Bubba Zequeiros (USS Yellow Submarine)

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Bubba Zequeiros (USS Yellow Submarine)

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Bubba Zequeiros

Created By: Jay

Full name: Roald "Bubba" Zequeiros

Species: Human

Planet: Abeir-Toril

Birthdate: 25 years ago

Birthplace: The West Coast of Faerun

Age: 25

Sex: Male

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 215 lbs

Build: Muscular

Bubba is a Fighter. He is appropriately muscled and rugged looking, he has black hair, a black beard, and beady black eyes

Skin coloring:

Eyes (color, shape):
Black, they seem small, but they are normal sized

Hair (color, style, length):
Black, slicked back, collar or shoulder length

Private, Neverwinter Militia
C01, Contractor level 1, Starfleet Auxiliary Forces.

Fighter (Neverwinter)
Marine (Starfleet Auxiliary)

Current Assignment:
USS Yellow Submarine

Distinguishing Marks (scars, etc.):
Bubba has numerous scars marks from fighting evil people, monsters and the Undead. All thoroughly healed with Magic. His hands are callous in such a way as to reveal long practice with sharp and pointy things

Appearance: (when on duty):
Bubba is the picture of the notion that a Combat ready Unit never passes inspection and visa versa. His armor is comfortable and worn. His weapons are sharp and ready. His shield is new because they get destroyed.

On the Yellow Submarine, Bubba's armor is polished, as is his weapon, He is a professional soldier, so he knows when to dress it up.

Appearance: (when on personal time, clothing style, etc):
Bubba looks for comfort off duty. He generally wears a peasant shirt and generic pants along with very good boots.

Routine Activities:
Practicing. Drinking. Mashing on the ladies. Telling off-color jokes.

Skills/Training/Professional Skills:
Bubba was (approximately) a level 3 to 5 D&D Fighter.
Virtual training gave him the skills to be a Starfleet Marine. He has not been in combat as a Marine yet, but he is not a green newbie

Relative Fighting Ability -Fighting/Shooting/Tactics?
Close Quarters Combat 7/10
Shooting 6/10
Tactics 3/10 until he gets experience in modern fighting.

Financial Status:
As a contractor on a Federation Starship, all his needs for food, shelter and medical care are met. He has a few coins from Faerun. He has a couple of strips of latinum and is eager to learn the game called "Poker"

Group Affiliations:
Neverwinter Militia
Starfleet Auxiliary Forces.
Good aligned

Bubba is a classic Jock. He is all about strength, durability, drinking and looking at beautiful women.

Bubba doesn't talk about his past much, but given the violence going on around Faerun, it's probably not a fun story.

Bubba's jock persona is him covering up that with a live for today, fight for today mentality.

Ambitions and Goals:
To make lots of money, drink lots of the best booze and get thoroughly laid.

To survive the next fight.

Psychological Quirks and Problems:
Bubba is emotionally dialed out. He is covering trauma with a good old boy jock persona. In time, this may come back to bite him. But since he doesn't know how long he will survive, the long run really isn't a thing.

Physical Problems:
Right now, none. Bubba is in exceptional health and condition.

Bubba last saw them 10 years ago as he retreated with a tattered army. He is not sure they made it.

Bubba had three. He saw one brother die. He lost track of his other brother and his sister.

Bubba actually likes Kami, but he thinks she takes everything too seriously.
He likes Binky he makes a game of daring Binky to be a "real man" in front of other people and then helping Binky fake it. Daring him to drink a flagon of rotgut, but watering it down first, daring him to lift something too heavy and then surreptitiously helping.

Bubba knows that the "Masculinity" of Soldiers when they're bored and waiting, is basically bullshit and give no fucks about it.

Enemies (And Why):
Orcs. Hostile Humanoid races. Monsters. The Undead.

Special Abilities:
None. Bubba is a hitter. He's good at it.

Bubba is a normal human, and ha spent a lot of time at war. He's probably not that sane
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