Stations:  1 pixel to 10 meters

Acceptian Mothership -- More details on the 1-1 picture. It is here to help scale things.

Behemoth Class Container Ship -- Again here to scale things.

Aquarius Spacedock -- The largest and oldest spacedock in Earth orbit. Pieces of the 20th century Skylab are enshrined within the structure. (At the center of the big ball on top.) Aquarius Spacedock started with a more conventional space station that is now the sphere at the top. The First large dock was added in 2240, and the second in 2310. The city started to grow on the upper structure shortly after it was built.
       It is a point of pride that while the station has undergone massive expansion in the past and some areas have been reconfigured (The gravity point rotated 90 degrees.) That as much of the original structure as could be saved was saved.
       Aquarius Spacedock is seen in several Epiphany Trek Stories.

High Crystal Station -- High Crystal is the old El Aurian station that still orbits Glade above the ground city of the same name. It is now known it had a different name "back in the day" but the residents of Glade are not inclined to change it back.
       The most remarkable thing about High Crystal is not its size. Many stations within the Federation are much larger. It is the age of the station. At 3000 years old it is the second oldest station known to be in use. The El Nanth system also holds the oldest station in use, Builder Station.
       High Crystal Station is the setting for the Terkos stories. It is seen in other stories as well.

The "Grave Ship" -- Bussard ramjet STL colonizer. "But ramjets don't work." So the intrepid, and dead, crew of the ship found out. This ship is seen in The First Principle. It is an object lesson to do your science first. At the time it was not known who launched it or if they knew it's fate. I ought to decide who and why I suppose. The ship was centuries old, not millennia. It's route would have been traced back by now.
       The Bussard ramjet was an idea that was a staple of early science fiction. It is now known that the interstellar medium is not thick enough to allow the ramjet to work.

Dominator's Home Place -- Thrasite War City. The opponent in Ships in the Night. They are also seen in Jay Hailey's Outwardly Mobile. They originated in the Star Trek games he played in.
       Thrasites are a space going "sea peoples". They take from the weak and give to themselves. They travel in massive slow moving warp powered space stations. No two ever look alike.

Koo Sub light Invasion Ship -- All this is from the STB-600 game.
       Koo had a narrow people button, even Koo could fail the test (still can). When they discovered that the animals in the next system over were building a ring world, they freaked. A relativistic missile was fired to destroy the ring, it worked. A fleet was sent to subdue the animals, it didn't.
       The whole mess was encountered by the USS Discovery. They encountered the Koo fleet and subdued it with their overwhelming generosity. The old Koo belief system of Zero Sum benefit, if you have it I don't. Did not account for Federation plenty. They believed, that only the overwhelmingly powerful could give without seeking a taking in return. This worked to Captain Hailey's benefit.
       The launching of the missile and the 40 sub light multi generation warships beggared the Koo, and caused a collapse of their society. What rose in its place is more enlightened system believing that benefit shared is benefit multiplied.

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