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[TFT6] USS Yellow Submarine

Post by jayphailey » Mon Sep 09, 2019 10:06 pm

Profile USS Yellow Submarine NCC-93652

Summary - The USS Yellow Submarine is a Galaxy-class starship that has been modified into a battleship.

The ship has more knurdlies and devices than a regular Galaxy Class. On the top of the main shuttle bay behind the Bridge hump is a docking adapter for an Aquarius class light escort, usually the USS Virinat

The major differences inside the ship are in terms of vastly reinforced structure, heavy compartmentalization and multiply redundant systems. The Yellow Submarine can take a terrible pounding and continue to be combat effective.

The Yellow Submarine's phaser banks are supercharged and leveraged eleven ways from Sunday.

Compared to a stock Galaxy-class the Yellow Submarine is a much more effective combatant, but could not live as long away from base and resupply. The Yellow Submarine burns through fuel, spare parts and supplies at a fierce rate. She's a spendy girl to keep flying but she can go toe-to-toe with almost anything an enemy can throw at her.

The ship also shows multiple repairs and rebuilds from previous combat damage.

The Yellow Submarine has large Sick Bays and facilities for holding prisoners or refugees.

The Yellow Submarine has corridors and rooms from the 2360s up to modern times. This is because each rebuild only replaced what was strictly necessary, so old equipment, if it was intact was reinstalled because that was the quicker, easier route.

Similarly, when corridors and rooms were damaged, replacements were just cloned from the lastest default models and then hacked to fit. So the Yellow Submarine does not have a unified internal look.

The Yellow Submarine is not worth rebuilding into a more classical Galaxy-class. There's been too much done and then too much damaged and replaced. It would be cheaper and easier to build a new ship.

She is a creature of a wartime Federation and when no longer needed, she will be retired and then recycled.

The ship started out as the USS Discovery from an alternate timeline but was pulled into the main STO timeline and hacked into the battleship they needed at the time. Jay Six was asked to rename her because they already had too many Discovery's. Jay picked "Yellow Submarine" because of his fondness for the Beatles and because it was unlikely to be a repeat.

- Ship Name USS Yellow Submarine NCC-93652

- Brief description of ship
A formerly Elegant ship, hacked into a utilitarian weapons system

- Campaign role for the ship
To Carry Jay Six and his crew into trouble, usually of the fighty kind.

- Fleet role
Flagship and Frontline Combatant.

- Age: Approximately 38 years old

- Distinguishing Marks (Odd paint job, repair scars etc.)

On deep scans, she looks like a Frankenstein's monster due to receiving numerous repairs at multiple shipyards.

She is kept freshly painted to disguise this from casual scans and observers.

She has a docking adaptor borrowed from an Odesessy class starship on the top of the main hull just behind the bridge. This usually carries the Aquarius class USS Viriniat which sometimes acts as escort and fire support for the Yellow Submarine.

At red alert, her power systems run hot and her phasers scan as supercharged and technologically leveraged.

- Equipment Quirks and Problems:
Because of being rebuilt as a combat ship, the USS Yellow Submarine isn't as good at the non-combat roles a stock Galaxy-class would be good for.

The Yellow Submarine is maintenance heavy and uses up fuel and supplies at a fierce rate, commensurate with her effectiveness in combat.

Even assuming a ready supply of fuel, materials, and supplies, she only has a few more years to live until she uses up her space frame.

She can win battles. Its what she's good at. But this has come at a fierce toll.

Quantum Slipstream Drive
She has "Quantum Slipstream Drive" - this system mixes strange technology with a starships main deflector and warp drive to increase speed drastically. The downside is that the ship becomes a subspace beacon. People can see a QS Drive in operation a great distance away and it can't turn very much. Ships with this system in place can cover 15 lightyears per day... in a straight(ish) line. Once the QS drive is stopped it takes a while to recharge.

This technology has allowed Starfleet ships MUCH better reaction times and strategic travel capability than their normal dilithium based warp drives.

Where the Enterprise-D was built around versatility and flexibility with an internal module system to allow conversions to interesting missions, the Yellow Submarines frame reinforcements have crippled this. She can only change out 20% of the modules that the Enterprise-D could in 2364.

During the combat refit, the Yellow Submarine was refit as a hospital ship with extra sickbay facilities, supplies, and refugee support capability.

So the Yellow Submarine can function as a heavily armed and armored hospital ship, a mission she has undertaken often during the war.

The Yellow Submarine carries more doctors, nurses and medical professionals than a normal Galaxy class, but commensurate with a hospital ship built on a light cruiser hull.

- Equipment Advantages
Using reverse engineered Iconian and Voth technology, the Yellow Submarine has vastly increased power compared to a 2364 Galaxy-class. Her weapons are much more powerful and her shields and defenses are much more effective.

The crew of the Yellow Submarine is good at utilizing their equipment in non-standard ways to surprise enemies.

- Shuttles, number, any odd ones?
The Yellow Submarine is packed with a grab bag of shuttles and small ships, including Orion and Romulan models. She also has old relics hacked into modern useful vehicles.

The principle weird sub-ships carried by the Yellow Submarine are drones - these are unmanned ships, based on the Delta Flyer runabout. They have crew spaces and can be converted to manned use easily, but the purpose of these is to act as remote sensor and phaser platforms by the Yellow Submarine. The YS has a control room were pilots in control pods fly the Drone Delta Fliers using multiphasic subspace communications and control gear.

In combat, these small ships don't last long, but properly utilized they can be very helpful. They're more helpful under non-combat situations.

The Yellow Submarine is equipped to control 4 at a time but carries numerous such drones.

Different Starbases build different small ships, so the YS would pick up drone Danube class or drone Yellowstone class runabouts, as well as occasionally looting Orion or Klingon units.

- Notable Previous Crew:
Section 31 scrubbed the ship and her computers before assigning her to Jay Six. He doesn't know who the previous crew was, nor what happened to them.

- Primary Power:
The Yellow Submarine uses a Dilithium moderated power core that is stupidly large, overpowered and overbuilt. And still, it won't last long at combat power. But it can generate power at amazing rates

- Secondary Power:
The Yellow Submarines Impulse drives are large and leveraged to turn deuterium into go at an amazing rate. Like the rest of the ship, they won't last long at Military power, but they only need to win the next battle.

- Primary Weapons:
The Yellow Submarine mounts quadruply enhanced class XV Phaser banks. The dorsal array is a "Quantum-Phase Phaser Beam Array" which adds weird energy in order to attack shields of enemy units.

- Secondary Weapons:
The Yellow Submarine Mounts a Fore mounted torpedo launcher. (The rear was removed to make room for more phasers.) It throws Class XV Quantum Phase Photon Torpedoes.

These hit like "normal" Class XV Photon Torpedoes, but do five times that damage to enemy (and nearby) shields. A good bracket with these can strip the shields off anything smaller than the Yellow Submarine and severely weaken the protection of anything larger.

The Drone Runabouts can also be considered a secondary weapon.

Occasionally the Yellow Submarine tests interesting test weapons or systems to evaluate them for the war effort.

- Service History
After being rebuilt as a space control dreadnought, She was assigned to Admiral Jay Six and crew. The Yellow Submarine has fought from Earth to Q'onoS and across the galaxy battling enemies of the Grand Alliance.

She's still in good shape for now, but she shows her battle scars to those who know where to look and she has a limited time remaining.

- Crew:
up to 1000. Currently 853

- command staff

- CO Jay Six, Formerly commander of the 2367 USS Harrier.

- XO Li'ira, also of the 2367 Harrier

- OPS Varupuchu

- SEC- Fugus Allocious Nebad Betazoid Male (Purple)
Lt Commander Fugus was a Betazoid Commando and Special Forces Officer. He knows how you're feeling. He just doesn't care. He sees his job as protecting the rest of the crew while they take unreasoanble risks.

- CENG - Dezkiri Xadar, Betazoid Female, Engineering Officer (Green)
Dezkiri Xadar suffers from a disability that reduces her ability to shield herself from others thoughts. She grew up isolated but grew to enjoy machines and technology. The widespread adoption of Psi Shield technology allowed her to go to engineering school and Starfleet Academy.

Nebad and Royrda have adopted her as a little sister but the whole crew is liable to protective of her. She finds this patronizing, especially on a combat ship.

- CMO - Ullooya Osooz Bajoran Female Starfleet Science (Purple)
Osooz is a Doctor and enjoys studying alien physiology and biological processes. Her father is a popular politician on Bajor. The family dark secret is that Her father's father was a collaborator during the Cardassian Occupation.

She has fit herself in neatly with the Original Harrier Crew

- Counselor
Royrda Yazoz Betazoid Female Sci (Green)
Royrda Yazoz is a Betazoid Counsellor. Being compared to Deanna Troi is a pet peeve. Her family was working class shop keepers in a Northwestern city on Betazed.

She is an M.D. and a Psychologist.

- CSc

- Other

Helm Spaat Vulcan Male Starfleet Tactical (Purple)

ENG Ike Errol Dudertadt (White)
Ike was the Chief Engineer on the light cruiser USS Rozada that was sent to escort the Harrier to Starbase Mariner 10. Ike helped the crew adjust to their new status. When his original ship was damaged, Jay requested that Ike be added to his crew.

Nelen Exil - Voth Male, Science Officer (Purple)
An Exile from the Voth, he soothes his social isolation with Scientific freedom

Tlikka, Saurian Male - Tac. (Purple)
Tlikka is an expert at Starship Combat, and the tactics of space battles. He hates the war and the destruction and takes this out on enemies.

In his spare time, he sings Saurian Jazz, which is.... unique.

Uniqua, Alien Female - Tac
Uniqua was on the USS Rozada, the ship that brought the Harrier in.

Marryanne Chomsky Human Female Former Borg, Engineer (Purple)
Marrianne Chomsky was assimilated with her six friends when they were on a three-hour tour of local space. She is still looking for them to try and liberate them if she can.

She acts as roving technowizard for the Yellow Submarine and her Task Force

Uniform Odyssey Pattern
Black shoulders (Unless medical, then white)
Gold Rank Buttons
Black chest band
Gold Combadge Unless body is yellow, or white then the Commbadge is black
Department torso (Unless medical, then white)
Black pants (Unless medical, then white)
No default belt, officers and crew wear what they feel they need.

Jay Six USS Yellow Submarine (NCC-93652) (Galaxy Modified)

XO Li'ira Orion Female Starfleet Engineering (Purple)

Ops Varupuchu Andorian male Starfleet Engineering (Purple)

Sivak, Vulcan Male - Healer (Green)
T'Lot Vulcan Female - Biochemist/Nurse (green)

Sivak and T'lot keep Sickbay running when Oozoz is running loose with the command crew. The Yellow Submarine has extra medical staff to help with medical emergencies and combat casualties

T'lot and Sivak are Doctors and help run the Yellow Submarines massive sickbay. Sivak and T'Lot are bonded.

Biochemist, Dathan, Vorta Male, (purple)
Biochemist, Gerri Ardell Buitron, Human Female, (green)
Biochemist, T'zuus, Gorn male, (green)

Counsellor, Maxima Kanisha Sanjabi, Human Female, (green)
Counsellor, Sujoi, Trill Female (green)

Doctor, Selet, Vulcan Female (green)
Doctor, Gilberto Josue Hartym Human Male, (green)
Doctor, Qrolla Jimjot, Bolian Female (Green)
Doctor F'ullst, Caitian male, (Green)
Doctor, Hran Ashryp, Andorian Male, (green)
Doctor, Shaquita Maryalice Summa, Human female, (green)
Doctor, Fegidr, Deferi male (Blue)
Doctor, Kordek, Saurian Male, (purple)
Doctor, Mazyr Nadroon, Andorian Female, (green)

Doctor, Emergency Medical Hologram1, Photonic Male (Blue)

Nurse, Tarra Mussol, Cardassian female (green)
Nurse, Syycaybir, Deltan female, (green)
Nurse, Vurilal, Vulcan Female, (green)
Nurse, Keena Dinorah Grassmire, Human female (green)
Nurse, Dusa, Tellarite Female, (green)


Advisor Tilyh Entodiv, Andorian Female (Green)
Advisor Bularet1 Lethean Male (Blue)
Advisor Bularet2 Lethean Male (Blue)
Advisor Thizras, Gorn male, (Purple)

Bartender Sosirp, Vulcan Male (Green)
Bartender Talih Byrs, Andorian Female (Green)

Chef Simil Pitaddle, betazoid male (Blue)
Chef Cheb, Romulan male (Green)
Chef Tiroty Red, Bajoran female, (Green)

Diplomat Orval Mitchel Cotrone, Human Male (Green)
Diplomat Margarito Rosando Ortmeyer, Human Male (Green)
Diplomat Vlass, Gorn Male (Blue)
Diplomat Roupuratun, Paradan (Avian Humanoid) Female (Green)

Entertainer Karm Botar, Bolian Male (Purple)
Entertainer Solara Marie Nesmith, Human Female (Green)
Entertainer Zudania, Green Orion Female (Blue)
Entertainer, Orion Entertainment Program, Photonic Female (Green)

Miner Tian Kalek, Horta Male (Blue)
Miner Nank, Ferengi male, (Green)

Trader Donatella Suzette Valladares, Human Female (Green)
Trader Wayai, Deltan Female, (Green)

On a scale of 1 - 1000 where 1000 is the Enterprise-D of 2364.

Science capacity - 800 Not as fully equipped any more

Crew Comfort - 800, the ship is run tighter and on a more strict schedule

Duration - 200 in combat, 500 if she stretches

Medical facilities - 2000

Tactical maneuvering - 1100

Strategic Speed - 15,000 Quantum Slip Stream drive is nowhere as good as Disodium drives, but it is comparably fast

Defense - [redacted], Advanced Class XV shields with quadruple enhancements

Offense - [redacted], can be craazy violent

Versatility - 400 Her size and number of crew help, but her flexibility has been replaced by heavy reinforcement

Internal Security - [redacted] After infiltration by the changelings and the Undine, and battling the Borg they're a little paranoid.

Note, the crew has nanites which store encrypted data in molecular chains in their bones. Any Changling or Undine who tries to impersonate them will fail immediately (Although they might not know this for a bit). The encryption programs are complex and difficult with the intention that they would be difficult to break properly in a timely fashion.

They also have healing nanites which help them recover from injuries, and render them resistant (Not immune) to Borg assimilation.

They have multiple-step verification of all important systems and places.

The crews also tend to walk around armed and ready to fight, thanks to the Undine or the Iconian tendency to drop enemy forces where they're least expected, and the explosion of bandits, pirates and partisans in the aftermath of the war, the crew of Taffy Six have to be ready to fight at a moments notice.

Advisor Tilyh Entodiv Andorian Female Green
Emergency Hologram Armory Officer Photonic Male White
Emergency Hologram Energy Weapons Officer Photonic Male White

1 andorian; 1 gorn; 1 lethean
Tilyh Entodiv Andorian Female Green
Thizras Gorn Mal Purple
Bularet Lethean Male Blue

Assault Squad Officer
1 klingon; 1 human; 2 holograms
Kurinka, Female Klingon Blue (Lt. J.G.)
Leon Quyen Kam, Human Female Assault Squad Officer Blue (Lt. J.G.)
Emergency Security Hologram Green
Emergency Assault Squad Officer White

Astrometrics Scientist
(1 rigellian, 1 Bajoran, 1 Saurian, 1 Human)
Helna Rigellian Female Blue
Shaao Getta, Bajoran Female Blue
Silunne, Saurian Female Green
Ernie Micheal Hauser, Human Male Green

(1 Andorian Female)

1 Human, 1 Vorta, 1 Gorn, 1 Paradan

1 human, 1 Andorian, 1 Klingon

1 vulcan; 1 bolian; 1 human; 1 Andorian

1 Betazoid; 1 Romulan; 1 Bajoran

Conn Officer
1 human; 1 vulcan; 1 hologram; 2 klingon; 1 gorn

1 Vulcan

1 Human; 1 trill (Unjoined)

Damage Control Engineer
1 human; 1 Vulcan

Developmental Lab Scientist
1 Hologram; 1 Human; 1 Andorian; 1 Romulan

Diagnostic Engineer
1 Cardassian; 1 hologram

1 human; 1 Vorta; 1 Gorn; 1 Paradan

3 Vulcan; 2 Human; 1 Bolian; 1 Caitian; 2 Andorian; 1 hologram; 1 Deferi; 1 saurian; 1 bajoran

11 Doctors Including a copy of the EMH 1.0 and one of EMH 3.5

Energy Weapons Officer
3 klingon; 1 human; 2 jem'hadar; 1 Karemma; 1 Tellarite

1 Bolian; 4 holograms; 1 human; 1 Green Orion

Explosives Expert
1 Nausicaan; 1 Bolian

Fabrication Engineer
1 bajoran; 2 human; 1 andorian; 1 hologram

1 human; 1 klingon

Gravimentic Scientist
1 Cardassian

Hazard System Officer
1 human

Maintenance Engineer
1 Exocomp; 1 human

Matter/Anti-matter Specialist
1 hologram

1 Horta; 1 ferengi

1 cardassian; 1 Deltan; 1 vulcan; 1 human; 1 telarite; 1 hologram

Photonic stuies scientist
1 tellarite

3 Vorta; 1 Green Orion

Projective Weapons Officer
3 Human (Former Borg); 1 Romulan; 4 Klingon; 1 human; 1 jem'hadar;

2 Andorian; 1 tellarite; 1 human

Research Lab Scientist
4 human; 1 hologram; 2 Vulcan; 2 Bolian; 1 Andorian;

Security Officer
3 Human; 3 liberated borg human; 1 andorian; 1 tellarite; 1 hologram; 1 Klingon

Sensor Officer
2 Andorian; 2 green orion

Shield Distibution Officer
1 Saurian

Systems Engineer
1 Vulcan; 4 human; 1 hologram; 1 orion;

2 human; 1 hologram

Tractor Beam Officer
1 human; 1 caitian

1 human; 1 deltan

Transporter Officer
1 human; 1 Andorian

Warp Core Engineer
1 hologram; 1 paradan; 1 human

Warp Theorist
1 Andorian; 3 humans

47 Prisoners in Cryogenic suspension

Naming theme for Sub ships - The Beatles and then Beatles Songs

2 Yellowstone class Runabouts USS Abbey Road, Paul McCartney
2 Type 8 Shuttle, USS John Lennon, USS All Together Now
1 Type 7 Shuttle USS George Harrison
1 Type 5 Shuttle USS Blue Jay Way
1 Caitian Shuttle USS Lovely Rita
1 Fehkiri Runabout USS Helter Skelter
1 Vulcan Runabout USS One After 909
1 2268 (Federation) Runabout USS Penny Lane
1 Danube Class USS Strawberry Fields
1 type F Shuttlecraft USS Ringo Starr

*USS Abbey Road - Yellowstone (Science)
USS Got to Get You into My Life - Yellowtone
USS If I Fell - Type 8
*USS Helter Skelter - Fehkiri Runabout
USS Lovely Rita - Caitian Shuttle
*USS One After 909 - Vulcan Runabout
*USS Penny Lane - TOS Runabout
*USS Strawberry Fields - Danube Class

USS George Harrison - Type 7
USS John Lennon - Type 8
*USS Paul McCartney - Yellowstone
USS Ringo Starr - Type F

USS Blue Jay Way - Type 5
USS Polythene Pam - Type 8
USS Hello Goodbye - Type 6
*USS Only a Northern Song Danube Class
USS Tomorrow never Knows type 8

7 Runabout class ships,
+ 8 Delta Flyer class drones.

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Re: [TFT6] USS Yellow Submarine

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A note on Holograms - They come in 3 modes

Mode 1 - Classic - this is an AI running on a remote machine who manifests a holographic persona to interact with, uses holograms and force fields to simulate having a solid body when convenient.

Mode 2 - Mobile - In this case the Hologram is an AI running on a dedicated unit.

The Original was EMH Mk 1 who acquired a 29th-century mobile holoprojector.

25th-century holoprojectors are much more bulky units, composed of a cylinder with a globe on top. This device floats and manifests the hologram of the selected persona, using force fields to simulate touching and to manipulate objects.

Mode 3 Robust Mobile - This case is for combat and survival purposes. The Hologram is run on a dedicated brain inside a robotic skeleton. The skeleton is tuned to the size and proportions desired by the Holographic person and their hologram is projected over it. The unit usually has hands designed to mimic the size and shape of the selected persona.

This device is more limited than the classic and mobile forms. But it uses far less energy and is less vulnerable to disruption, blocking or technological dampening efforts than the other forms. Holograms describe it as a sort of armored exoskeleton for holograms.

As Starfleet of this timeline is using a lot of Holograms and AIs to help with the war, consideration is given to their survivability and comfort.

Each Starship is equipped with a system designed to run numerous AIs and allow them to manifest holograms at convenient and appropriate places, But this system has limited access to the ship's main computers to prevent hostile AIs from taking over as easily.

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Re: [TFT6] USS Yellow Submarine

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This is Jay Six, Commander of Taskforce Taffy 6 and the USS Yellow Submarine

Also a test of whether I can add pictures
Jay Six 1.png
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Jay Six 2.png
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Re: [TFT6] USS Yellow Submarine

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Li'ira Six
Li'ira 1.png
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Li'ira 2.png
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Re: [TFT6] USS Yellow Submarine

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Apparently I forgot to get, or I lost the full body shot of Roydra
Royrda 1.png
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Re: [TFT6] USS Yellow Submarine

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Jay of Aumanator (Jay of A)
Jay of Aumator1.png
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Jay of Aumator1.png
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Re: [TFT6] USS Yellow Submarine

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Kami 1.png
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Re: [TFT6] USS Yellow Submarine

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Binky and Bubba are "Companions" for Kami. So it's difficult to get a good pic of them. I was not intended to bond with them like I have
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Re: [TFT6] USS Yellow Submarine

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Bubba, He has always looked like "Meathead McMeatshield" to me.
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Re: [TFT6] USS Yellow Submarine

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Oh, and because I finally got a good pic of him, Spaat
Spaat 1.png
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