House Tharliv (Real Klingon)

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House Tharliv (Real Klingon)

Post by jayphailey » Mon Jul 09, 2018 7:29 am

House Tharliv (Real)

Created by: Jay P. Hailey


Nature of Members:
Klingons. House Tharliv is a traditonalist Real Klingon House. They treat non-Klingons as not fully people. But Tharliv insists that the treatment of non-Klingons is done by a certain standard.

Tharliv doesn't think non-Klingons are on the same scale as Klingons. he believes that Klingons are meant to rule the Galaxy. He has little use for non Klingons personally. But he deemaands his own people treat every properly according to honor. If challenged he will say "It is not the Orion's honor in question! It is YOURS!"

Techno-Feudal. Tharliv and his three sons lead the house. From the front.
Then a military dictatorship. Among his innovations are his oldest warriors form a review board to approve or disapprove of Dept commands and large military commands. This enforces meritocracy over ass kissing.

If you map functions of his holdings into physiology, House Tharliv's body has multiple redundant organs, and smaller true civilian operations work on a commercial basis.

Game Role:
Not all Real Klingons are evil.

World Role:
He is a Solid Commander and loyal to the Empire in spite of who's running it or what funny ideas they have.

Relative Influence:
Moderate. He does not have a seat on the council, but he is allied with two major Real Klingon houses, who speak for him.

Public or Secret:
Public. Tharliv is so honorable, he doesent have much in the way of spies and informants. He does decent signals intelligence using subspace telescopes and other electronic means. But these operations are manned by honorable, intelligent people who squeeze all the information they caan get out of sources that can be seen.

Publicly Stated Goal:
To advance the cause of the Empire! And to manage his holdiings so that his legacy will have honor.

Relative Wealth:
Tharliv is a second rate house. He has a fleet which he keeps strong and prepared for battle. Unlike other Klingon House lords, he does not sanction off-books raiding. He has stripped crews of their honor and banished them for this. He does hold fleet maneuvers and sends his ships on aggressive anti-Pirate Patrols. Looting from Pirate, criminals and enemies is not the same as off-books raiding.

Tharliv takes advantage of the Klingon/Federation alliance by sending his ships on anti-Piracy patrols through the Fedderation and in neutral space. In this way, his ships can observe the Federation and other powers and his crews gain skills in tracking down and battling pirates. He also directs his crews to do SAR work when it comes up. Rescuing troubled ships and people is good practice for his crews. They don't have to like humans or Zarians. But they have to rescue them because in time, they may be rescuing Klingons, and practice makes perfect.

Group advantages:
Tharliv's forces have great disscipline and morale. They take pride in being professsionals.

Group disadvantages:
As Real Klingons, they have a manpower deficit. As Honorable Klingons, they don't benefit from being sneaky or underhanded.


The Federation: Tharliv annd his people tolerate the Federation because of the Treaty. But the treaty doesn't mandate that the Klingons LIKE the Federation people or go out of their way for them

Zhodani: An enemy to be fought thoroughly, but honorable.

Vargr: The Vargr annoy Tharliv. He and his people will not tolerate Vargr hijinks in their space.

Area of Operation:

Headquarters Location:

Gashto-Marika: A Formerly Orion World thoroghly dominated by the Klingons. They have a unique social institution. The Safety Patrol. Tharliv's father didn't want to spend his own warriors keeping order among his subject Orions. So he imported mercenaries and had them train Orions as peacekeepers. The command level of the safety patrol is Klingons. But they are instructed to assess Safety Patrol Officers by a system of competencies, and meritocracy.

Over the laast 27 years, this has resulted in a policce force remarkably free of corruption. The Orions do not have energy weapons, even stunners. They must use martial arts and melee weapons. usually staves and such.

There are regular tournaments between different wings of the Safety Patrol and Tharliv's own warriors.

Tharliv doeesn't especially care what the Orions under his command do, except he will not tolerate dissent, sedition, corruption or ressistance. He does not esspecially care what his subjeccts do in termss of art or culture.

Tharliv's Mines, foundaries, factories, ship yards and repair docks emmploy numerous Orion natives. Tharliv isn't especially happy about the notion of spying and espionage. But Tharliv's chief of seccurity on Gashto-Marika, Jarasha, does and has informants and covert Surveilance everywhere.

Jarasha is leading the charge to upgrade Gashto-Marika's economy into a Federation style energy economy. This is because she can own the replicator network and effectively have a spy in every home with a replicator.

Gashto-Marika is a purple and green world, very lush and verdant.

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Re: House Tharliv (Real Klingon)

Post by Innkeeper » Fri Oct 19, 2018 6:18 am

Good, not overly complicated with half a game already played out. A good set piece for encounters.
-- The Innkeeper

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