Picard Episode 2 Maps and Legends (Spoilers)

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Picard Episode 2 Maps and Legends (Spoilers)

Post by jayphailey » Wed Feb 05, 2020 4:24 am

Picard Episode 2 Maps and Legends


This episode starts out with Picard Following up on the death of Dahj. A young lady that Picard feels is an Offspring of Data.

As they investigate, we learn that Laris, one of Picards Romulan staffers used to be a Tal Shiar Agent.

We learn a lot of background here. The Romulan culture was so secretive that the English term for the Tal Shiar "Secret police" was redundant. Everything was Secret.

Laris tells Picard that there was a deeper organization behind the Tal Shair. Often considered mythical, their name translates to "The Dead" because those are the only ones who can keep a secret.

Their underlying mission is to systematically hunt down and kill all AI everywhere. They prevent it from being used by the Romulan Empire and try to stomp it out everywhere else they can reach. No cybernetics, no nothin like that.

jay spit balling - that sounds like someone who had a close encounter with the Borg, had the Borg almost get them at every turn and afterwards then manically closed every door to Borgness they could, with a fanaticism that is religious in nature.

But Laris doesn't know why.

They track down Dahj's twin sister.

Bruce Maddox discovered a way to replicate a neural net like Datas, but his system required that they come in pairs.

We also see the Synthetic attack on Utopia Planitia. 14 years ago. (So 2385) Lots of guys who look sort of like bald Datas. Same white skin and yellow eyes.

But they seem simpler. They're being used as laborers at the shipyard.

Some of the shipward workers insult the Sythnetics, others urge compassion, but its pretty clear to me that the Federation Oopsed and made itself a slave class here. Like data but perhaps with simpler minds.

F8, the Synthetic we see has something happen to its eyes, thant seem to inticate new electronic input. F8 moves to a control panel and starts doing things

One of the human staffers belatedly realizes what's going on.

F8 takes some sort of cutting tool, murders the shipyard workers and the security staff and then completes its task and puts the cutting tool to its own head.

This all happens during first Contact Day a national holiday so the ship yard is running with skeleton staff.

Hmmmm. The timing could be a clue.

Also I have seen that sort of behavior before. When Data was hijacked by preprogrammed routines from Dr Soong.

So to me it looks like someone hacked the labor droids at the ship yard and systematically destroyed the ship yard and the Romulan evacuation fleet for a specific reason, but no one knows what that is.

We catch up with Dr Isa Briones, Dahj's twin

She is working on a Borg Cube. It is in the possession of the "Free Romulan State" which is no more prone to communicating with people than the old Empire.

She is having pretty young people sex with a sexy young Romulan man. They banter. They evade each others questions, in a sexy way. Afterwards Dr Briones shows up to work. People are utting on red clean suits. As she explains working on the Borg cube to the newbie we see a sign. "This facility has gone 528X days without an assimilation" - (The X is a digit I don't recall)

Jesus Fucking Christ, they're reverse engineering a Borg cube with live fucking Borg on it.

What could possibly go wrong?


So now Picard knows that Data's daughter has a twin. Twin called Dahj from off world. He goes to Starfleet Command and asks to be reinstated and given a small ship to go investigate.

The Commander in chief is LIVID with rage at him. She says that the Federation was at the verge of coming apart. member worlds were threatening to leave. the attack on the ship yard and the destruction of the evacation fleet left Starfleet short on ships and Starfleet had to pick its priorities. They left the Romulans or the Federation flew apart.

(Patently bullshit compared to the way you and I run things)

But worse, she's as mad as hell that last epsiode, Picard, in public during the interview said he left Starfleet over it and "It wasn't his Starfleet"

So she calls him names, says he delusional, accuses him of hubris and lets him know her Starfleet is not his place any more, before denying his request and kicking him out of the office.

That have a new Starfleet uniform.

And Pictures of it are hard to come by.

Got 'em. Weird The scene I captured is part of the "Working on a Borg Cube Safety breifing."

Okay, so we see a workday on the borg cube. it has suffered some sort of systems failure. The Supervisor asserts that the Borg cut the Borg Cube out of their network to contain damage, and abandoned it.

They are peeling implants out of Borg drones. They assert they've been in stasis for 14 years at least.

After all the implants are shucked we hear a heart beat get very fast and loud. Isa says "You're free, my friend, as the Heart beat slows down, and grows faint. Are they implying that she can hear the heart beat? Are they implying that the Drone dies? IDK.

next We see Picard pick up an old (Movie era) commbage, and call someone named Rafi.

Then we see the Starfleet C-in-C discussing Picards Alegations with a Vulcan Admiral. I captured her because it's a good view of the commbadge and the rank pip placement. This lady is a Rear Admiral. She seems really interested in the details while the C-in-C is writing off Picards allegations as the sad ravings of broken mind.

Oops. I was wrong. She is reffered to as Commodore Oh.

She called in a lieutenant and just dresses her down in a quiet and understated fashion. This dressing down reveals that Commodore Oh and Lieutenant Rizzo are actually undercover operatives for the Super Top Secret organization, (The Dead Shiar) that Lt Rizzo was leading the hit that killed Dahj, and Commodore Oh considers this all a major blunder. Commodore Oh assigns Rizzo to keep an eye on Picard and then when the time comes, Oh will kill Picard herself.

Ooops! I'm in this epsiode, too!

Picard arrives at the trailer of someone who is so happy to see him she points an activated energy weapon at him. Boy Picard. He sure hasn't lost his touch with the ladies.

Thats Raffi. She seems to be something of a burn out.

We find that Isa Briones sexy partner was really under cover with the Dead Shiar. He's trying to sex her secrets out of her before Lt Rizzo, his sister can arrive and torture her secrets out of her.

Rizzo implies that Commodore Oh doesn't really know all of their mission.

So there's wheels within wheels within wheels, which will, of course, all come apart explosively.

I liked finding out more, to the point that it furstrates me that I have to wait until Thurdays to acquire the next episode

Which is a good sign.

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Re: Picard Episode 2 Maps and Legends (Spoilers)

Post by jayphailey » Wed Feb 05, 2020 4:28 am

He didn't tip worth a damn, either.
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Re: Picard Episode 2 Maps and Legends (Spoilers)

Post by jayphailey » Wed Feb 05, 2020 4:31 am

Ol' Picard. He's still got it. All the ladies see him coming.

Rizzo doesn't ENJOY it as much
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Re: Picard Episode 2 Maps and Legends (Spoilers)

Post by jayphailey » Wed Feb 05, 2020 4:33 am

This Facility has gone how many days without a WHATY WHAT NOW!?
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