Kami (USS Yellow Submarine)

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Kami (USS Yellow Submarine)

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Kami was a little girl when Orcs overran her village. Kami and a handful of kids fled, escort by a few adults and a ranger.

Kami took to the woods and the traveling well and the ranger, Mallon, adopted her as an apprentice.

Like many people, she wound up at the city of Never Winter which became a major base of the war. Kami joined the Militia and fought the monsters, evil creatures and undead with magical bows and great skill in archery.

Kami was promoted to Corporal in the Neverwinter Militia and assigned two privates as the start of her squad. Instead, she found herself on a starship, also in the midsts of another war.

Kami has undergone Virtual Training to be a Marine for Starfleet, This acclimates her to Starship life and gives her an expected role in a crisis.

OOC - Jay Six does not necessarily mean to deploy these people. He used virtual training as a way to quick start getting them used to 25th-century life. Giving them a role in Task Force Taffy Six helps them stick with Taffy Six until the Time distortion problem is resolved.

Except it might not be any time, soon.
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