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Profile Leeoweoa's

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Profile Leeoweoa's

Leeoweoa's is a hotel with an attached bar and restarant on the Planet Cahanozod Minor in New Krispanapurti City on that planet.

Leeoweoa himself is Yridian man who seems to either know everyone or have a mutual acquaintance with everyone. He is charming and easy to talk to and get along with.

Cahanozod is a modern and happy Federation world near the Federation, Romulan and Gorn triangle. It has a Starbase, Star City One over head.

Which makes Leeoweoa's place both surprising and necessary. It's a safe-ish place for folks on the darker side of life to stay. He takes GPL for rooms and food, no questions asked. He has no sensors or surveillance gear in the place.

If someone who is wanted shows up and makes it as far as Leeoweoa's, he won't turn them away. He also won't turn away Law Enforcement and Starfleet when they come to arrest them.

But if someone is questionable or just supsicious without any clear evidence of wrongdoing, they can go to Leeoweoa's and be left alone.

The place keeps no records that can be used to identify patrons and has the most innoffensive data net presence ever. Most of the interesting information is passed by word of mouth there.

If someone needs mercenaries, adventurers or freelance crew people, they can generally be found at Leeoweoa's.

His employees are kids from the city, Leeoweoa and his core crew train them in how to cook, clean and run the hotel in an old school fashion. The restaraunt is pretty darned good and the bar has the best selection in the sector.

Leeoweoa's true business, besides running his hotel is buying and selling information.

Everyone assumes he either works for Starfleet Intelligence or cooperates with them.

There are actually 3 layers to this.

Layer 1, the surface. Leeoweoa cooperates with Starfleet on a strictly mercenary basis and is always trying to keeps parts of his business away from them. He charges Starfleet officers full price and gouges them for information. Mostly he bargains for people being left alone and Starfleet laying off his hotel.

Layer 2, he is a ringer for the Orion Syndicate. Layer one is a carefully maintained cover, and Starfleet Intelligence never discovers anything about his actual connections and business operations, just disposable schemes he cooks up to as red herrings and distractions.

Layer 3, the above identity is a created fiction, one Leeoweoa works hard to maintain. It's taken him years to build up the pieces and lay the trails to paint him properly. Leeoweoa is actually a freelance agent for Starfleet Intelligence, and has been paid lavishly for the above two layers.

Why and how this all happened is left open for future development.

In play the PCs would see an information broker and someone who puts talents together with jobs, who is having a running tension with local security and bribing them with intel to allow him to keep operating.

Leeoweoa' core crew are three other people. Jenesha Zonon, a betazoid hacker; Kamarga, an Orion/Klingon who is very good at all sorts of violence, And Tzargi, a Ferengi who runs the money (and maybe some gambling on the side)

They've been with Leeoweoa for a long time, but find the calm of Cahanozod appealing.

The rest of the Employees are Humans, Orions or random galactic people, usually young, working to get extra credits and to learn the hospitality trade. They aren't in the know so much.

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