The Baggazoku Sector

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The Baggazoku Sector

Post by jayphailey » Tue Jul 10, 2018 1:23 am

The Baggazoku Sector.

This is an area of space rimward an spinward of the Joemberek sector.

In the past th area wa the home of the Badgers and the Sneks. They fought and terrible war. The area was littered with Badger Planets who collapsed into barbarism. No one know what Happened with the Sneks. Yet.

The gateway to the sector is the Planet Bagermerica. The USS Urafiki is popular there. The disposition of Badgermerica is up in the air as of 2411. Will they be contacted more?

Further along are the Baggazoku Alliance and the Teikoku Empire. Both are "Pocket Empires. " Sizable enough but their expansion and exploration have been stuynted by a serious war.

Besides the Baggazoku Alliance and the Teikoku Empire there are some neutral or independant worlds, such a Nodu-Sekai.

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Re: The Baggazoku Sector

Post by jayphailey » Tue Jul 10, 2018 1:25 am

Baggazoku Alliance

Created by: Jay P Hailey

Occurence: June 2018 Urafiki plot

Number of Members:
Some Billions.

Nature of Members:
Mostly Badger Folk (Baggazoku), but they have 3 planets not Baggazoku

*Hitsujizoku - a variant of Ovids. They tend towards red and light brown in color, they tend to be hierarchical and fighty

*Onuzoku - These are canoids, but they're larger, have heavier
skulls and shorter tempers than the Vargr. They are to Vargr as Orc are to Humans. The can be brutal tough and violent, but they have a secret core of being philosophical and poetic.

*Chizakzoku - Large Bees. They hail from a low gravity world. Normal gravity ranges would not be kind to these people. They are mathemticians, physicists and engineers. All the sophont ones are workers who keep their queens, drones and larvae the way others would keep pets, but with shared cutody among all the sisters of the hive. They advance engineering by amusing themselves with difficult math problems.

The Baggazoku and other folks banded together as a mutal defense pact against the Teikoku.

Before the defense pact there were occasional wars, especially among various Baggazoku worlds, but no one was safe if they meddled.

The Baggazoku Alliance was smashed together by the need to oppose the Teikoku. But the various folk have come to enjoy how it works.

The Baggazoku is an alliance of worlds. Each world is sovreign and participates according to preset levels and can adjust their level on a regular schedule.

The Bagga-Rengu have a unified Command structure, Alliance High Command. Units are built and manned by individual planets. Military units are spoken of as being part of the Alliance when operating in Alliance Space or on an Alliance mission.

Each world sends representatives to Alliance summits. The Alliance has grown law enforcement and regulatory authority as it has evolved - mainly as a way to keep disagreements from breaking Unity of the Alliance.

Game Role:
Badgers and their friends!

World Role:
Badgers and their friends working to not get dominated by their nemesis the Teikoku Empire

Relative Influence:
Inside their own sphere, large. The Alliance is evolving towards being a meta government. They share technology and economics.

But becaue of the war, the BaggaZoku Alliance has not expanded or explored as much as some might have wished.

Baggazoku ships tend to be very good at combat and short distance speed bursts. But they have only built up other capacities coincidently or as a side effect of the war effort.

Publicly Stated Goal:
To protect the members of the Alliance from the Teikoku Empire's aggression.

Relative Wealth:
Large, they can build and run whole battle fleets

Group advantages:
Between the Baggazoku, the Hitsujizoku and Onuzoku, they are not shy of people who hav talent and enthusiasm for fighting.

Special Abilities:
They can go from 1 to 100 pretty quickly in term of fighting.

Group disadvantages:
The Teikoku Empire is slightly bigger and slightly btter organized.

Special disadvantages:
They have to work hard not to take swipes at each other, although having a common enemy really helps.

Teikoku Empire - armed stand off. The Teikoku Empire are the natural rulers of the galaxy, you see. The Baggazoku Alliance is standing in the way of progress and inevetibility.

The Vargr: The Alliance doesn't have much official opinion about the Vargr. Various worlds in the empire have had their own experiences which sets up how they relate. Alliance Intelligence Is trying to assess how much of a threat the Vargr will shape up to be

The Wanderers: The Bagga-Rengo Alliance is officially neutral towards Wanderers, but Alliance Intelligence is always ready to talk to them. They have good trade relations with many Alliance worlds.

Area of Operation:
The SW frontier not to far away from the Joemberek and the vargr

Each world in the Baggazoku Alliance is an independant world with an independant military.

These individual worlds lend forces to the Alliance.

The Alliance names a supreme military commander, a Space Marshall, who commands all lent forces.

In practice this has been going on for so long and common methods of training and proceedures have been in effect that the Alliance has it's own military.

The Baggazoku Alliance has a set of common ship designs and technology. These were set up as a way to feed a military force on the front lines with the most efficiency.

Nothing binds a Baggazoku world into only having Alliance types of ships and gear, or only having ships and gear allocated to the Alliance.

In practice units that are not lent to the Alliance are either on a rotation off the front lines, have aged out of the front lines or have been damaged in fighting to the point where they need rebuilt or a new unit was sent in their place.

The Baggazoku Alliance has a very particular mission. Resist Teikoku Empire Invasion. They are very good at this. They have ships which are designed as effective ship killers. They don't put a lot of energy into multi-role capacity or versatility.

They have small, medium and large ship killers, which operate in task forces or groups to kill Teikoku Empire ships.

They Also have assault ships and troop transport ships to allow ground forces to to counter attack a Teikoku Empire ground invasion of a member world.

Baggazoku soldiers are well trained for what they do, which is to locate, engage and destroy Teikoku Imperial ground units.

This entails all sorts of armored vehicles, artillery, and transport vehicles as well as air and orbit to air superiority vehicles.

But the tight focus on destroying Teikoku opponents means they might struggle against other opponents. The only other oppoent they've encountered so far have been Vargr raiders and they are not rigged to go toe to toe with a real warship.

The Baggazoku have scouts of two descriptions - fast ships with big sensors. These ships are designed to to locate Teikoku Imperial units and report their locations. They also support Eletronic warfare efforts.

The other type of scout is an obsolete military ship, which is altered a bit for longer range, run with a lighter crew and sent out to explore unknown areas. This sort of territorial scout is an afterthought to the main military effort. Some individual Baggazoku worlds run territorial scouts on their own dime, using ships returned to them from the Alliance.

Headquarters Location:
Zoku No-aye, the capital city of the planet Gaaba, the most built up and avanced Baggazoku world. Although its inconveniently close to the border, it's also most advanced, has the biggest ship yards and economy and is a natural HQ for the war effort.

Public Face:
Badgers with itchy trigger fingers.

Notable Members

History of the Organization:
Gaaba had a long, slow battle to it's space age. When the Baggazoku of Gaaba at long last discovered warp drives and began exploring their neighbors, they discovered two things. There were Baggazoku every where. And their discovery of warp drive was more of a re-discovery.

Gaaba began trading, visting, and having occasional conflicts with neighbors. This lead to the Baggazoku worlds having arms and tchnology races. There were occasional wars. The Baggazoku naturally fight in a limited way. They're not out for mass destruction, they're out to loudly and violently settle their point.

Gaaba tried to act this way towards the Hitsujizoku. This led to a massive, expensive and horrible war. After Fighting each other to exhaustion, Gaaba and the Hitsujizoku entered peace negotiations and the Baggazoku learned to not start up with the Hitsujizoku unless it was a very serious problem.

in 2379 Oppak the Mightly took over the Kamezoku, on the edge of Baggazoku space.

By 2383, Oppak and the Kamezoku took over the old empire of the Kinokozoku.

in 2385 Oppak conquered the Saltarezoku and declared the Teikoku Empire.

After some consolidation, Oppak sent out ambitious underlings to conquer the Bagga and the rest of the "Riff Raff" on the edges of their known space.

This started a set of campaigns that were bloody and mostly not very decisive.

The Teikoku Empire was more organized and did terrible damage attacking individual worlds, mostly a better outcome happened when Baggazoku worked together. This started the anti-Teikoku Alliance, which has evolved into something more.

The Baggazoku understand that previously they were something more, and fell. They had lots of legends and mythology concerning "Sneks". Later archaeology has seemed to confirm that there were Sneks, but not a lot of details about how and why there was a conflict.

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Re: The Baggazoku Sector

Post by jayphailey » Tue Jul 10, 2018 1:26 am

Teikoku Empire

Created by: Jay

Occurence June 2016 Urafiki game

Number of Members:
Some Billions.

Nature of Members:
The Core of the Teikoku Empire is Oppak and His family. Oppak and his family are Kai-Kamenzoku.

The Kamenzoku are humanoids, but where humans have hair, the Kamenzoku have a sort of shell that looks like a turtle shell. The Kanezoku range in colors of green and brown. Their shells can be green, red, blue or some variant with polka dots. The green and green with polka-dots are most common, the reds moderately so and the blues are least common. Phyiologically they are somewhere *between* reptiles and dinosaurs. They have a humanoid body plan. They average 5'2 to 5'10 with outliers getting somewhat bigger or smaller.

The Kai-Kamenzoku are huge, brutal variants of Kamenzoku They average 7 feet tall and get bigger. They are huge masses of muscle. Their faces protrud and they often have tusks. They can be scary.

In previous eras, Kai-Kamenzoku were to Kamenzoku as Orcs are to humans. But a their civilization advanced this relationship altered over time.

The Oppak happened. He mixed driving ambitious with intense intelligence and magnetic Charisma.

Oppak conquered the Kai-Kamenzoku quickly and brought them under his banner.

Oppak's conquest of the Kamenzoku and their world was a little more finicky, but Oppak used his enemies assumptions against them. As Oppak and his people got comfortable with running a world, the decrepit Kinokozoku attacked to try and put the kamenzoku down and end Oppak's dreams of stellar conquest before they started.

This was a terrible mistake.

After a brutal war, the Kamenzoku took over the Kinokozuko empire.

So, Oppak built his administration first, out of his family, then his extended family, then his tribe.

After that, Oppak was careful to select possible rivals as his truted lieutenants. In this way intead of fighting to control the empire, a credible rival can be absorbed into it. Oppak is clever about making sure staying on his good side is rewarding to his allies.

Many Kinokozoku people, especially competent ones were rewarded for supporting the new regime.

The Kinokozoku are humanoids, they have humanoid skeletons, but where a human has hair, a Kinozoku grows a mushroom cap. The majority of Kinozoku are redcap types but different colors are seen.

Physiologically and biologically, the Kinokozoku are a weird mashup of mammal and fungus. The Kinozoku can recover from insane injuries if they can be nursed through the immediate shock and trauma.

Most Kinokozoku like what Oppak has one with their empire. Everyone knew the old empire was decrepit and troubled. Oppak swept away a lot of old garbage but was careful to try and assure that his new subjects were not bothered or even benefitted from the change. Many Kinokozuko people admire Oppak and his changes.

The Saltarezoku are actually humans. The Kinokozuko encouraged their human subjects to set up small kingdoms, which the Kinokozuko kept at each others throats and fighting each other rather than the Kinokozuko. Tensions also limited trade and technological developement.

Since Oppak took over, he has removed a lot of barriers to success for Saltarezoku people in the Empire.

As with the Kinokozuko, when offered a chance to participate in a nation that actually worked for them and their own benefit, the Saltarezoku decided they liked this new guy.

Secretly Oppak sees the Kamenzuko, Kinokozuko and the Humans of his empire as the same. Disposable pawns in his plans of galactic conquest. But he is actually not a bad manager for all that and nurtures high morale and loyalty to the Empire.

At the Top a Crime Family operation.
Under that, an old and functional imperial bureacracy.
Under that, Oppak does not care what form subidiary organizations take, so long as they pay their cut.

Oppak has a cabinet of adviors. Oppak has put some thought into succession to make sure his empire doesn't implode on itself when he dies. He has drawn up an organized and orderly way of identifying which of his posible heirs are competent and getting them on the throne.

But the Kai-Kamenozku can live a long time.

Oppak has taken ruthless advantage of the social instincts of his Kamenzuko, Kinokozuko and Human subjects. Each of these likes to form groups and attack problems through Organization and Process.

The Teikoku Imperial Space Navy, and the Royal Army are very well organized and work hard to build unit cohesion and morale. These forces are large in comparison to their Bagga-Rengo Alliance opponents. But they are half a step off the edge of Weapons and shield developments, so the sitution remains more evenly matched than Oppak, his Admirals and Generals would like to see.

Game Role:
Antagonists for the Baggazoku

World Role:
An up and coming power

Relative Influence:
In it's own sphere, large. They maintain a scouting and expansion effort which is anemic by federation standards, but is well organized.

Their economy is well built in but old fashioned in some respects and so is underpowered for its size

Publicly Stated Goal:
To enforce lawful order and to bring the benefits of law and order to the wild places of the galaxy.

Relative Wealth:
Compared to an individual, huge. The Teikoku Empire can build and maintain entire fleets and armes.

it's slightly less than the Federation average. Due to old fashioned mechanisms and a lack of variety and dynamism.

Group advantages:
High Unit Morale and cohesion. Many true believers in the cause of bring law, order and civilization to the wild and vile places.

Group disadvantages:
When the forces of "law and order" start goose stepping around, they provoke a lot of resistance

The Baggazoku Alliance - Hostile. Suddenly a bunch of squabbling pirates, raiders, scum and villains stopped murdering each other and pointed their evil impulses at the bastion of civilization. They must hate all that which is good and true!

Vargr: There have been a few Vargr feelers. The Teikoku Empire is actually pretty liberal in terms of trade, so residents are trading with the occasional Vargr traders, happily. There have been a few Vargr Pirate raids The Teikoku Emperial Space Navy takes a dim view of this and hunts such pirates aggressively. But the numbers and organization of Vargr Pirates seems to be Increasing.

Wanderers: The Teikoku Empire frowns on Wanderers. Navy ships inspect wanderer ships aggressively. The Kinokozuko Empire was always cold and bureacratic to the Wanderers but this has become more pronounced over time. It's just a flat out control freak thing.

Area of Operation:
SW area of the Known Space Map Coreward of the Pythonomo to the NW of the Joemberek Sector.

Headquarters Location:
The Imperial Palace in Shigeru City, Planet Kamensekai

Public Face:
Noble defenders of law and order, friends and family.

Notable Members:
Oppak - Emperor and ruler

Chisana Umi (Human male) - Now retired to planet Kayoryu, formerly one of Oppak's most depndable secret agents and assassins. (Think James Bond) Married to a Princess of a human kingdom.

Mu Masanobu, legendary captain of the Imperial Starship Solvalou, on it's 5 year patrol of Imperial Space and beyond. Masanobu and his crew have become popular in a set of video programs used as pro-imperial propaganda.

History of the Organization:
Some time ago: The Kinokozoku conquer the local area and begin to slowly expand. Due to antiquated methods of organization and command and control the Kinokozoku Empire quickly hits its own limits and them begins to rot.

XXXX - Oppak is born

XXXX - Oppak rules his home tribe

XXXX - Oppak begins to conquer more and more area on the Tsuyoi-Sekai, the Kamenzoku home world. Oppak forms a tight core of loyal people and a cult of personality.

XXXX - Oppak conquers the Kamenzoku. Besides his loyal core and his cult of personality, he is an organizational genius and quickly arranges Tsuyoi-Sekai into a sensible and practical evil empire.

XXXX - The Kinokozoku attack the Kamenzoku. The Kinokozoku fear Oppak and they are right.

2391 - Oppak conquers the Kinokozoku, and remodels their Emire into his own, founding the Teikoku Empire.

2396 - Oppak sends a battlefleet into Baggazoku territory. He means to conquer them and incorporate them into his empire. This is also a way to distract Mannago, a brilliant and capable Admiral from taking over OPPAK'S empire. In hard fighting Mannago is stalled out. Oppak recalls him to the capital and in the Parliament Chambers, Oppak kills Mannago in single combat. This is the price of failure. the underlying message is clear. Allies of Oppak and loyal retainers are not killed for failing. Only rivals for power.

2401 - The Baggazoku Alliance is declared.

2403 - the first Alliance types of ships begin to roll off the ways.

The Present - Oppak rules his Empire with a tight core of family and loyal retainers. His cult of personality is in full effect and he has rearranged the bureacracy and processes of the empire into something a lot more sensible and tolerable then previously.

The people of the Empire really believe in Oppak.

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Re: The Baggazoku Sector

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I hesitate to comment on this twice. It is an interesting situation and like like the Badgers.

Snarl Counter-Snarl, snerk.

Oh and with the public demanded to me the Star People the discussion was physical. The Badger President finally stated. "The People have Bitten."
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