Her Majesty Queen Edjai of Calabolg

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Her Majesty Queen Edjai of Calabolg

Post by jayphailey » Mon Jul 09, 2018 6:08 am

Name Her Majesty Queen Edjai of Calabolg

The Soveriegn of Calabolg

An extremely regal and beautiful Golden Orion Woman.

She is tall, thin, athletic and hasn't changed much in the last 40 years

She is always dressed in the highest quality clothing of great beauty. Her courtiers and retainers, like wise.

Edjai is a trained Monarch so she know how to administer her planets government and she knows how to spot and pre-empt attempt against her power. So she's half accountant, half spy master and all crazy.

Like all Monarchs in the region, she has a healthy, competent and robust spy servicce. She needs one on her world to warn of threats to her power coming from inside and one to warn her of threats coming fron outside.

And then she needs a black ops department to BE th threat to other monarchs and rivals.

As a Monarch, the only places she can be free of contant attention and monitoring, and possible threat are privacy bunkers built into her palaces and administration centers.

A lot of people make a lot of money off her and so it's in their interest to manipulate her to their ends.

Edjai has a Prince Consort. He is genetically perfect. Unbenownst to anyone, she poisoned him causing brain damage about 15 years ago. He is now mentally a child. She has staff look out for him and she visits him on personal time to enjoy the fact that he now cannot scheme to put a knife in her back.

Edjai has children. 5 of 6 survive. Her 5 surviving children are loyal to the point of death. They are ministers and military commanders. They are also part of the Pro-Edjai network that helps identify and foil possible challenges to power.

The reason for this is that her oldest son led a quiet coup attempt. Edjail called him into her office, with the marble floors. She revealled thaat she knew a lot more than he thought she did. he caved and gave her everything. After hours of questioning and note taking, Edjai reached for a control hidden in her jewelry and blew her sons head of with a bomb planted in his skull. She'd had it placed years earlier when he was a toddler.

Edjai showed this footage to each of her subsequent children when they were 14 years old.

Being on the throne is a ruthless exacting game. Mommy didn't get there by accident. She loves her children, but if they threaten chaos and disorder, she'll kill them in a heart beat.

Edjai also has cousins and other relations. She treats them the same way. She loves them until they look like they getting near a challenge to her power and then "pop!"

Some time ago, Edjai flipped out on the concept of "Genetic perfection" She booked up on Genetics, filtering all she learned through her cultural bias and her own insanity.

Since then, Edjai has worked on making herself and her people Genetically perfect.

On the one hand this means quietly punishing the imperfect until they voluntarily sterlize themselves, or leave.

Land holders and minor noble who are imperfect are forced out and their lands confiscated by the crown.

Major nobles are screened. They can only pass down their titles to off spring Edjai approves of. That means genetically eningeered perfect ones.

Edjai has had legions of clones of "Genetically Perfect" people. They've been raised in a military environment from the start and they're taught to worship Edjai. Most do, earnestly.

Edjai has a number of clones stashed in various places. As she ages, she has organs and pieces replaced with parts from the younger clones.

Although she's north of 80 she looks and performs like a young 40.

Her scientists have discovered that you can tweak stem cells and then inject them into organs and give the organs new leases on life.

She is genetically engineering herself on the fly to eliminate "imperfections" but also to lengthen her own life.

Edjai's clone troopers will not be used as cannon fodder. Silly, thats what commoners are for. Her clones, raised to be skilled and loyal will eventually form the middle level of her army and her civil government.

From there, they will replace disloyal and imperfect officers, administrators and nobles, until Edjai has a group of perfect people loyal to her alone running Calabolg.

If Edjai stopped there, she'd have been okay. Not great, but okay.

But her madness is deepening. Her opinions of what does and does not constitute imperfection is growing more and more narrow all the time. Her children dont realize this, yet but they're out of the line of succession for the throne because they're "Imperfect"

In time, even her hand picked clones won't be perfect enough.

Edjai is extremely good at acting out the role of Queen. One lets no emotion or thought intrude on ones face. She has a galactic class poker face.

So she has just kept acting "Queen like" and not answering questions and this has worked so far.

Edjai and her private clinic of genetic engineers can go further and further off the rails and no one will know for quite some time.

As an obstacle or an enemy. If a PC has done something to honk her off previously, she'll put up a bounty, or hire assassins herself.

If a PC is of the proper species, one might have Edjai go nuts and think that the PC is the height of genetic perfection.

Or the PCs might start slowly uncovering her scheme.

Calabolg has commercial shipping and stiff enough space defense to make it an unattractive target of conquest.

Calabolg has a population of Adventurers and Mercnaries who hire out for various customers all over the region and beyond.

An Orion House lord tried to make a run at taking Calabolg over about 70 years ago. Edjai's parents let him get so far before they rolled his operation up and executed every decision maker in the group. They missed actually getting their hands on the House Lord by three minutes.

Since then Orion Syndicate operations happen on a small scale on Calabolg and only with the undercover approval of her majesty's government.

Since she is Orion, pretty, Ruthless and occasionally bloodthirsty, The Orion Syndicate considers her someone they can do business with.

Although Calabolg tolerates it own crop of mercenaries and adventurers, they are not fond of those from elsewhere. They will be hastled and their ships thoroughly inspected. Edjai wants murder-hobos she can trust on her own world. These outsider murder-hobos are just trouble.

But one crew member from Calabolg on any given ship makes things a lot easier. Their ship yards repair Orion and civilian shipping. They can take a crack at anything if the price is right. Sometimes Klingons seeking immediate repair call there.

Starfleet ships visit, but taking advantage of Calabolg's facilities in frowned on. They're not Federation people.

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Re: Her Majesty Queen Edjai of Calabolg

Post by jayphailey » Mon Jul 09, 2018 6:13 am

I was making this person up as a piece of an overly complex plot. She can be fun all by herself, or as part of another game.

I probably won't post the whole plot. The crazy people I had to invent to make it work are plenty.

Remember rule 0!

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Re: Her Majesty Queen Edjai of Calabolg

Post by jayphailey » Mon Nov 12, 2018 11:39 pm

I enjoy running across crazy stuff I don't remember writing

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