

TIS Dominor -- Dominor class battleship.
The Dominor represents a reaction to the presence of the Federation by the Trantorian Empire. Better drives,and beam weapons. Older ships are being refit to this standard.

TIS Voluntas -- Mos class Assult carrier.
This is the Trantorian planet taking machine. These vessels are big, slow and clumsy. They are cooling meat if they go out without the battleships. While they are armed they do not punch anywhere near their weight class. Their sole purpose is to carry the means to make planetary war.

ADF Faithful CA-70 -- Kandilan class heavy cruiser -- By 2320 it was obvious in the ADF Unity class while effective was being called a cruiser in name only by the more progressive Federation Euphrates class was considered to have too may hats. Both vessels were moving down the ranks in size category that they needed a new cruiser class.

To that end the Kandilan class was developed. She has been called many things. "The first of the fish" is likely the kindest. "Winged torpedo", "the flying suppository" "the ugliest thing to come out of an Ane shipyard under its own power". It has never been called an ineffective ship.

ADF Yesterday - Yesterday cl;ass container transport    As in "we need it yesterday".  This is a high speed cargo carrier, HSCC.  It can get a decent amount to you as fast as frankly anything can move.  So far they have been seen only in Starfleet. 

The Yesterday class carries the came engine and mid-section layout as the Mastodon, but only two container rings.  All that power dedicated to very little.

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