Jay of Aumanator (USS Yellow Submarine)

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Jay of Aumanator (USS Yellow Submarine)

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Jay is a Cleric of Aumanator, and has Giant blood in his background.

He is a 7 foot tall wall of Jay.

Jay grew up with his mother, a merchant and his dad, a builder.

His home town was over run by monsters, his family killed or Fled.

Jay wound up at the temple of Aumanator. He took orders and became a trainee.

he eventually wound up at Neverwinter and joined the Milita of the city to try and help turn back the evil creatures and undead threatening the City. Jay fought well and was well regarded by his companions.

He found himself on the USS Yellow Submarine during a temporal event

Recently he underwent virtual training. This technology was borrowed from the TNG Episode "The Inner Light" and the DS9 Episode "Hard Time" The effect is people can undergo weeks or months of training in one night.

This Virtual Training acclimated Jay of A to starship life and trained him as a combat medic.

Jay of A is ready to join the fight to protect the innocent population from the evil and monsters. Just a different set.
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